The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Great British Bake Off, episode 3 (bread).

Hi there. Welcome back to my on-going review of the series of the 'Bake Off'. Each week, so far, I have done a blog post shortly after it has been on TV. (Without pictures.) Then, a few days later I have included pictures, but they weren't my own. Recently, this has felt a little wrong, as the blog post is not all my own work, and I have collaborated with someone else. So now, as I feel I need a change, I will be taking my own pics, however few of them there may be, and the fact that they will be taken from the TV.

However, in this particular blog post I will just be writing my thoughts about the programme, before I take any pictures, as I feel I need to get my thoughts out as soon as poss. Also, the idea of me taking my own pictures from the TV is not a new one, and something I thought up ages ago, but also to do with The Great British Bake Off, even before episode one was shown (as far as I can remember).

So, lets start with Mel and Sue. As in every other episode in the series so far, they have never failed to make me laugh, and make the whole programme a joy to watch. The stuff they come out with is just so funny, and you never know what they'll say next. One thing that stuck out to me, was when Sue was talking to one of the contestants, and she said that Paul will just critisize everything. And, not only did that make me laugh, but it is fairly true, he does tend to critisize pretty much everyone's baking skills, and even critisized Rob yet again. Just because his bread basket was slanting.

I thought all of the contestants tried extremely hard to impress Paul and Mary. Many of the bread baskets were very good, and all had different decorations on them. One of the contestants even stood up to Paul which I was very impressed by, and it also made me laugh. I was like "yeah, you stand up to him!".

Also, from what I can remember, (although I only saw it about half an hour ago, it is quite difficult to remember stuff, because so much went on) Jo won one of the rounds, and I felt really pleased for her. Last week she really stuggled, so it was nice to see her come first.

Also, Holly did pretty well this week, and never came last in any of the rounds, although wasn't the star baker. She did come across as pretty confident in this episode, and hopefully, her and Jo will make it through next week, as they did this week. Sorry for my poor memory at the moment, I am feeling a bit poorly today, otherwise I would of written loads more about you both.

Anyway, it was a great episode, and I am very much looking forward to next week's one. Hopefully, I will be able to take a few of my own pics, and upload them in the next few days.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment below. (Because, in all honesty, hardly anyone is commenting at the moment, and I'd love to get some feedback.)

Ss1. x

More pics from episode 2 of The Great British Bake Off.

So, even though last time I only had two pics to show you guys, it now turns out that Matt has taken lots more pics since then, and, although it would be great to show you all of them, I don't think that a blog post full of loads of pics would go down very well, and it would take me forever to upload them.

So, instead, I am going to pick out my favourites, and then write a little something about each one. This is because that is what I have done every time I've included pics from the 'Bake Off', and also because I already did quite a long blog post the day after episode 2 was shown on TV.

Here is my favourite pic of Holly. This is my fave pic because it looks like she is contemplating something, whilst her tarte au citron is in the oven.

And here is a pic of Holly's Pesto Quiche. It looks perfectly shaped, in the way that it is circular, and the pastry looks perfectly cooked.

And here is a pic Matt took of Jo looking down at her tarts. I think she looks quite pleased with them, and the fact that her tarts are blurred make me focus on Jo's face more.

And here are Jo's tarts, which look very well shaped and the extra little leaf on each one adds an extra special touch to them.

Here is Urvashi making honeycomb, while Mel looks with surprised eyes at it.

Here is Paul, Mary, Mel, and Sue, all sitting down, trying to work out who to send home, and who was the star baker.

Here is my fave pic of Sue that Matt took. She looks a bit sad that one of the contestants will have to leave the competition.

Here is my fave pic of Mel. In contrast to the one of Sue, she looks relatively happy, and I really do love her blue scarf.

That's the end of the pics for now. I hope you liked them, and I know that Matt spent ages over these, as I found out on Twitter. Please leave a comment if you can, telling me what you thought of them, and what I wrote about them.

Thanks for reading, and bye for now.

Ss1. xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Two pics from The Great British Bake Off - episode 2!

Hello everybody! Now, last time I did say that hopefully more pics would be in another blog post, and there will be, but I only have two to show you. Now, this is in complete contrast to when I did loads of pics in a blog post after the first episode of the 'Bake Off'. And this was only because Matt (@miblodelcarpio) took so many pics. And also because they were all so good, that I had to use most of them. This time he has only been able to take two, because his netbook's screen has kept dying, which is obviously not his fault, and I completely understand that - tecnology can be a real pain sometimes. Also, as it is now Sunday, and the third episode will be shown on Tuesday, I don't have much choice but to blog with only two pics, because the next episode is so close now.

