The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas time is here again...

Merry Christmas bloggers & tweeters! Hope the build up to Christmas has been fun and enjoyable for you lot. I know it's been a little bit stressful for me. And some days I've felt like not going anywhere or doing anything. But... because I know that Christmas was just around the corner and I wanted to help with the preparations, of course I went out and helped buy all the essentials and had quite a lot of fun doing it. Especially when I got to go and eat out. That's like my fave thing to do when I'm out at the mo.

I ate out at a pub recently, and that was pretty awesome. It was my first time going into that pub, so I was a bit anxious, but I soon got over that. The atmosphere wasn't 100% perfect, but the decor and food was lovely and I ended up having a really nice time. I really loved the food. The chips were especially nice, and not over cooked or soggy either. They were literally the best chips I've ever tasted.

Here's what me and my companion had to eat.
Also, I went to see a pantomime, in Hammersmith. It was Cinderella, and it had Mel Giedroyc in it. She was playing the baddie Ms Hardup. She has the most awesome costume, and wig that makes her look rather evil, but I still loved it and thought she was the best one in the whole show. Her acting is super great! And her character is so funny/sinister all at the same time.

The show was utterly magical and spellbinding, and it had all you could hope to see in a panto. There was (SPOILER ALERT!) a disco ball, foamy confetti, funny dancing, a pantomime horse (well, two infact, one was Cinderella's, the other was someone dressed up who wanted to marry the prince), and a dancing pumpkin! ("Go Wilson! Go Wilson!")

Also, the choice of songs was marvellous! They had classic tunes as well as some really modern, funky pop songs, such as Little Mix's Wings and Gangnam Style!

Here is Mel holding my drawing that I gave her after the show.
She was so lovely to me and I really enjoyed meeting her for a second time. She liked the way I made her look younger in that drawing, and she also said she liked the mince pie and the little finger (her pinky) which is sticking up in that pic. I drew it from a pic that was in the Radio Times. It was of her and Sue Perkins, and they were surrounded by tea and cakes.

Here's a Christmas tree that I walked past in Hammersmith.
Christmas time is great because of all the lovely food, the shops that are all Christmassy, the presents you buy and receive, the lights on people's houses, the snow (if we get any), and the general Christmas spirit, and people being nice to each other.

Also, not forgetting the Christmas specials on the TV, such as Doctor Who, Him & Her, The Snowman and The Snowdog, and all the others.

I hope to be doing a bit of baking and cooking over the Christmas period, and so hopefully I'll be doing a little bit more blogging (before the end of the year would be good).

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (if I don't get around to blogging before the new year). Hope Santa brings you what you asked for. Or, if not, then I hope you get a nice surprise present/s.

Lots of love and Christmas cheer, Ss1. xxx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Eating out vs. eating in.

I've always found eating in to be easier, faster, sometimes yummier. But of course, the simple pleasure of going out and ordering something freshly cooked, hot and delicious just can't be beaten.

Now I was going to do another Top 5 Faves thing, like last time. But I've decided that that is probably too long, and too much of a strain on my tired brain. So instead, I will take you through some of my fave things to eat out (and in) with less of a structured feel, and more of a laid-back, relaxed vibe. I won't do any numbering this time, because to be fair, I can't really say what my absolute fave food to eat out or in is. I have several faves.

Firstly, I like eating paninis. Out, of course. Usually with a nice coffee to go with it. Ham and cheese is my particular fave. Of panini that is. (Ha ha ha!) Especially the ones with extra gooey cheese in them. I much prefer gooey cheeses. The way when you eat a panini and bite into it, the cheese is all stringy, and there's a long strand of cheese coming out from your mouth and dangling down a good 15 or so centimetres. That is just such an enjoyable and fun experience.

My panini, and two coffees. One was my companion's. Mine's the one with chocolate on the top. I have such a sweet tooth!
Secondly, I'm up for anything (well... almost) sweet to eat. Mainly cupcakes, or cakes, or gingerbread men or biscuits. Depending on where I am and what mood I'm in. Sometimes I'll just snack on chocolate. But... I don't mind sitting in a cafe and eating something sweet. Usually it'll be a cupcake. One with lots of icing. But nothing else really. I'm not up for anything sickly, or creamy. Eurgh!
Here's a snack I once ate out. It may not be my usual, but it's still sweet and has nuts in it. You can't really ask for more. Especially when you're busy and on the move.
Thirdly, I love eating in. It's not got the same speedy, lively, quick vibe as eating out, but that doesn't bother me. I can't be asked to go out everyday or even every week to eat out. I just can't. But that doesn't mean that I can't eat delicious food. Though most is not freshly cooked, I do try and keep my diet fairly balanced. But not to any exact measurements or amount of food. I just eat what I want. And in moderation. It's the "little and often" method.
Here's something I actually cooked. Fried eggs. Very basic, but very yummy. One went a little bit funny (the top one).
I had them as a little extra to something else I ate previously that day, which was similar. That's why the plate's a bit mucky. Those fried eggs really filled me up!
That's all for now. Thanks for reading, you lovely peeps. Leave a comment below or on Twitter @Supersizer1.
Bye now. xxx

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fruits, me, Giles Coren... and other stuff.

