The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Alexa and Selena... the story begins.

Alexa woke up on the sofa bed. Selena was walking past her, and said "Good morning!". Alexa said "What time is it?", "10 o'clock." replied Selena, as she sat down on the sofa opposite and placed the dark blue laptop on her lap.
"Already?" said Alexa, surprised.
"Wow, I've been asleep for 10 hours!"
"I know."
"Did you have breakfast already?"
"Yeah, about an hour ago."
"Can I have some?"
"Sure, help yourself. The cornflakes are in the top cupboard, on the right. Milk's in the fridge."
"Thanks." Alexa smiled.

Alexa gets up off the sofa bed, and sees Selena sitting on the sofa typing away on her laptop. She sees that the curtains in the longue have already been opened, and the TV is off. She walks out of the room, turns right, and walks into the kitchen.
As she goes in, a ray of light hits her eyes, and she squints, covering her face with her right hand. She feels something tugging at her pyjama trousers, and looks down.
Selena's dog Rita is biting on it. "Down Rita." Alexa says. Rita lets go of Alexa's trousers and walks over to the fridge. Alexa says "Good girl." and walks over to the bench by the fridge.
She looks up to her right, and opens the cupboard. She takes out the cornflakes, and puts the box onto the bench. She then closes the cupboard, and goes to the fridge.
She opens the fridge door and pulls out the milk. She shuts the door again. She puts the milk onto the bench next to the cornflakes.
She opens a cupboard below her and takes out a bowl and spoon. She puts them onto the bench, then closes the cupboard.
She then opens up the box of cornflakes and pours some into the bowl. She places the box back down, then grabs the milk, takes the lid off, and pours some into the bowl. She then puts the lid back on, and places the milk back into the fridge.

She takes the bowl and spoon to the kitchen table and sits down. She starts eating the cereal, and as she does she glances up at the clock - quarter past 10, it says. She then looks over to the fridge - Rita is still sitting there, looking at Alexa.
"Come here girl!"
Rita walks over to Alexa and sits by her side. Alexa strokes Rita.
Selena walks into the kitchen.
"Alexa, when you're finished, you can go upstairs and watch TV if you like."
"Ok." Alexa says, turning to look at Selena.

An hour later, and Alexa is sitting on Selena's bed, watching the TV which is hanging on the wall opposite the bed. The adverts are on, and Alexa screams.
"Selena! You're on TV!"
Fast footsteps can be heard coming towards Selena's room.
"What?!" says Selena, dashing into the bedroom.
"Yeah, look!" Alexa says, pointing at the TV screen.

The woman on the TV is speaking and looking directly into the camera lense. Alexa picks up the remote from off the bed, and turns the sound up.

"So, Dr Dre's new single comes out this week, and we're here later tonight with two young ladies who've been lucky enough to see him in concert. Here's a snippit of my interview with them."
The show cuts to an outdoors scene, with the reporter holding a microphone, and looking directly at the camera lense.
The reporter turns to the right, and begins to speak. "So, Selena, you've seen Dr Dre live? What do you think of him?"
Alexa and Selena scream as Selena appears on the screen.
"He's great! He can really get the audience going. Me and my friend Alexa love his music videos, and have all of his albums, he's a legend."
"That's good to hear!" the reporter says to Selena in a cheery voice.

Selena looks at Alexa. "Can you believe it? They're actually gonna show the whole interview with us!"
"I know! It's amazing!" Alexa says, sounding very excited.

The story continues next time.
Lots of love, Ss1!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Princess Sue!

Here's the picture I promised all of you of Sue Perkins dressed up as Princess Alexandra of Denmark:

What do you all think of my sketch? Does it look like the original photograph?

I liked this photograph as it was moody and dark, unlike most photos of Sue, which is what drew me to it in the first place. Some people said they didn't like it because it didn't make her look nice, but I thought the complete opposite. I'd say that it shows her in a different light, not a bad light. Like I said when I commented on her photo on yfrog, it makes her look different. And sometimes looking different is a good thing.

Please let me know what you think of the sketch. I'd really like some feedback, thanks.

Lots of love, Ss1!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A very special birthday.

Today has been AMAZING! It's been one of the best birthdays EVER.

On Twitter I got dozens of replies from people wishing me a happy birthday, including Al Murray AND Giles Coren! Giles said 'happy birthday!' and Al said 'that's nice' to me saying 'It's my birthday today!'. Also Ruth Clemens (from 'The Great British Bake Off') tweeted me saying 'happy birthday hope you have a lovely day!' and the Radio Times said 'Many happy returns!'.

The only thing that could of topped that, would of been getting a tweet from Sue Perkins - but she hasn't been on Twitter for about 3 days now. And it's natural for me to worry about her, seeing as I've met her and she means a lot to me, because she's one of my idols. I just hope she comes back onto Twitter soon so I can tell her it was my birthday today.

The only thing left to say is, I really hope that I recover from this cold soon, so that I can get outside and go somewhere to celebrate my birthday properly. Maybe see a show and then go to a restaurant. That'd be nice. Also I still want to do that drawing of Sue, but haven't felt well enough to start it yet.

Anyway, I'd best say bye for now.