Here are the latest pics Matt took from episode two of the 'Bake Off':

You all know who this is, don't you? (Ha ha!) Yes, indeed, it's Sue Perkins!!! And I am loving the thin purple jumper she has on in this pic. And the scenery behind her looks very picturesque.

And, here is Holly! And, as I said in my previous blog post, I like her green top very much.

So, that's about it. I would write more, but basically I'm just commenting on the pics, rather than the programme, which I already commented on in my previous blog post.

I hope you liked the pics that Matt took, and please leave a comment if you can, saying what you thought of them.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

Ss1. xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Great British Bake Off, episode 2. (Pastry.)

Hello everyone! I am very happy to announce that I have finally watched episode 2 of the 'Bake Off'.

Yesterday, I did want to watch it when it was on, at 8pm, but, as luck would have it, I was out yesterday, as I had to go somewhere with my companion, and then we decided to stop by at a really lovely aquarium, and look at all the little fishies, (which were adorable), and we even ate at a cafe nearby, and I had a pot of tea, which I shared with them, and half a sandwich, (this I did not share with them, but I couldn't seem to finish it, plus I knew that there was pudding, so I thought I'd eat that), and so then I ate the pudding, which was a chocolatey flapjack, which was quite rich, and which I didn't quite finish.

But, the main thing was that I did enjoy myself, and to get out of the house was great too. Plus, the cafe staff were extremely friendly, and let us stay for a while after they had closed the cafe.

The only thing that I was gutted about was that I couldn't get home in time to watch the 'Bake Off', and once I got in, I was far too tired to watch it, so I had to leave it until this afternoon, at 2:50, roughly.

And, because Matt, who is @miblodelcarpio on Twitter, hasn't taken any pics yet and sent them to me, I haven't got any to include in this blog post. But, I can tell you what I thought of the show.

And, as always, it was great, just the right balance of funny, and serious, and with people baking - otherwise it wouldn't be called the 'Bake Off', and people getting stressed about their quiches, and tarts.

Overall, they were all getting things wrong, or worrying about things going wrong. Mostly, I felt sorry for Jo, who at the end got very emotional, and if I had been there at the time, I would of given her a big hug, because of how upset she got, and she tried really hard to stay in the competition, which, thankfully, she did. I was so glad she stayed, I was pleading at the TV screen, saying "Don't send her home, don't send her home!" and I was like "YES!" when I found out that they sent someone else home instead of her. Not that I was pleased about them going home either, but I just didn't want Jo to go. Plus, on Twitter she has been lovely to me, so why would I want her to go?

Also, not only did Jo have a hard weekend of baking, so did Holly. Holly, like Jo, is definately one of my favourite contestants, and she and Jo are both lovely, which also adds to why I like them over the others. Holly looked lovely in her green top, which Mel commented on, in the episode. Which was weird, because when I met Mel I was wearing something green, and she said that she liked it, which I was pretty pleased about at the time. Also, Holly didn't do so well in the first two rounds, but she came fourth in the last round, I think, it may not of been, but I'm writing this from memory, so it's quite hard. I was also pleased that Holly didn't come in the bottom few of the bunch of bakers. But, a bit disappointed that she wasn't the star baker this time. But I'm sure she'll outshine some of the others next time, as she did really great in the first episode.

Also, again, loved what Mel wore in this episode, another gorgeous blue scarf, and they both made me laugh. Sue especially, when she said to Ian (I think it was), "So you're trying to butch it up?", meaning his quiche. A real highlight there, of that episode.

Overall, the things that were baked, I liked roughly half of the flavour combinations, especially the ones without whole fruits on them. I'm not a big fan of whole fruits. I don't mind flavours of fruits, like a starberry flavoured yogurt, for example, but whole ones I don't really eat. Also, when one of the contestants made honeycomb, that was awesome. I've never seen that be done before, and it was just like magic.

I could take time trying to think about other things I saw on the show, but that would just be too hard for me, so I'll leave it there for now. If you want to leave a comment, and tell me your favourite part/s of the show, then please do.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully another post will be put on my blog soon, showing pics from the episode.

Ss1. xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

More pictures from The Great British Bake Off (episode 1).

I am writing this blog post late at night, because as you may know I do like to stay up late, and I don't have to be up early or anything, so it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, this post will include more pics from The Great British Bake Off episode 1, as I said that more pics would be coming, again, thanks to @miblodelcarpio from Twitter. Who has been a massive help in taking lots of lovely screenshots for me, from the episode. And I wouldn't have a clue how to take a 'screenshot', so if I had taken pics, they'd be at funny angles, most probably, and would have a coloured border around them. Although I could still do that, it'd probably look better if I didn't, so I won't this time. I hope you enjoy looking at the pics he has taken, as much as I did.

The first pics are of Holly. (Remember I didn't take these shots. If it was me, I may have taken just one or two, max.)