Weird title, I know. I'm just trying to give you peeps a hint as to what I'm going to write about in my blog post. I've meant to write this for some time. But you know what I'm like... I will often put it off, because other things grab my attention (like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or the television or radio), or of course, more importantly, I really have had other, more major things to worry about, or do. Oh, and then there's when I've felt ill. And trust me, I'm one of these people who does get ill a fair bit. My immune system is crap. It always has been. As a kid I would go off school more than most purely because I got ill more than most. You either do get ill a lot, or you don't. And I did.

Now, intro. over... it's time to get to the main reason I'm blogging today. Fruit. Or, my favourite fruits. I had the idea the other day because Esther Walker did a blog post, which I read, about how to make banana bread. Then it got me thinking about which fruits are my fave, and why.

So, here goes... my favourite fruits (shortlist):

1. Banana.
    I have always had a strong liking for this fruit, ever since I was little. It's good on its own, or with cereal (on top of it, which is how I like it), or with cake (on the side, like how I like my tomato ketchup along side my chicken and mushroom slices - Ginsters), or on toast (which I have rarely eaten), or in a cake (banana cake - which I have made once).

Here's a piece of my banana cake. I made it back in August, and it lasted for about 2 weeks. Well, I ate it within that time. Oh, and my companion had some too.
2. Blueberry.
    The good old blueberry... definitely a favourite of mine. I love blueberry muffins, and get them most weeks, in either a 2 or 4 pack. They taste really nice, and are much healthier (I'd imagine) than a choc chip muffin, or a double choc chip muffin. I also have made my own once, except with a little twist - there was a hint of lemon in the muffins. And the recipe was by a contestant from The Great British Bake Off, Urvashi Roe.
Here is one of my blueberry and lemon muffins. This was all the way back in March that I made these. Just goes to show how little baking I do. But, it's thanks to the Bake Off that I've got into it.
3. Strawberry.
    Here's another fruit which has been a part of my diet since I was small. (And by small I mean young.) It's in yogurts and milk drinks that I've drunk and ate as a child. I have always loved its sweet flavour. And I still do. I still eat yogurts that contain a strawberry flavour. I'm not sure whether it's a natural flavouring or not. But I like it all the same. And Yazoos are another thing which has a strawberry flavour in it, which I love. I went through a BIG, looooong faze of drinking them, then went off them, and then have re-discovered recently that I like them.
4. Apricot.
    This is another fruit which I only really like because as a kid I'd have it in my yogurt, because it was flavoured with it. It's a nice, fresh tasting fruit. And the yellow-y colour it makes the yogurt is very cheery, and nice to look at.
5. Apple.
    This fruit is one I like on its own, cut up, even with honey, or on cereal. Even fruit juices that have apple in them, such as Innocent smoothies. It's also a nice flavour in cakes, or there's the classic pudding apple crumble, which is very delicious and nice with custard. That used to be a favourite dessert of mine at school. That and chocolate sponge with chocolate custard - very unhealthy, but OH so good!
My 5 favourite fruits there for you. The 6th, if I'd have made the list just a little bit longer, would have been grapes. They are very nice, but only if they taste sweet. And have no pips in them. They are a pain to have to remove after/during eating a grape.
Now, a little bit more extra stuff, which I felt I just had to include in my blog post...
Giles Coren replied to me on the 8th of this month. I was very happy and also very pleased for his wife, Esther, who had written an article in The Times about How To Be A Blogger, which I really enjoyed reading. It also taught me that for my blog to become more popular, I must blog on a more regular basis, and also not go on about how I've been too busy to blog. Although I never really say that. I usually give a short(ish) apology, and then get on with writing my latest blog post. But maybe in future I won't mention how I've not blogged in ages and just go straight into writing about whatever it is I'm writing about. Sound good to you?
Now, I must depart from my blog now. Pandora's show on Capital will be on in about half an hour, and I CAN'T miss that! I love you guys who actually read my blog. It may not be a huge amount, but it's better than nothing.
Please feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below, I'd like to hear some feedback on this post. Thanks! Bye for now... Ss1. xxx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

A little bit of blogging.

I know, I haven't blogged in ages. I have meant to, but never got around to it. I've wanted to blog about The Great British Bake Off, and how great it was to watch. But it's been a while since it was on, so I can only do that once I've gathered a fair amount of pics together and refreshed my brain on it. But basically, the person who I wanted to win, or rather one of the people I wanted to win, won it. So I was pleased with the end result. Also, Mel and Sue were fab at presenting the show. And the 'Revisited' show was also really good and it was nice to see people such as Joanne Wheatley again, on the TV.

