The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Don't Scare the Hare!

Hello all! Today, or yesterday, if you consider it to be Sunday already (I don't) , was the day that a brand new game show started on BBC 1! It's called 'Don't Scare the Hare' and is about a hare (obviously) that lives underground with a man (from 'The Gadget Show') and he likes carrots! And the object of the game is to not scare the hare, which the contestants seem to do a lot. And the game show takes place in a forest - who's being voiced by Sue Perkins, which is a great choice, in my opinion, as she really livens up the show, and she comes out with some really funny one-liners, like "She's like a younger Cher, but in wellies." - or something along those lines. Ha ha!

Also, the hare is SO............. cute! He may be robotic, and has light-up eyes, but you can tell that he has a heart. He even manages to get a kiss from one of the female contestants, which was very sweet to watch.

And some of the rounds were very bizzare, but unique too. Such as: hare is asleep, but has several alarm clocks around his bed, and they keep going off, and the contestants have to stop the alarms from going off, or it'll scare the hare, and he'll get out of bed. If you do it three times, you win no carrots - which you get if you win the round. 3 carrots, to be precise. That was probably my favourite round, as it's the most fun to watch. But another good round was the lilly pad round, where hare has gone fishing, but has forgot his bate, so a contestant has to take it to him, but they have to cross a pond on lilly pads, in a certain sequence. This round really got me going, as you really want the contestant to cross the pond without getting the sequence wrong, because if they did, all the frogs would start croaking and..... SCARE THE HARE!

Overall, this show, as it's an entertainment show, really manages to entertain! It's funny, the hare is charming, and the games are great fun to watch, and really engaged me. It's definately one to watch!

It gets an 8/10 from me.

And there are 8 more episodes to go!!! I can't wait to see more! It's my new favourite game show!

Bye for now, Ss1!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Royal Wedding trailer!!! (Shown on BBC Three.)

Hello! It's me again! I just thought, seeing as I just did a blog post continuing my story 'Alexa and Selena', I'd also want to tell you all that tonight I saw the trailer for Giles and Sue's Royal Wedding programme on BBC Three tonight, at around 2am.

Also, a strange thing occurred when I saw the trailer...
I was tweeting at the time, when I had the TV on, and I was telling my followers about a drawing I was doing of Sue Perkins, from when I'd met her (on the 10th of Feb) , then...
I looked up and saw her FACE!!! How weird is that? Coinsidence? Hmm.....................

And here's the drawing...

                                           Do you guys like it?
It's not quite finished yet, but I think it definately resembles her pretty well, from the photo of me and her (which I can't show, for obvious reasons).

Anyways, I know what you're all really wanting to see is the photos of the trailer, and here they are...

'The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Catherine Middleton'
'29th April 2011'

Or, as I like to think of it.....

'The Royal Wedding - Prince Giles & Sue Perkins'
'29th April 2011'

HA HA HA! I AM joking of course! But it looks better - my version - doesn't it?

Bye for now, Ss1!

Alexa and Selena (Alexa's big break) .

Alexa is sitting at home in her living room. She is waiting anxiously for an important phone call, telling her whether she has got the part to be the lead in a new television drama.

The phone rings. Alexa jumps, and then picks up the phone, shaking.

"Hello?" Alexa says in a shaky voice.
"Hi Alexa. It's Selena. Have they phoned yet?" says Selena, calling from her office at home.
"No. I'm still waiting for them to call." says Alexa, who's sounding more calm.
"Oh. Sorry, I should go then. They might be phoning you now and it'll be engaged." says Selena.
"Ok. Bye Selena!" says Alexa.
"Bye!" Selena says, hanging up.

Alexa hangs up too.

15 minutes later the phone rings again. Alexa picks it up.

"Hello?" says Alexa, with her legs crossed on the sofa.
"Hello there. Is that Alexa Browly?" says an unfamiliar female voice.
"Yes. Who's that?" says Alexa, with a hand under her chin.
"This is Julia, from the BBC Television Centre. It's about your audition."
"Oh yes! Is it good news?" Alexa asks impatiently and nervously.

There is a brief pause.