 Number 1.

 Number 2.

 Number 3.

 Number 4.

 Number 5.

Number 6.
I think this is my fave pic of Holly, as she has a really toothy grin going on. Love it!

By the way, I chose to number them, because I thought it'd be funny - just to emphasise the number of pics that @miblodelcarpio (Matt) took.

The next lot of pics are of Jo.

 Number 1.

 Number 2.

 Number 3.

 Number 4.

Number 5.

Number 6.

I love all these pics, especially the last one, as I do love when people smile. It makes me feel happy.

The next lot of pics are of Jo and Holly's cupcakes, battenburg, and final cakes of the episode.

These are Jo's cupcakes, which look gorgeous!

And here are Holly's cupcakes, which also look really pretty! (Plus I do love a good cherry bakewell!)

This is Holly's battenburg. I think I remember Paul saying on the programme that it was perfect.

And this is Jo's battenburg. The only thing that Mary and Paul said was wrong with it was that it was not showing the inside at the end of it.
Here is Jo's tiered cake, with chocolate and stawberries. Not to my taste, but it looks good.

And here is Holly's tiered cake. Can't remember what it's made of, but it looks great! Especially the cow. (Ha ha!)

And here is a close up of the cow. Now, I'm not sure whether it has a green worm hanging out of it's mouth, or a party blower thing. (By the way, just typing 'party blower thing' is making me laugh.)

The last few pics are of Mel and Sue.

In all honesty, they both look great. But, if I could chose one outfit to wear, it would be Mel's one, because it's bright, and girly, and I think it would suit me better than Sue's outfit.
This last pic I think sums up the show. Mel and Sue together, with the British flags in the background, and as it is called The Great British Bake Off, it suits it perfectly.

Thank you for reading, and looking at the pics from the show. Hope you liked them.

See you after the next show, for hopefully more great pics, and a mini-review of the next episode.

Ss1. xxx

P.S. Do let me know which pics you liked the best out of the ones I chose to upload to this blog post.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A picture from The Great British Bake Off, episode 1.

So, despite feeling a little bit poorly tonight, I have decided to blog, because, thanks to @miblodelcarpio, from Twitter, I have a pic from the 'Bake Off' to show you guys.

How lovely is this pic! Mel and Sue look fab, as always, and the contestants are all lined up in a row, behind them. Jo is on the far left of the picture, and Holly is just behind Mel.

Hopefully, there will be plenty more pics to come, but for now, there's just that one. But, my blog is a work in progress. I will blog all I can about The Great British Bake Off, while it's on - in between watching the episodes, of course.

Ss1. x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Great British Bake Off, episode 1.

Hello fellow bloggers, and people who follow me on Twitter, and people who have just stumbled across my blog! Tonight, I will be blogging about The Great British Bake Off, which I have just watched on BBC 2, which shouldn't be a surprise to you, seeing as I said I would, on my blog, and on Twitter - earlier today.

Nothing makes me more happy than to watch Mel and Sue (those two funny women off the TV) cracking jokes, whilst people bake their hearts out and Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood critisize and praise their work. So... that's exactly what I watched tonight. And, like the description in The Sunday Times Culture magazine said, they definately were allowed to be more funny. And I couldn't be more pleased! I'm not saying that Mel and Sue are better now because of this, but it was good to hear them cracking more jokes, and even some of the contestants did the same.

Also, to make some comparisons with the contestants in the last series, Holly (who I follow on Twitter) was very similar to Ruth Clemens from the last series, and had a lovely personality, and... as a spoiler (so look away now, if you've not seen the episode yet) she got crowned, not literally, the Star Baker, and her final cake that she made looked amazing!

Also, Jo (who I also follow on Twitter) did really well, and also seemed lovely, and seemed to enjoy herself whilst baking. She was also very close to being crowned the Star Baker, but, Holly only just took her place. But, I thought that they were both great.

And overall, Mel and Sue made it thouroughly enjoyable to watch, and made me laugh a lot. I'm so pleased that my Twitition had an impact on their level on funny-ness, that they were allowed to put into the show. They are a great pairing for the job of presenting the show, and as ever, they looked fab, with Mel in a nice blue scarf, and Sue, dressed a little more formally. Unfortunately, as I've decided to blog straight after watching it, I haven't taken any pictures yet, but, I have taken some pics of them in the Radio Times.

Here is one of them, which I have given a nice little yellow border to, just for effect.

And here is another one, which I gave a red border to, and there's my hand in the shot, holding the magazine.

And here's the third and final one, which is a close up of the last one, and which I gave a blue border to. I think Mel and Sue look splendid in this shot, both holding tea cups.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed watching the 'Bake Off' as much as I did.

See you next time, Ss1. xxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

The Great British Bake Off, in The Sunday Times, Culture magazine.