Besides the GBBO, I have also been enjoying other TV shows like Mrs Biggs and other things, which for some reason, my mind can't remember right now. Not great when all I want to do is go into depth about programmes I've watched. Plus, I'd really like to share a pic with you of a recent meal I've eaten. Purely because it was very yummy & seriously good to look at. P.S. I didn't make it. My companion did. They're a great cook. Not an actual professional or anything. Just great at cooking.

Toast with fish paste, cheese, eggs, cucumber and pepper.
I just want to end my blog post by mentioning how much I've enjoyed listening to Capital FM recently, and Pandora, Emily and Ant have all kept me entertained in the early hours of the morning & late evening (because Pandora's show is on from 8pm to midnight on a Friday). Thanks for all the tunes & chatter on Twitter. You guys are ace!
Also, big love to Sue & Giles, my idols. You are the greatest & funniest peeps I know. From the TV.
Bye for now, Ss1. xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Make-up and pictures. Inspirational!

If taking pictures inspires you, or you like to wear make-up, read on! (Go on. It'll only take 5 minutes, at the most/least. Roughly that.)

I am in a pretty good mood today. Woke up at about quarter to 12(pm). Felt pretty rested. Had a long sleep, because I went to bed at the early-ish time of 1:35(am). Can honestly say that that was out of character. I am such a late night owl. I will stay up 'til the morning, if I can. But I had very little sleep before, so felt pretty darn tired.

Anyway, today I've had a chance to make myself up. Or doll myself up, if you like. Although I look more like a Bratz doll than a Barbie doll, as far as make-up goes. Bright colours, big eyes, dark lips. I look like Yasmin from the Bratz. I know, I know far too much about dolls for someone my age. Heck, I'm just a big kid at heart.

So. Make-up tips. Firstly, never be afraid to experiement and play with colours. Even if they clash.

Secondly, if you use an eye crayon on your eye, a chunky one, then please feel free to add a bit of eye shadow on top of it. It helps the eye shadow to stay on, and stick to the eye. Plus, it makes the colour more vibrant, and looks pretty cool.

My eyes right now have a light blue eye crayon on them, and a darker blue eye shadow over the top. Plus a light yellow on the brow bone. It's also using an eye crayon. It's a BarryM one. It's very good, and creates a nice little glow on the eye. It also doubles up as a lip crayon. If you're feeling adventurous, then you can use it on your lips. I have a plum lipstick on me right now. A No7 one. Very good for adding a darkness to your lips, while still keeping them moisturised.

My eye. Hope you like it.
Thanks for reading my blog post. Don't forget, always remember. Ha ha! No. Seriously. Don't forget, to put some mascara on to complete this look.

Bye for now. Please leave a comment below or tweet me, if you'd like to tell me what you thought of my blog post. Love, Ss1. x

Friday, 31 August 2012

Good days, good followers, good TV shows.

In recent times life has got a little better for me. Mainly because of good followers on Twitter, good TV shows and I've had good days in general. Can't say everything has been good though, because it hasn't. But you win some, you lose some, I suppose.

The good followers have included Pandora from Capital FM, who recently followed me, and who is such a lovely person, and an awesome radio presenter. Also, certain other followers of mine. Ones who like what I like, and even Giles Coren, who has always been nothing but kind to me, from day 1.

Good TV shows have included: The Great British Bake Off, Celebrity Big Brother, Spaced, Made In Chelsea, an event where the Mayor of London got asked questions on the 4th of July, which I really enjoyed watching. And I'm sure there are other shows, but my memory isn't brill right now.

The Great British Bake Off has been particularly good, as I'm finally getting to know everyone's names and following quite a few Bake Off peeps on Twitter. Good times are being had by all, by the sound of it. Cathryn is a particular favourite of mine, just because I can see a lot of myself in her, such as the way she can get very worried about things, and needs support and comfort from Mel.

Another few of my favourites are James, John, Victoria (who sadly is not in the show anymore), and Danny. They are all very skilled at what they do, and have made some awesome bakes. I seem to remember James made a very cool looking tart, and Paul was very impressed with it.

Cathryn's showstopper was just stunning. And was a rectangular shape. It had little swirls on the top of it, in a sort of golden colour, which I thought was very pretty. It towered above most of the contestants' showstoppers, and impressed the judges.

Mel and Sue were very funny as always. Sue opened a fortune cookie and made a joke, plus she ate some of the food made by one of the bakers. And Mel said to Cathryn "Imagine them all naked. Paul and Mary." or something like that. That was to try and calm Cathryn down and made her laugh. I thought that was really sweet.

Also, as I want to keep my taking pics thing going on my blog, I will include some pics now and again, to keep everyone inspired, and show you peeps how much I love taking photos.

Plus, the odd make-up tip will be included. Just to share my knowledge of make-up with you, and to help out any fellow young ladies out there.

