The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Heading Out: my review.

So, on Tuesday, Sue Perkins' new sitcom Heading Out aired on BBC Two at 10pm. And, me being a big fan of Sue & all that, I watched it. And you know what? It was really, really good! Infact, it totally consumed me with excitement and happiness. I was excited before I saw it, and hoped I'd enjoy it, and then once I started watching it my brain tried to get my head around it. It started in mid-conversation between Sue's character Sara, and a woman with long blonde hair. She'd brought her sick cat to the vets. (And ironically there's a cat in my house right now. It's not dead, by the way.)

The show followed Sara, who is a vet, and is gay. She has several friends and is great at her job. Although, even though she has friends and a good job, she has one issue in her life. She is not openly gay. And what's more, her parents are coming to visit soon, and her friends have said to her that if she doesn't tell them that she's gay, then they will. And so they've also hired a not-so-qualified life coach (Toria) to help Sara to come out, and tell her parents that she's gay.

This is Toria, on the right.
She's a funny character. She does a sexy-styled dance in the netball scene in the programme. It reminds me of a scene from American Beauty. It's quite a bizarre moment.

Here's a screenshot I took from the show.
And another one. The wallpaper behind Sue is funky! Kind of 70s style.
The decor in Sara's home (or what I've seen of it so far) is very nice. Kind of old-fashioned, but in a good way. She has a lot of yogurts in her fridge. Not sure what that says about her character. But it is a funny moment when she offers this girl she's seeing a yogurt.

And another screenshot. Sara looks worried here. She's confessing to her friend that she's lied to her parents. And that she's said she's going out with a Frenchman.
And here's my final screenshot! A totally shocked look there on Sara's face.
Based on what's happened so far in Heading Out, I reckon there's plenty more awkward and funny situations to come for Sara. I really look forward to the next episode. And all other future ones too! Also, can't wait for Mel Giedroyc to make an appearance! Apparently she'll be in episode 4, so look out for that! (I found out on Twitter and on the BBC website.)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Random things in a post.

I know it's the 21st of Feb, and we're all way past Valentine's Day now, but I still had to mention the pie I made on the 12th of Feb, especially for Valentine's Day. Originally it began as a regular pie to use up fruit that was very, very ripe - bananas, apple and blueberries. But then, it was time to decorate the pie, and the Valentine's theme popped into my head, so I just went with it.

Here's the finished pie. With I <3 U on it.
It took a good few hours to make, but then I don't bake all the time, so for me that was quick! Also, it was a kind of improvised pie. Ok, so I did a bit of research as to how to make the shortcrust pastry, and checked out a few different recipes, but most of the pie was improvised. Especially the decorations! I really like pastry. It's so easy to do. It doesn't take too long to make. Plus, it's fun. The rolling out of it is probably the best bit.

The pastry in its earliest stage.
The pastry, a little later on. Please ignore the chipped nail polish. None went in the pie, I hope...
The pastry on the pie dish, before I cut the edges off the sides.
Messing around with flour, like you do.
A close-up of the pie's decorations.
On a seperate note, I watched Outnumbered on the 4th of Feb. Random thing to mention, maybe. But there's a point to my random-ness. Me and my companion (or my companion & I) were there the day they filmed this particular episode. Honestly. It was totally by chance that we were there. But it was cool to see them filming, and just happening to be there on the day the cast were there.

Here's a pic from Outnumbered. They filmed it in Trafalgar Square - that scene anyway.
I took photos at the time, when we were in Trafalgar Square. But at the moment I can't find the pics. Too many folders to look through. If I do find them at some point, then I'll definitely post them on here. It was a good day out. I got to go into the National Gallery, and had a meal out that day. Also, we went to look at the fourth plinth in the Square. It was all to do with Anthony Gormley's One and Other project. People would get up on the plinth and do something (or just sit there) and it was like a living statue-come-art thing. We went up to Trafalgar Square more than once to check out the fourth plinth.

Mel Giedroyc on Room 101!
And finally, one of the best things on TV lately - Room 101! And particularly the episode with Mel on it! She's so funny, and she's one of my fave people from the TV/radio world.

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