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! ... I am so happy at what I have just read, that I just had to blog about it straight away.

So, yesterday I went and got The Sunday Times, and today I looked through it, and the Culture magazine, where they have the next week's TV listings in it, and I purposefully got this one because I thought that it might have something in it about the 'Bake Off', be it a picture of Mel and Sue, or not.

And, to my amazement, not only did it have a picture of them, the same one from the Radio Times, and from the Daily Mail, which I saw on Joanne Wheatley's blog, but also the description of the programme was very... interesting.

It read: 'Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are again the hosts, and Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood the mentors and judges, as 12 hopefuls begin a contest designed to find the country's best amateur baker. In a three-round opening eliminator featuring cupcakes, sponges and battenberg, Hollywood's epithets range from "sublime" and "devine" to "disgusting".' ...

And this is where it got interesting: 'Previously, Mel and Sue seemed under pressure to largely play it straight; now, happily, they are allowed to be funny - and fit better into the show's fabric.' ...

And why is this so interesting? I hear you cry. Because, if any of you knew me on Twitter last year, after the first series of the 'Bake Off', you'll know that I did a Twitition for 'Mel and Sue's jokes' on the 'Bake Off' from last year, because, I found out from Twitter that some of their jokes were cut out, and that really annoyed me, because from watching their stuff on TV over the years, I have gathered that they are just naturally funny, and nice women, whose jokes should be heard. And, I got roughly 50 people from Twitter to sign this Twitition, and I then sent it, with a letter of complaint, to the BBC, and a couple of weeks later I got a reply, and they said that my letter of complaint would be passed on to people higher up at the BBC, so, with all this in mind, I thought, maybe the fact that they are allowed to be funny in this series - which starts tomorrow, at 8pm, on BBC 2, has something to do with my letter and Twitition.

I now can't wait to watch it tomorrow, just to see if they are funnier in it, because they are allowed to be. Also, because of the baking, and to see Joanne Wheatley, who I have talked to a couple of times on Twitter, and on her blog, which you guys should check out. Here's a link to it: - trust me, it's great!

Thanks for reading, and see you after episode 1 of The Great British Bake Off, which I will hopefully being doing my own little review for, including some pics from the show.

Ss1. x

Friday, 12 August 2011

My eating habits and childhood expectations.

This blog post is all thanks to @miblodelcarpio on Twitter, for his 2 awesome ideas for a blog post. I asked him a while ago what he thought I should blog about, and he said my 'eating habits' and my 'life in relation to childhood expectations'. For these two topics I've had to do some planning, as it's an idea that has been given to me, not one I chose to write. So, with a little bit of planning, this is what I've come up with:

1. Eating habits.

Firstly, I do not eat at specific times. Some people like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day. I'm afraid I do not. I'm the kind of person who likes to eat when they feel hungry. I could not force myself to eat at a specific time. For one, I'm not the best at time keeping, and so it just wouldn't suit me at all.

Secondly, I don't really have the time to cook. I have always wanted to, but I haven't since I went to school, years ago. But, as you may know, I do like reading food blogs, like The Pink Whisk's one, and Esther Walker's one, and lately I have discovered one that is written by a contestant from the 2nd series of the 'Bake Off'. Hopefully, I'll be reading that one too from now on. Maybe one day soon, I can find time to try some recipes out from their blogs, or the 'Bake Off' book I have. Who knows, I could be good at it. I guess I'll never know if I don't try.

Also, although I don't cook, I do like making very simple things, like Pot Noodle, and tea (which is like the most basic thing you can make), and cous cous, from a plastic container - which is very yummy. I hate to admit that that's all I can make, but I'm an honest person, so not telling you would feel wrong, and I hate to feel like that.

And, on occasion, I do like eating out. Not anywhere that fancy, just to a cafe or if I'm in London, then a cheap restaurant will do me fine. I'm not fussy. (Ha ha!) And my choice in food is quite simple, not that I'm going to go into detail or anything. But lets just say, that I'm not a sushi person, or a nouvelle cuisine person either.

Ok, that just about sums up my eating habits. Now...

2. My life in relation to my childhood expectations.

My life at the moment is so not what I thought it would be. When I was a child, I thought life would be really exciting all the time, and things would be better than they are. Maybe they will be better one day, but it seems that that might be a long way off.

But, I am, and have always been, a very hopeful and positive person, so as long as I keep that attitude up, I guess things will turn out fine. Anyway, as long as the present is good, it doesn't matter what happens in the future. As long as you enjoy what you do, then it's all for the best.

That's enough on that topic. I'm not going to bore you about my childhood. That's the past, and there's no going back. Plus, I don't like dwelling on things.

Thank you for reading, Ss1. x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Great British Bake Off, series 2 - trailer.