Mel and Sue, you are fabulous! (Mel's on the right, Sue's on the left.)

Cathryn. One of my faves.

One of the bakes the contestants had to do. It was the technical bake. Treacle tart, I think.
Anyway, I shall leave it there for now. Until the next blog post, bye! Ss1. xxx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beautiful things, beautiful people, and beautiful animals.

Yes. Beautiful. That's the theme of this blog post. Just because I felt like it.

I see beautiful things every day. Birds, the sky, the lipstick I wear. Even the TV shows I watch. All are equal & beautiful in my eyes. Even music is beautiful. I think beautiful things should be treasured, loved, but above all, we should keep records of them. What if photography didn't exsist? Wouldn't that be tragic?

I take far too many photos. I am in love with photography, and everything it stands for. I will not go a day without taking a photo. I just couldn't. I've been like this for ages. And ages... AND ages..... What's wrong with that?! I think if you enjoy something, then just go for it! Do what you want. We're free to be creative, free to express ourselves, and free to love what we do.

What I'm trying to get at is that we should all be free, in whatever hobby it is we choose to do.

So... in an attempt to inspire you I will post a pic I have taken recently. A random, crazy pic. (Well, crazy's a strong word.) A wicked, totally out-there pic!

Is this wicked? Hmm..... The light is from a lava lamp.

Well, it's not wicked, but it is out-there. Spooky. Am I a witch? Will I cast a spell on you? It's likely, I suppose. (Lol!)

Thanks for reading. If you want to leave a comment, then please do.

Bye now. Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Make-up tips, GBBO, and general life update.

Life has been a slow-moving thing lately. Don't have much to say. Should just skip this bit. Ok. Maybe just a few things I could mention..... Pandora from Capital FM has replied to me lately, about my nails, and jeggings, and other such things. I got followed by Emily Segal (another Capital FM presenter), and got a tweet from a new contestant from the new series of The Great British Bake Off! And at long last I am blogging about the show...

At least I will be blogging about the Bake Off, once the make-up bit of my blog is done.

Yes. Make-up again. I just feel like it's worthwhile I blog about it because it's something I'm interested in, and know a fair bit about. I'm no expert. No great genius. No Time Lord, for make-up. (That made no sense, but I like Doctor Who, so...)

Make-up tip no. 1: Never make your face up like a clown. It's not pretty. It's just wrong. Only clowns should wear clown make-up. (This is a jokey tip. I don't expect anyone to wear clown make-up, on an everyday basis.)

Make-up tip no. 2: If you want to make your lipstick look more like a gloss, and just more glossy, use a lip balm underneath to add moisture to the lips. (This may sound nuts, but I swear it works. I have tried it. I saw a girl do it in a YouTube video, and thought, yeah, I can do that.)

Make-up tip no. 3: Applying 2 coats of nail polish won't always ensure that the polish lasts for longer than if you just put one coat on. I tried 2 coats with my latest polish. It's already chipping. And this is day 2. I'm sorry, the number of coats just doesn't change how easily the nail polish chips.

Ok. Enough make-up stuff now. I can't think anymore. I will do more another time, when I've thought of some more.

GBBO blogging starts here!

(From left to right) Sue, Mel.

I'm finally blogging about the Bake Off! It has taken me just over two weeks, I know! I feel awful. And not just about not blogging soon enough, but also about other things in my life. I won't go into details, but let's just say a few changes have occured recently which I'm not entirely happy with. Oh well, moving on....

The Great British Bake Off has reached series 3! I'm so happy it's back! It has been a long old wait for it, but it has now arrived onto our TV screens. (Luckily my new TV arrived in time to watch the first ep!)

Both episode 1 & 2 have been a delight to watch. I have started to see which contestants are looking hopeful to get to the end, and which ones aren't. A few in particular have caught my eye. Cathryn, Victoria, and two of the men. (Vague, I know.)

At this early stage I have found it hard to remember everyone's names, and unlike in series 1 & 2, I have not followed many of the contestants on Twitter yet. I do hope to follow some more, but haven't got a chance to look them up. If anyone wants to suggest anyone for me to follow, I'd be grateful if you left a comment below, or tweeted me @Supersizer1.

Also, besides the great baking taking place on the show, I have found it a joy to see Mel and Sue back to their old tricks, joking and smiling, and generally being a laugh to watch. And also comforting contestants who are struggling to keep their cool.

As someone who's met both Mel and Sue, on seperate occasions, I know how lovely they are, and how comforting they can be. Especially Mel, as I got upset at a show of hers (a play, actually) because I'd come a long way to see the play, but the ushers wouldn't let me in, because me and my companion were 5 minutes late. That totally broke my heart. Mel gave me a massive hug when she first saw me though. So it was all good in the end.

Also, the clothes Mel and Sue have worn this time around have been awesome. I especially love Mel's jumper/cardigan that she wears in episode 2.