"Yes, it is. You've got the part!"
"Really?! Oh, that's great news! Thank you!" says Alexa, squealing and smiling.
"It's my pleasure. You'll recieve the script in a week." says the woman, sounding pleased for Alexa.
"Ok. I look forward to recieving it!" says Alexa, sounding very happy.
"Great. Goodbye then Alexa!" says the woman.
"Goodbye!" says Alexa, quickly hanging up.

Alexa puts the phone on the little table next to the sofa. She jumps up and screams.

"Woo hoo!" she exclaims.

Alexa jumps up and down a few times, before she looks out of the living room window, and sees a young man looking in as he walks by. Alexa stops jumping and moves away from the window, and goes into the kitchen.
She gets a pen from the pen pot, which is on a table by the calender, which is hanging on the wall opposite the oven.
She writes on today's date that 'I got the part for the BBC TV show!'. She then draws a smiley face next to that, and smiles herself.

Thank you for reading this edition of 'Alexa and Selena'. See you next time!

Lots of love, Ss1!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Good morning!

Hello everyone (all 5 of you - because 2 of my followers are me - on Twitter and under my blogging name) !

Just wanted to inform you all that I have 5 followers on my blog now, which I'm very happy about. To most people 5 would seem not very important, but to me it's a great achievement. I haven't been blogging for long, so for me it's fantastic! Thank you one and all for following me!

I also have news on my 'Alexa and Selena' story:
there will be another addition coming very soon, and this time something big happens to Alexa!

See you all very soon, Ss1!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Alexa and Selena - it continues.

Alexa and Selena are in a cafe, in the late afternoon. It's sunny outside, although the sun is setting, and it's put a strange pinky-orangeness in the sky. The cafe is packed, and people are talking over each other, so all you can hear is the sound of talking, but nothing's clear enough to make out any words. Alexa and Selena are sitting at their regular table, and they both have a hot drink in front of them. Selena's typing furiously on her laptop, whilst Alexa is reading a women's magazine.

Alexa looks up at Selena and says "Could you not type so loudly please? I'm trying to read.".
"Sorry." says Selena. "But I have got to finish this chapter before tonight."
"Why?" asks Alexa, puzzled.
"Because... well I just do. I've got to write it down before I forget it." answers Selena, looking very serious.
"Ok." says Alexa.

Alexa goes back to reading her magazine, and Selena carries on typing, a little quieter this time.

About half an hour later, Alexa puts her magazine down, and looks up at Selena again, who's still typing.
"Can't you stop now?"
"What?" says Selena, looking up, all starey eyed.
"I said, can't you stop now? You've been at that for ages!"
"Oh. Sure. I guess I got a bit carried away." says Selena, looking a bit sad.
"What's wrong Selena? You've been acting strange all afternoon." asks Alexa, who's genuinely concerned.
"Oh nothing. It's just my dad has said I should get a proper job, but I've told him I can't work and write."
"That's not fair. He knows you want to be a writer, doesn't he?"
"Yeah, I've told him loads of times, but it just doesn't sink in." Selena says, putting the lid of her laptop down.
"Come on, let's go for a walk." says Alexa, grabbing her magazine, and putting it in her bag.

Later, in the park...

Alexa and Selena are walking along the path, and the sun is setting still. There are a few people walking dogs, and an old guy is sitting on a bench by the path.

"Alexa? Have you got a letter from that place where you auditioned last week?" asks Selena.
"Um... no." says Alexa.
"Oh. I thought you said they'd reply within the week."
"Yeah, they said they would, but they haven't. I guess I'll have to phone them tomorrow."
"Yeah, you should. Do you think you got the part?"
"I don't know. It went well, I guess, so maybe."
"I hope so. You'd be great in that show."
"Do you think so?"
"Yeah! You're great at acting, Alexa!"
"Thanks Selena." says Alexa, smiling at Selena.

Thanks for reading this ep. of 'Alexa and Selena'. See you next time!
Lots of love, Ss1!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Alexa and Selena... go to the supermarket. (And cafe.)