So, bye for now, Ss1!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Coughing, coughing and more (you guessed it) coughing.

So, yeah, I've done a lot of coughing recently, basically because I've come done with a rather bad cold which has made me burn up, feel tired, cough, sneeze, and bring up phlegm. Nice.

Later today I plan to get an appointment with my doctor (well book one anyway) and hopefully I'll get some antibiotics, 'cause I sure do need some.

Also, after this illness has passed, I have got an idea to do a sketch of Sue Perkins as Princess Alexandra of Denmark from the photo she posted of herself on yfrog. And just to prove it to you that she really did dress up as this princess, here's the pic:

And doesn't she look lovely?
And also, what you may have not noticed, is that behind her to the right, is the door to the gentlemen's toilets. (How classy!)
And what was she doing there? That's what I'd like to know.

All I know for sure is that she makes a great princess, or at least she sure looks like one, although in the 'French Revolution' episode of 'The Supersizers Eat...' she wasn't that great at walking like a queen, or was it gliding? Yep, that was it, GLIDING. Which she failed at, miserably, and ended up falling over. But the main thing is she tried, right?

Anyway, that's enough of me going on about 'Supersizers', as you know I love to. The whole point of me showing you that picture was to show you what I'm planning of drawing in the near future. And when I get better, and get around to drawing her (Sue) I'll post the photo of the sketch onto Twitpic, and put it on this blog for you all to see, and I really hope you all like it (which seems a bit premature, seeing as I haven't even drawn it yet) .

So, see you all soon, hopefully when I've drawn Sue Perkins.

Bye for now, Ss1!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A list of the best selling books from 'The Books We Really Read' with Sue Perkins!

Ok, so here is a list of the best selling books from the last couple of decades, which featured on the programme 'The Books We Really Read' which was hosted/presented by Sue Perkins and helped to celebrate World Book Night. And I have done this for @FutureGillian who also watched the show.

And by the way, this list is numbered, but doesn't represent the most sold to least sold book.

1. Bridget Jones
2. Twilight
3. Gone With The Wind
4. Golden Fox (The one Sue said was the "anti-book" because of it's embossed cover.)
5. The Exorcist
6. Lady Boss (By Jilly Cooper.)
7. The Beach
8. Gone Tomorrow
9. The Da Vinci Code
10. The Naming of The Dead
11. 61 Hours
12. Il Simbolo Perduto
13. The Dam Busters
14. Casino Royale (Which was made into a Bond film starring Daniel Craig. )
15. The Firm
16. Dead Heat
17. Whip Hand
18. Hot Money
19. The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo (Which I've seen a woman on a bus reading.)
20. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Which has been made into a TV series on ITV.)
21. The Woman in White
22. Ordeal by Innocence
23. A Mind To Murder
24. The Complaints
25. Wicked
26. The Stud
27. Lady Chatterley's Lover
28. Confessions of a Shopaholic (Which is my personal favourite. Haven't read it, but have seen the film, and love it!)

So, there you have it. The 28 best sellers. If there are any more that I haven't included here, please comment below and tell me what they are, or tell @FutureGillian via Twitter. Thank you.


Memories, Memories, Memories...

We all have good memories, (and bad of course) and last night really got me thinking about the good times in my life. Especially the times spent with friends, going to memorable places and meeting celebrities.

You see, last night I decided to dig out my old mobile phone and have a look at what I had stored in it from years ago, and what I found really put a smile on my face.

First of all, I looked through all my old songs that I'd downloaded, including ones I'd made up myself using an old game I'd bought. Then, I looked at old photos I'd/other people had taken. This included one of me and my best friend smiling, looking really happy outside this place we'd visited. Also there were a few photos of us at Madame Tussauds: one of us with Ant and Dec, another with The Beatles, and a few of me with some really well known singers like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and J.Lo. And my most treasured picture on my phone was one of me and (the real) Catherine Tate outside a theatre after me and a companion of mine had seen her in the play 'Under The Blue Sky', which also starred Chris O'Dowd (from 'The IT Crowd') who we also met!

This also got me thinking today of all the other celebrities I've met over the years, like most recently Sue Perkins (in February) and Giles Coren (in October of last year). But also: Mel Giedroyc, Lenny Henry, Joanna Lumley, Pauline Quirke, Nicholas Hoult (who I also met when I met Mel). And a few others too. This makes me feel really lucky to of met them, and also because they are people I admire, and have done for years, especially Mel, Sue and Giles.

Also, what really makes me happy is when they give you a hug. Especially if they mean a lot to you, like: Mel, Nicholas, Sue and Giles. And the more I think about it, the more it seems right. Because, if these people mean so much to you, getting a hug from them means a lot too, and makes you feel closer to them and like they've known you forever.

And that to me, is much more important than just getting an autograph. Yes, an autograph does last forever, but you only ever get to live the moment of meeting them the once (usually) so it's best to make it count, and memories last forever too, especially the best ones.

And whether your best memories are of going out with your friends, time spent with your family, travelling to new and exciting places, or meeting celebrities (like me), they should all be treasured, and occasionally it's nice to remind yourself of them, and bring them back to life.

And the best memories, are those we never forget.