Maybe it was a jacket? Anyway, I love it! (Mel's jacket.)

Sue's clothes are cool too. I do like the grey jacket she has on in the pic above. (I took both pics, by the way. From my TV.)

OK. Blogging is done, for now. I will definitely do more blog posts about the Bake Off, in the coming weeks. And I'll try & keep it more on a regualar basis. I do really enjoy blogging, but just don't get 'round to it enough. Sorry if anyone's been missing my posts.

Leave a comment below, letting me know what you thought of the blog post & the GBBO too, if you like. Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Great British Bake Off, series 3.

So... it's that time of the year again. The Great British Bake Off is finally returning for a third series. It starts on Tuesday the 14th of August, 8pm, BBC 2. Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, I will have my new TV by that time, so I can watch it. If not... I will be stuffed. And not the good kind of stuffed (with food).

Hope you lot are looking forward to it. (The Bake Off, that is, not my new TV coming.)

I hope I can blog a bit about the programme once it airs (and I've seen it). I did for series 2.

I shall leave you now with a link to my Tumblr: On my Tumblr you will find a post I did relating to The Great British Bake Off. Please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you'd like to see in future blog posts about the Bake Off.

Bye for now.

Ss1. x

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Good times, bad times, crazy times. Everyone has them, right?

Lately I've had all three of the above. Good times - going for walks, the Olympics Opening Ceremony, make-up experiments. Bad times - TV not working, someone I know being a pain sometimes, really crappy weather (you know: rain, sun, rain, sun...). Crazy times - getting tweets from Giles Coren, having a party with no-one else there, being an all-nighter, who won't go to bed until it's well into the morning. I honestly have had the worst sleeping pattern ever lately. I am such a late night owl. Wildly wide awake at strange times. I could have been an owl in my last life. Or a fox. Infact, I probably was.

My make-up experiments have ranged from the craziest eye liner look ever to a natural, fresh-faced, lightly made up look. I have many sides to me, and my make-up looks really seem to show off how I feel. I have felt like it's about time I shared my make-up stuff with you. I'm not saying copy what I do, but if you want to I won't mind. I mean, if you want to try my make-up looks out, you can.

Here's one for you, I'll call it Blue Eyes With Wings. Don't let this scare you off now. Just hear me out...

Ok, to start you can do what you want with your foundation, blusher, lipstick (or gloss). It's all about the eyes though. So try and avoid a dark lipstick (or gloss), and go for neutral shades. Light pink, beige, lilac.

Also, do it in any order you like. If you prefer doing your lips before your eyes, then do that. If not, then do your eyes first. It really doesn't matter.

So, for the eyes, start by putting a layer of mascara on your eyelashes. Do it on the top and bottom set of lashes. It's better if you have it on both sets, because it makes them look more even, and stand out more. Feel free to use any mascara you like. I use an 'Ultimate Length' one, which helps to 'create ultimate lash length'. And it really does make the lashes look pretty long.

Next, apply a thin(ish) layer of eyeliner to your lower and upper areas of your eye. Just under the lower lashes, and just above the upper lashes. I use a little black one, which is like a mini pencil. It's quite cute and came free in a mag, I think. It works surprising well for a free one. But you can use what you want.

Then, to add a dramatic 'wing' look to your eyes, draw a diagonal line with the same black eyeliner on the outer corners of your eyes. Do this repeatedly, and change the angle of the eyeliner, so it creates a wing effect. Basically like you've got fake eyelashes on.

Lastly, add a thick layer of blue eyeshadow to your eyes. And make it come out wider on the inner corners. This just helps to make your look even more dramatic.

Then, if you've still not done your blusher or lipstick, etc. then quickly apply both. (Obviously if you have the time, don't rush these things. But I tend to do my make-up quite quickly, most of the time.)

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Your Blue Eyes With Wings look is complete!

If you do try this look out, then I'd be happy if you sent me a pic of it. Tweet me @Supersizer1 and I'll take a look. Don't worry though if you don't want to. It's not absolutely vital.

Here's what mine looked like. Obviously this pic's been edited. Mainly because I like to keep my identity a secret.

Thanks for reading, you lovely people. Bye for now. Ss1. xxx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Meeting Giles Coren for the second time!

Yesterday all happened because of a dream and a toss of a coin.

I dreamt that Giles was in a restaurant, and I was standing up looking around it. I then woke up, knowing the book signing would be happening later that day. I then thought I'd better check Twitter, just to see if Giles knew whether the Waterstones signing would be happening, but he didn't.

I then spoke to a few people on Twitter and they all were encouraging me to go to it. I even got a tweet from an Australian women (you know who you are) and she said that I should give Giles a hug from her. That was something that made me more determined to go.

Then I thought why not toss a coin and see what it tells me to do. I thought heads for going, and tails for not going. I tossed it three times (not counting the toss that made the coin drop on my hand, and so it didn't count, as it was still spinning and didn't land properly), and it landed on tails, then heads, and then, luckily, heads again!

