The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Choir, The Tudors, GBBO, etc.

I'm back, blog! I'm definitely back! How are you? You well? Miss me?! *smiles*

Anyway, this is serious. *does serious face* I'm here because I wanted to get back into using this blog, and because I like blogging! And also, I want to give my feedback on some amazing shows, that I've really enjoyed watching! The most recent being The Choir! Gareth Malone is an awesome choir master, and whenever he puts together a choir, he always, always, always makes them improve SO much from when they start out in the choir. He pushes them (in a good way) and makes them feel proud of themselves. He also holds auditions for solos. This bit is especially good to watch, because when I was in a choir years ago, I went and auditioned for a solo, I was doing it on a bit of a whim, I guess, I just thought I'd give it a go, and luckily, it paid off! I got the solo! I was SO happy at the time! It was a bit of a confidence boost for me, and I think I made my family proud. It was a rush, and really rather exciting, and I wish one day I could sort of repeat the process. Singing is still a big thing to me. And I do sing regularly. I just wish I could join another choir, or perhaps be in some musical one day. I really love singing!

In The Choir: Sing While You Work, the solo auditions were held in a nice room, and several people auditioned. The last two auditionees stood out the most to me. I think they both had good voices, and I clapped both of them, in my living room. The last one to audition was Siobhan Patton. She had a great voice, and really connected with the song. I was happy when Gareth said he'd picked her for the solo! And in the final performance, in front of the three judges, she really was marvellous! I felt she meant what she was singing, and that's a great skill to have, if you're in a choir or just singing in general.

Moving on... I also really like a programme called The Tudors. It was shown a few months ago, on the BBC, around summertime. It was all based on the Tudors time period. It had very good actors in it! And it was very moving, but also very funny at certain points in the show. My favourite queen out of Henry VIII's six wives was Anne Boleyn, because I liked her bold nature, and the way she loved to have fun, dance, and interact with people at court. She was the most interesting in my eyes. And the actress playing her was very, very good. And the scene where Anne is beheaded was particularly moving, and actually made me cry.

Also, on Twitter, there are several role play accounts, where people name themselves after the historical figures from The Tudors. Such as... Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Charles Brandon, Arthur Tudor, Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, as a child). One account I want to mention here, in particular, is Lady Grace (@TudorsDynasty). She is a very kind, friendly, and nice Tudor lady, who I often speak to. We have tea together, and converse. And she's just a very nice tweeter, who I'm glad to have following me! So, thank you very much, Lady Grace!

Finally, I'd like to mention one last show which I have very much enjoyed watching in recent times. And that is, unsurprisingly (to peeps who read my blog regularly), The Great British Bake Off! Yes, I'm afraid it has come to an end, for this year. But, I did not get 'round to blogging about it in the last few weeks it was on the tele. And so, I now want to give my opinion on the semi final and final of the show.

First off, the semi final had 4 great bakers in it. One of which was Beca, who is a particular favourite of mine from the show. She's not only a great baker, but also a lovely person as well! And her vegetable cake, shaped like cheese, with mice on it, was definitely a highlight of mine from the current series. It was SO, SO cute!!! I loved the way it looked, and I bet it was tasty too! *does a big smile*

Secondly, I thought both Frances and Ruby did really well in the final, and at the time, before the winner was announced, I would have been happy whichever out of either of them won. I liked Frances for her creative flair, and how she came up with great designs for her bakes, but also they always looked amazing! And she really thought about what she was doing. She prepared things well, and they were well executed. And Ruby was talented too! She came up with things that tasted good, and her presentation of her bakes improved a lot over the time she was on the 'Bake Off'. I liked her as a person, just as I did with Frances, and both were humble and nice, and I think Ruby would have reacted similarly to Frances if she'd won. Frances was shocked, but also very happy to win. And even on Twitter I remember her tweeting 'Still in shock' and posting a pic of her award, which was under her bed. I was very happy to see Frances win! And it even made me cry when I first watched it! I couldn't contain my emotions that night! But also, I had been going through some stuff at the time, and so was feeling pretty emotional that week anyway.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! It was a pleasure to write about my fave shows of recent times. And also to get back into using this blog again! Please comment below, or on Twitter (@Supersizer1) and let me know what you thought of this post. And also what you'd like me to write about next time!

Thank you for reading!
Bye for now!