Yes, The Great British Bake Off is back! And so are Mel and Sue! (Thank god! They are the best presenters for the job.) And I really couldn't be more excited, as always, with anything Mel, Sue or Giles do. And, because I'm so excited, I've taken some pics of the trailer for the brand new series, of the Bake Off. I do hope you like them.

                         Here is Sue Perkins looking lovely, with her red lipstick and grey eyeshadow.

And here is Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, Mel in blue - which I assume is her favourite colour, as in the last series she wore blue shoes, which were a very similar colour to the scarf she's wearing in this shot. And Sue is in red and black, also like Mel, she has worn these colours before, and, they really do suit her. I'm no fashion expert, but I'd say that they look fabulous!

And here is Sue biting into a cake. While Mel, looks like she's trying to give a smile to the camera-man, or woman.

And here, it basically just shows what time and day the show is on. I thought it would be useful to include this in my blog post. Just so you know when it's on, so you can watch it. And, just incase you aren't fortunate enough to have seen the trailer.

I hope you liked my photos, and are just as excited about the Bake Off as I am.

Thank you for reading. Ss1. x

Friday, 5 August 2011

My Blogging Challenge (Day 5)

Hello! This is my final day of 'My Blogging Challenge'. And I thought, why not end on a high? And what better way to do that than to review Giles and Sue's TV shows. This idea has come about with a little help from @hereshelen from Twitter. Her idea was a little bit different, but it had The Supersizers mentioned in it, so I thought, why not do my own review of the show, with little clips from YouTube put in my blog post. I think I will only be able to add the links, but still, this could work! I am really excited to see what I can write about that show, and possibly a bit about their Royal Wedding show too, as I never got around to writing about it when it was first shown on television.

So, here we go...

(Just as a little aside from the blog post, in between writing this I will be watching clips of their show on YouTube, and then adding the link, and writing about it. So, this blog post is not planned. I'm writing it as I'm thinking. Which I usually do anyway, but this time it won't be all in one go, there will be little breaks in between for me, and you, if you watch the clips, in between my writing. Please do, as it will be much easier for you to follow what I'm writing. Unless you know their programmes inside out, and know everything that happens. Not even I know that!)

Alright-y then. Lets get to it! I haven't been writing for roughly 20 minutes, as I have just watched a clip of The Supersizers Go... Wartime on YouTube. And here it is: Before watching it, please read below...

I advise that you watch the clip before you read my next paragraph.

Now, hopefully you've watched the clip, as I just did. If not, you may not get what I'm about to write.

Firstly, I'd like to just say that their show is still funny even now, years after The Supersizers Go... was first shown on TV. Secondly, Sue and Giles are the perfect fake couple. They argue, they eat food together, and they wear funny clothes. And the show is funny from the first moment you start watching it. And if you don't find it funny, then WHO ARE YOU? How can they not make you laugh?

The Wartime episode is one of my favourites from the first series of The Supersizers. It has Sue wearing tights made out of gravy, they have a picnic in the underground, and at the end (as a spoiler, if you've never seen it) they have an end-of-war celebration. And lots of young children come along, and most of them like most of the food, especially the carrots soaked in sugar. (Mmm, yummy!)

(Pause now - for me. I'm going to watch another clip. If I were you I'd have a cuppa tea while you wait for me. Just kidding, for you it'll only be a moment until you see the link in the next paragraph. Also, notice my use of the word 'cuppa', which was in the Wartime episode of The Supersizers, and in the clip you just saw. *whispers* I was trying to be funny. Anyway, I'm going to watch another clip now.)

Here is the link you've all been waiting for:

This time it's The Supersizers Go... Seventies, my all time fave episode from that series. It is GROOVY, as Sue would say, in that episode. Now, assuming you've all watched the clip I just put a link to, you'll know how fab it is! Also, if, like me, you've also ever seen the whole episode, you'll know how great it is too! The funniest clothes ever, and the greatest food ever. If I could choose a time period to go back to, then The Seventies would be up there as one of my faves. And Giles playing on a Space Hopper, and a skateboard, which he can't ride was genius! A funny little montage that is. What's not to love about that episode? And the music they play in the background is great too! Especially Kung Fu Fighting - I love that song!

Now I'm going to watch a clip from The Supersizers Eat. Excuse me for just a moment.

Watch this:

Ok, I'm back. This time, it's... The Eighties!!! Yes, it's my favourite one from The Supersizers Eat. And, I pretty much know the episode inside out. I was even quoting bits as I watched it, even before they had said anything. Like when Sue and Giles have a Power Lunch, I was quoting the food, even before the voiceover man said what it was. E.g. I said "Salmon en croute" as the voiceover man was saying "Grilled salmon", which came just before he said "salmon en croute". I was so surprised that I still remembered the food from the show! How good is my memory? Will I remember the food from that episode for the rest of my life? I do hope so.