That was it. The moment I decided to go. It was like a lightbulb had gone off in my head. I felt switched on, alert, and ready to get ready.

It took me the best part of two hours to get myself together, and by the time I'd left the house, it was really cutting it fine, and I felt uncertain as to whether I'd make it there on time.

Luckily, the transport that day was very good, and the tube, etc. was very fast, and I got to Selfridges by about 5:50pm. The building was huge, and the outside is like a gallery, the way the window displays are arranged. I saw the sign saying 'Meet the Times restaurant critic &TV presenter Giles Coren', which was lit-up a bit like a Christmas tree.

Here's a cropped pic I took. Which I have added a grungy border to. The lights around the sign are just visible, underneath it.

I got inside the store, and it is very upmarket, just like Peter Jones in Sloane Square. There is a floor, or large area, just dedicated to selling perfumes. Oh my god, it's classy! I could have walked around the store for hours, just browsing. It was literally so mesmorising. It is better than my local department store. It is like 100 times better. Plus, the staff are all so well dressed and smart. That's my kind of store!

Then I got the lift down to the LG (lower ground) floor. The lift was very swanky. It went up and down, and stopped several times until it reached LG. I stepped out, and the first thing I saw was a black curtain with a rail type thing behind it. I thought surely this must be where Giles is doing his signing. Nope. It was basically just a wall. A wall with a curtain. I would say that's just a little bit strange.

Then I walked past some toilets with blue signs for boys, girls and disabled people. Then I went straight ahead, and turned left and saw a table with a sign behind it. I then knew this was where Giles was. His voice was faint in the background, and as I got closer I saw him, with a blue shirt on, and chatting to a fan of his. The fan in question I did not know, or even look at. I just knew there was a fan there.

This was the sign near the table. It was just by the load of books for people to pick up and buy, to get Giles to sign them.

I picked up a book on the right hand side of the table, and took it to the till to buy it. I got a little yellow Selfridges bag and a receipt, and took my newly bought book with me over to the signing area. There were only a few people there at that stage and I joined the back of the queue. I then got given a little bit of paper, which I had to write my name on. The women who handed it to me was Chinese-looking, and asked me (and my companion who came with me) if we were big fans. I said "Yeah. But he also knows us.". She was a bit shocked to hear that, I think.

I then waited for several minutes, and Giles glanced over at me several times, in between signing another person's book, and chatting to them and their friend. This was a little nerve-wracking, as I don't like waiting for things, but also because I was a bit nervous, and wanted to start talking to him.

Finally, the two women ahead of me left, and I (and my companion) moved forward. Giles smiled and said "Hi." and got up out of his seat and gave me a kiss on both cheeks. That, I was not expecting. (Also earlier when I walked past the table he waved and said "Hi!" to me.)

He and I chatted for maybe 5 minutes or so. And he smiled like a cheshire cat most of the time he spoke to me. He was pleased to see me, and that I came. And he mentioned that I threatened not to come, on Twitter. That made me giggle. He also signed my copy of How To Eat Out, and wrote 'To Supersizer1...'. He wrote it so quickly... and I tried to not look at what he wrote straight away, as I feel it should always be a surprise for later.

Another thing he said to me was that he knew I'd come to the event. He also said "Sorry Sue isn't here too." and made puppy dog eyes at me. I thought that was so sweet. Of course I'd loved to have met Sue again at the same time. Why wouldn't I?

He also mentioned how my hair looks like Lucy Worsley's. Omg, I felt so in awe of him saying that. I did kind of agree with him, and I thought it was sort of a compliment too.

Then me and him had our picture taken together, by my companion, who took a really nice shot. And because I'm not comfortable showing myself, I have cropped it and blurred me out too.

And here it is. Please forgive how I have managed to get him more on the left of the picture.
I'm not really sure how that happened.

By the way, while we had our picture taken, he had his arm around me, unlike the previous time when I met him.

Then later on... I went back to say that the Australian women had sent me a tweet, and I showed it to him. I then asked him, "Can I have a hug then?". And he said "Yes.". So... me and him hugged, because of the Australian women's tweet. It was the best feeling. And showed just how lovely he is, and how affectionate I am towards him, because he is one of my idols.

Extra info. and pics.

Here's a pic of a yellow chocolate bar in Selfridges, which just happened to match my nail polish colour.

Here are some cute benches, which collapse to make a little, round, wooden table. Neat, huh?

Here's a very British tent. Also from Selfridges.

This was in the window outside Selfridges. I loved it. And because it's just so British, just like the tent.

Here's an omelette and salad which I ate at a restaurant, after going to Giles' book signing.

And here's a poster advertising Horrible Histories, which was down on the London Underground.

That's it folks. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, and looking at the pics. I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Please leave a comment below, or tweet me: @Supersizer1.