"Alexa, what you looking at?" asks Selena, who's looking over at Alexa, who's browsing through some CDs.
"Just some album by Katy Perry." says Alexa.
"Why you looking at that? You don't even like Katy Perry."
"I just thought the cover looked nice."
"Yeah, I suppose. That's a bit of a weird dress she's wearing, isn't it?"
"I actually like it. It's cool."
"Well I think it makes her look tarty."
"No, it doesn't!"
"Maybe not to you, because you'd wear something like that."
"Yeah, I would. What's wrong with that?"
"Nothing. I just don't like it."
"Ok. Well I do."

Alexa puts the CD back on the rack, and walks over to the DVD section.
Selena waits for her to move away, then picks the CD back up.

"Actually, the dress isn't that bad, it's just Katy that looks tarty." says Selena, to herself.

She puts the CD back, then turns around, and sees a young woman staring at her.

"What?" says Selena, in shock.
"I've met Katy Perry, and she's not tarty at all." says the woman, frowning.
"Sorry." says Selena walking slowly over to Alexa.
"Alexa, lets go."
"Can't tell you now, lets just go."
"But I haven't finished looking at these DVDs."
"Lets go!" says Selena, grabbing Alexa by the arm, and dragging her away.

Later, at the cafe...
Alexa and Selena are standing by the counter looking at all the food on display. The first thing that catches Alexa's eyes are the cakes, whilst Selena's more interested in the sandwiches.

"I think I'll get the cheese and ham sandwich." says Selena to the lady serving.
"And I'll get the strawberry cheesecake." says Alexa.
"Ok. That's £3.60 please." says the lady.

Selena hands the woman the money in the exact change which she took out of her brown zip-up purse.

"Do you want any drinks with that?" asks the lady, taking the money from Selena, and putting it in the till.
"Yes, I'll have a cappicino." says Selena, instantly.
"I'll have a tea, please." says Alexa.
"Alright. They'll be ready in a few minutes." says the lady, handing Selena her sandwich, and Alexa her cake.
"Thanks." says Alexa.
"Yeah, thank you." says Selena. "So, are the drinks free?" she asks.
"No." says the lady. "You pay for them after I've made them." she laughs.
"Oh. Right." says Selena, looking a little bit embarrased.

They take their food and go and sit down at the table by the window.

"It's a nice day today." says Alexa, looking out of the window.
"Yeah, it's a bit cold though." says Selena, shivering, and rubbing her arms.
"But you're wearing a jumper." replies Alexa.
"I know, but the wind has just been going straight through it today."

Selena opens up the wrapping her sandwich is in, and takes half of it out.
Alexa remembers that she forgot to get a fork to eat her cake with, and walks back to the counter to get one.
Selena starts eating her sandwich in silence.
The cafe is completely quiet, and outside the traffic is non-existent. A few leaves are blowing in the breeze, but apart from that there's no movement outside at all.
Alexa walks back to the table, with her fork.
"You found a fork then?" says Selena to Alexa, who's just sat down.
"Yeah." says Alexa, already starting to eat her cake.
"Do you know if the drinks are ready yet?"
"I think the woman's just making them."
"Oh, ok."

They both then eat in silence, and stare out of the window.

"So how come you wanted to leave the supermarket earlier?" asks Alexa.
"Well there was a woman in there that overheard me talking about that Katy Perry album."
"Oh, what did you say?"
"Just that she was tarty."
Alexa laughs.
"What?" says Selena.
"Nothing. It's just funny that you were talking about her in that way, when before you said it was the dress that made her look tarty."
"Yeah, well I changed my mind. I actually thought the dress was alright."

The story continues next time folks.
Lots of love, Ss1!

Hey peeps! Here's some news from me...

So, before I write up my next installment of 'Alexa and Selena...' I just thought I'd let you know how I am.

The cold which I've had since last Thursday seems to be easing off today, thankfully, and yesterday I went up to the hospital to try and get it sorted out. They weren't a massive help, but I did see a lovely nurse, who told me that I have a cough and cold, and there are no antibiotics to cure it, but what I was doing already - taking medicine - Daymed, was helping, and that I should carry on taking it. She also said to get plenty of rest, and drinks lots of fluids, and eat healthily - which I already do.

So, hopefully I'll be fully recovered by Monday, and things can go back to normal. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Anyways, I'd better go, as I've got a paper to buy. The Times, actually. Only because @gilescoren writes in it every Saturday.

So, see you all later!
Lots of love, Ss1!