Also, the fashion and music from that episode and era was my fave because it's just so good. No-one can deny that the 80s were a great time period, even with a crap government and the miners strike, and people working all the time. People like Madonna and Adam Ant made it much more fun, and the New Romantics, who dressed pretty weirdly, also made it a fun decade. Nuff said. (Nuff means 'enough' by the way.)

Next clip coming up...

Here it is: The Twenties. Watch it. All I can say is... Sue's new hair = gorgeous!

Now, if you've watched it you'll notice that Sue didn't really like her new hair cut, she said it made her look like an evil doll, but, in my opinion, it suits her really well. And anyone who doesn't agree, well, what can I say? WHO ARE YOU? Ha ha! (Just kidding.) Anyway, it's a lovely episode, and their clothes really suit them, and Sue's diet is quite funny too. And she's jealous of Giles eating loads, when she can only have laxitives and hot water and lemon, etc.

Now, one more clip. This one will be from their Royal Wedding show. Woopie!

Argh... damn. YouTube is playing up now. Just when I'm nearing the end of my blog post. (No lie.) Can't add a link, but I can tell you a bit about the Royal Wedding programme. Basically, Sue and Giles pretend to be lots of different royal couples throughout the ages, and dress up as them, just like they did in The Supersizers. They even dress up as Kate Middleton and Prince William, which is my home page's photograph. (Which I love.) They are, as per usual, as funny as can be, and they live happily ever after, in the programme. Well, only as Kate and William. Some marragies in the show go horribly wrong, and they end up divorcing.

Now my internet is back to normal I can add the link, but as I've already written what happens, I'm not going to write any more about it. Here we are. Giles & Sue's Royal Wedding, part 1.

Very funny, and very good. Especially when Sue puts her make-up on, and meets Giles, in the hall of a big, posh building.

Now, it's finally the end of my blog post, and the end of 'My Blogging Challenge'. I've done it!!! A whole week (5 days) of writing a blog post once a day, and it has been trimendous - if that word's spelt correctly, which is probably isn't. But, who cares? I've done it! I've done it! I've done it!

Hope you enjoyed my week of blogging as much as I did. And I hope the clips of Sue and Giles entertained you as much as they did me.

Thanks for reading, and who knows, maybe I'll do this again some day. Lots of blogging love, Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Blogging Challenge (Day 4)

Hello there! Day 4 has arrived. And, I'm thinking that today's blog post should be shorter than the last three days, because a) I'm feeling worn out today, and b) it might be nice to have a change for you lot, because you may get tired of hearing me waffle about stuff - I don't know, I'm not you. Anyway, lets get on with it! *She said sweetly and then smiled* Just a bit of what I'd actually do there, just to try something new on my blog.

So, today's question is the last one from @tearose68 - who has given me 4 in total, and I've used all of them, because I liked all of them. Sorry for those of you on Twitter who have given me other ideas, but I can't use them this week, because I already have this idea/question and tomorrow's one. Maybe, if I ever do this again, I'll use your ideas. And I know @Miranda_LadyA wanted me to write a blog post about her, which I may do in the future. And just because I'm nice, I'm going to quickly mention @miblodelcarpio who's on Twitter, and follows me, and hoped he was mentioned last time (at least I think it was last time), so there you go. I have no doubts that you'll read this today, and thank you for being so nice to me on Twitter. (And for calling me Miss S, which is kind of my name, but only on Twitter. My real name is a secret, that only people who know me should know.)

Anyway, I just did a WHOLE LOT OF WAFFLING. Oops. Oh well. Back to the question, which is:

Which place would I like to visit and why?

Good question @tearose68! And one that I thought I wouldn't be able to answer, but turns out it was staring me in the face! What's the one place I love more than anywhere else, where I've met lots of celebrities, and met Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc, and Giles Coren? It is, of course, LONDON!

My favourite place to go on a day trip. It has lovely restaurants, just like Giles writes about in The Times, and despite being 'manically busy' as @thepinkwhisk said to me yesterday, on Twitter, and all the tourists, it is a great place to be.

My favourite thing about it is all the amazing buildings, like the art galleries, and theatres, and restaurants, and the lovely statues all around London. I also like the people that pretend to be statues, who stand very still for ages, then suddenly move. And for young children, that is pretty scary.

Anyway, I'll stop there, because as I said at the start, I don't want to make the blog post too long.

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Until tomorrow, the last day of my Blogging Challenge, goodbye!

Ss1. x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Blogging Challenge (Day 3)

Hello there (again). How are you? (Just kidding.) Today is Day 3 of my 'Blogging Challenge', hooray!