Thanks for reading.

Ss1. xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Giles and Sue pics.

Here are a selection of new pics of Giles and Sue that I have found on the internet. Hope you like them.

Giles and Sue Live The Good Life, the episode set at Christmas.
Giles and Sue in The Supersizers Eat... The French Revolution.

Giles and Sue on The Jonathan Ross Show.
Don't they look lovely in this pic?

Giles and Sue in Giles and Sue Live The Good Life, as Margo and

Giles and Sue on The One Show.

That's it for now.
Leave a comment below telling me what you thought of the pics.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Life before the internet.

If anyone can actually think back to a time before computers, when they were young, innocent and free, you might be interested to know what life was like for me.

Like any child, I would play with toys, for hours and hours. I had very little to worry about. Infact, the internet was a scary concept to me back then. What scared me most was basically stories I had heard on the TV, news stories about people going on the internet, chat rooms, etc. I was one of those people who other people would think I used internet sites, when in actual fact, I didn't.

I'm now in a very different place in my life, and now actually have the time to tweet, blog, share pics, etc. Back then, in my earlier years, I did not have that kind of time. Also, I'd say that sites, such as Twitter, have become more popular, mainly due to celebrities using them. And so, people such as myself, are going on it more, not just to chat to anyone, but to see what their favourite stars are up to, and to find out what TV appearances they'll be making soon.

People like Giles Coren and Sue Perkins are what make the internet enjoyable for me. I only joined Twitter initially because they were using it to chat with each other. I then eventually gained enough followers on there so that my opinion actually meant something, and people actually reply to what I say on there. That has taken me the best part of two years and a bit to reach that stage though.

Anyway, back to the olden days (ha ha ha) I used to enjoy spending time playing outside, doing things like bouncing a ball, or skipping, or hitting a ball with a tennis racket. Oh yeah, great fun that used to be. I would tire myself out. I was a very energetic child. Very, very energetic. Now what do I do? That's right, mostly I just sit around, tweeting, blogging, and being a bit less like the old me.

One thing has never changed though - my love for music and the TV. I'm still listening to modern tracks, and watching the latest comedy shows. I have never grown out of that. I will always be a sucker (not referring to vampires there, at all) for music and comedy shows.

So what has this little blog post session taught me about myself, and life, and the internet? Well, all in all, my view of the internet has changed - I once found it all to be terribly scary and I thought I'd never be a part of it, but now I am, and I enjoy using Twitter and Blogger, and other internet sites. I am still pretty much the same girl I ever was, I'm just less sporty, and more media-focused now. And life will never be the same again for me. I joined Twitter on the 21st of May 2010 (I'm hoping that date is correct) and I have never looked back. Yes, sometimes I have felt like, what's the point?, but I now feel that the internet is a huge part of my life, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Leave some feedback below, if you want. Thanks for reading.

Ss1. xxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Giles Coren's new book.

Hello blog readers. I'm back to tell you about Giles Coren's new book called How to Eat Out.

Here's a link:

If you read the product description you'll see that it mentions Sue Perkins, so here's hoping that she's mentioned in the book (I'm sure she will be). Also, from the product description, and knowing what Giles' writing is like, I'm sure it'll be a good read.

I also hope to attend an upcoming event of his soon, and so I'll definitely be posting a blog post about that. Also, not wanting to jynx things, but I hope I can get another pic of him to put on my blog. That would be awesome!

Last time I met him it was great, so I'm sure if I get to meet him again, it will be equally as great, if not more so.

Here is a screenshot I took of Giles Coren on The Times website from Saturday. The article from Saturday's Times Magazine included an extract from his new book.

Thank you for reading. Bye for now.

Ss1. xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Foxes. They're everywhere!

In recent news, other than what I put in my last blog post, I have taken a keen interest in foxes lately. This is because of two things: 1. There have been two foxes visiting my garden lately. 2. There was a show on Channel 4 called Foxes Live: Wild in the City.

Firstly, these foxes in my garden have been visiting my garden either every day, or every other day. They have also seemed quite calm, especially the one that I believe is a female fox, which I have named Barryetta, because at first I thought it was probably a male fox, but then I changed my mind.

Secondly, the show on Channel 4 was on for about 2 weeks, and gave us an insight into the lives of foxes, whether they live in urban or rural areas of this country. It also encouraged viewers to get involved in a survey it was doing, which was to estimate how many foxes, roughly, are living in the UK.

This show, and having foxes in my garden at the same time, has been a very funny coinsidence, but one I have enjoyed, and I've even taken several pics of these foxes in my garden. And just to prove it to you, here's a few for you to look at...

The one at the top is called Franklin, who was named by one of my followers on Twitter.
And the one at the bottom is called Barryetta. She's the one I named, and is the one who spends most of the time in my garden.