Now, yesterday I didn't tell you what I was going to blog about today, because I hadn't decided at the time, but, with a couple of minutes preparation I have come up with something to say, from another question that @tearose68 came up with on the weekend for me.

This question is quite hard as I couldn't decide whether I should try answering ALL of the question, or whether I should answer just one part. The question is...

What is my favourite shop, restaurant or theatre trip?

This is hard, because I like doing all three of those things: shopping, going to restaurants (when I can), and going to the theatre (only if there's something good on).

So, seeing as I like doing all three, it was very difficult to choose what to write about. Should I write about all three things, or just one? And so, after thinking about it for a while, I decided that I should only write about one, because I can't think of my fave one for two of the three things.

So, I chose my favourite theatre trip.

Now, if you read my blog back in February you will know that I met Sue Perkins, in a theatre. And this, compared to all the other theatre trips I've been on, is my fave. Why? Because, not only is Sue Perkins one of my favourite celebrities, but she also arranged for me to be her special guest for the evening, well, me and my companion. And so she put me and my companion's name on a guest list.

And when we got to the theatre, EARLY, we went up to the front desk, and my companion told the man at the desk that we were on Sue Perkins' guest list. He looked a bit shocked, as if he didn't know that we were on the list, or that there even was a list. And I thought, WHAT? How can you not know?

But then, from out of nowhere appeared Sue!!! I was in shock, so much so, that when she went to shake my hand, I didn't realise that I was holding a bag in my shaking hand - meaning the hand I shake with. So, it took me a couple of seconds to realise, and then I transferred the bag to my other hand, to shake her's. LONG story about my hand-shaking-dilemma there.

Anyway, the whole evening was just so brilliant. And at the end of the night, me and my companion had to go to the stage to see Sue again, and everyone kept looking at us, as they left the theatre, like... who are those two people, and how do they know Sue? And I felt like I was a star myself! It was the most bizzare feeling I think I'll ever experience.

And, of course, she was lovely, and even gave me a hug, and signed lots of things for me, and I had a photo taken with her, and a photo of her holding my 'I AM HERE WITH SUPERSIZER1' sign. And if you look back to February's post, you'll see the photo of her holding my sign. Honestly, it's so funny! But, I didn't do it for that reason, it's just that I thought it up the night before meeting her (I think it was).

Anyway, it was one of the best nights out EVER, and the best theatre trip EVER.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Blogging Challenge (Day 2)

Hello again! Welcome back to my 'Blogging Challenge'! Day 2 has arrived. It seems like only yesterday that it was Day 1! (That's because it was yesterday, but it seems like Day 2 has come around pretty quickly.)

And today's question which I will be answering comes from @tearose68 from Twitter (again), and it is another brilliant question! Which says...

Which 6 people, living or dead, would I like to have dinner with?

Ooo... this one's a tough-y. (Only kidding, it took me a couple of minutes to figure this one out.)

I have to say, it's not something I have thought about very deeply, just like yesterday's question. I mean, I don't think about these sorts of things on a daily basis, I mean, who does? But, it didn't take me very long to work it out. I just thought, who do I like the most? And here's who I picked:

1. Sue Perkins
    This was a rather obvious choice. I mean, if you follow me on Twitter, or read my blog, you'll already know that she is one of my favourite celebrities. So, how could I not pick her? But, having dinner with just Sue is all very well, but what about Mel and Giles? So... my next choice is...

2. Giles Coren
    Again, a pretty obvious choice, but a PERFECT choice. (I am having a real laugh writing about this, ha ha!) I mean, any superfan of Sue and Giles (which is what I am) has to pick him!!! AND he is a restaurant critic, so who better to have dinner with that him? Yeah, so he might critisize the food, but he would be able to help pick the nicest things on the menu, if we had dinner in a restaurant. Am I right, or am I RIGHT? (Ha ha!) My next choice will again not be a shock to you, because it's...

3. Mel Giedroyc
    How could I NOT pick her too?! I mean, she's Sue's comedy partner from years ago, and it would be totally wrong not to pick her. So... I have picked her! Obviously!!! What's there to say about having dinner with her as well? Well... she'd love eating all the dessert, especially the cakes and biscuits, and you could have a proper laugh with her, just like Sue! Also, because I've met her, and I kind of know what she's like, I know she'd also compliment me on how I was dressed, while we ate dinner.

4. Lady Gaga
    Now this choice is pretty random, but I do love Gaga for her music. Also, in interviews, she comes across like a really lovely person, and dresses in all sorts of crazy outfits, and so, she would be very welcome to have dinner with me. This would be seperately from Sue, Giles, and Mel, who I would have dinner with all three of them. However, Lady Gaga would just have dinner with me one-on-one, because I'd like to ask her a few questions, about her career, and how she got into singing, etc.

5. William Shakespeare
    This is my first, and only dead person that I have choosen to have dinner with, if it were possible to go back in time, and meet him. I love all of his plays, that I learnt when I was at school, and so I'd like to have dinner with him, on his own, so I could ask him stuff about his works of literature. And also whether he thought they'd be popular in the future (which they are).

6. Doctor Who (the real man)
    Now, this one is a bit of a crazy choice, but if Doctor Who was real, then I'd jump at the chance to have dinner with him. Wouldn't it be cool if you could go anywhere in time and space, and eat all sorts of strange new foods with him? That would be a dream come true! But, of course, it's totally impossible. It's like wanting to have dinner with a fairy, or Father Christmas. (He he he!)

That's it. All 6 completed. Maybe in a future post I could write about what would actually happen if I did have dinner with any of them. A bit like a story, as if it really had happened. I'll have to think about it, and see if I can.

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Until tomorrow's post, bye bye!

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Monday, 1 August 2011

My Blogging Challenge (Day 1)

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog!

As some of you may know, from reading my tweets (@Supersizer1 is my Twitter name) I have talked about a blogging challenge. This is something that I have come up with, which I thought about a couple of days ago. I thought, what if I tried blogging for 5 days, in a row. So... this is what I am going to try and do.

Obviously, it's not going to be easy. And because Sue and Giles, or Mel aren't on the TV at the mo. (well Mel is in Sorry I've Got No Head) I have no other choice, but to write about other things instead. And, not being very enthusiastic about many other things, other than them, I have had to ask people from Twitter what they thought I should blog about.

So... last night I asked my followers what they want me to blog about, and I asked two people directly, and they didn't disappoint. They have come up with just enough things to see me through 5 days of blogging.

And, today is Day 1.

So... today I'm going to use an idea that @tearose68 tweeted me, which is...

What would I do if I won 10 million pounds?

This question is not easy for me to answer, as I have never thought about it much before. I mean, it's hardly very likely that I'm going to win 10 million pounds any time soon, or at all really. But, if I ever did, this is what I would want to do with it:

1. Give roughly 3 million pounds to my parents.
    Because, I believe family are the most important thing. And I would let them choose what they wanted to do with it, because it's not for me to decide what they should do with the money.

2. Get my hair done.
    This may sound a little on the simple side of things, but in real life, I have been dying to get my hair done for ages, and whenever I do have it done, I always feel nice afterwards. And, just because I had lots of money, doesn't mean I'd spend it excessively.

3. Hire a personal stylist.
    This is a little bit of a silly purchase, but, I need to be a little bit out of the ordinary, so I'd get a stylist to help pick out some brand new clothes for me. My wardrobe is screaming for an update. I don't know exactly what I'd buy with my personal stylist, just something different. It could even be high street stuff. As long as I looked different from everyone else.

4. Go on a holiday to a remote island.
    This is one of my favourite ideas for what I'd do if I won 10 million pounds. I could be like a princess, like Kate Middleton, and splash out on a holiday to a remote island. Just so I could get away from everyone I know. Be by myself, and a few close friends and family. Maybe for a month or two. And hopefully, when I came back, no-one would remember me, then I could start my life as new. A clean slate.

5. Come back home, stay in a posh hotel, and buy a pet cat and house for it to live in.
    This is a pretty random idea of mine, but it would be lots of fun. The posh hotel bit would be a nice experience, being waited on, and fed, and to stay in a nice BIG room, hopefully on the top floor of the hotel, with a nice view. Also, having a pet cat would be lovely, and for it to have its own house, so it can roam about freely, and so if it ruined any furniture, it wouldn't matter, because it would be its own house. And, of course, it would need looking after, so I'd get a few people to help with the cat, possibly as a permanent thing, but maybe just for a bit. And they might be paid staff as well.

6. I'd give some of my money to a cancer research charity, and put some in a savings account.
    Just because I'd be rich, doesn't mean I'd be completely selfish. Charities are a good thing, and to know I would be helping people find cures for cancer, would be a good feeling. Also, I'd need to keep some money back, just incase something really bad happened, like the new house, which I'd buy, which is my next point, got burnt down.

7. Move out of the area I live in at the moment, and buy a house somewhere else in England.
    I definately want to move from where I live at the moment, but couldn't imagine living abroad just yet. Also, too many people know me where I live, and it's hard not to see people I know, when I go out. Maybe I'd live in the country somewhere, or possibly the city. But, I'd have to get a feel for the place before I moved there.

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed hearing what I'd do with 10 million pounds. And if you're on Twitter, please tweet me, and tell me what you thought of this blog post, or just comment below.


Another blog post (hopefully) about the 6 people, living or dead, I'd like to have dinner with. That should be a interesting one.

Until then, bye bye!

Ss1. x