Barryetta is very sleepy and calm most of the time. And she even looks up at me, while I watch her from inside my house. Unlike some people, I am not afraid of foxes, but I'm also not wanting to keep one as a pet. Yes, some people do, but I think, a bit like cats that come in and out of my garden, there is a safe distance that people and animals should stay from each other. Obviously, only if you're not too familiar with an animal and think it may harm you. But I know that if I did approach Barryetta, she'd probably be fairly calm and relaxed with me, seeing as she has already seen me, and knows I'm living where I am.

Anyway, that's it for now. Thank you for reading.

Ss1. x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What's going on with me?

So, I'm here to tell you all what's going on with me. Why have I not blogged on here for so long? Am I giving this blog up? *gasps* Of course not! I've just had a lot on my plate lately (no pun intended), and I've been too busy to blog. But if I've learnt anything from being on the internet, and sharing stuff with people I don't know, I know that it will always be a part of my life. And I'm still going to blog, I'm just not blogging as much.

So... my life lately is hectic, to say the least. Apart from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Blogger being a part of my leisure activities, I have also had a big thing that I had to do yesterday. A quite scary, big, nerve-wracking thing. It was not enjoyable. But it had to be done. My whole future could depend on it. Don't worry though, it's not life-threatening. I'm not going to die from an incureable disease.

And what's more, I went out for lunch after this big thing, and I had an omelette and a cappuccino, and also a choc-chip shortbread. And that was very yummy and enjoyable. I don't eat out every day, so a lunch out was a nice treat for me.

I have also met a few new people on Twitter. These include people who are fans of people I like, but also people who are not. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed tweeting these people, and one of which was very excited to find out that I've met Joanna Lumley. As proof of this, I shall include a pic of one of her autographs that she signed for me.

She was very lovely to me, as you may already know. And she stroked my cheek and told me never to give up, particularly on my dream of being an actress. Of course, acting is not the only thing I enjoy doing. I love singing, drawing, making videos and writing, etc. But I have always wanted to act, from a very young age. And obviously, like everything else, I'm not giving it up, or the hope of doing it as a career anyway. I have thought about joining a local theatre, and as soon as other stuff in my life has finished, then I will pursue my dream some more.

Thank you for reading my latest blog post. I hope to write more here soon.

Lots of love, Ss1. xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Our Food (Giles Coren's new TV show).

So, I have finally found the time to write about this show. It's been on my mind to do this for quite some time. Ever since I first saw the first episode, I knew I had to write about it.
It's basically about British food, and how it has shaped who we are today. And it ties in with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Giles, and a team of experts from different fields, like historian Lucy Worsley and botanist James Wong travel the country and discover what made British food what it is today. Giles is the host, but he's not on the show 100% of the time, which is ok. The rest of the time (I'd say 40% of it) the other experts talk about what they've learnt in the part of the country they are in at the time.
In the first episode Giles went to Norfolk, and learnt about how they make Coleman's mustard, and found out about the mint they grow in Norfolk too. This was a great first episode. Really interesting and full of information about the food grown in Norfolk. Also, Giles being Giles made it really enjoyable to watch. Whenever he's on TV it brings a smile to my face. He just has this light-hearted-ness about him (as does Sue Perkins) which I find a pleasure to witness.
In episode two Giles and the team go to North Wales. Here Giles discovers about the mussels that are farmed on The Menai Strait. He also gets stuck in mud, which I found hilarious. Of course for him it can't have been as funny, but he made light of the situation, which again lightened up the mood of the show.

This is a moving image from the show that I got off Tumblr. It's kind of funny, but I just thought it was worth using, because it's like a short moment captured from it.

The show is mostly a serious look at British food and its history, but you can't help but laugh at Giles, and even Lucy at times, because they are people with a natural sense of humour, and without that they just wouldn't be who they are.

For example, in episode one Lucy goes and sees how turkeys are de-gassed after they have been killed. Immediately, that sounds serious and a bit gross. But when she sees it happen, and hears the gas coming out of the turkey she can't help saying how she's just heard a turkey farting - which instantly lightens the situation, making it less gross, and more easy to watch.

This is why I love the show. It's well structured, quite easy to understand, informative, and also entertaining and humorous. All the best qualities you could hope to find in a show like this one. It is wonderful. And a joy to watch. And there's still a few episodes to come.

The next episode is on tonight at 8pm on BBC 2.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little review about the show, and hope you want to watch it yourself, if you haven't already.

Also, check out BBC 2's page about the show:

Thanks for reading. xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hello, sorry for the lack of posts recently.

Hello everyone. Just came on here to check if anything new had happened, like getting a new comment or someone new following me. Well, one of those things has happened. I got a new follower. But, due to lack of posts, I haven't had any new comments. Basically, I haven't had much to say lately, and all my creative energy is being used on Twitter and Tumblr. Oops. I promise I will try and blog on here more though. I don't want to let my dedicated Blogger followers down.

If any of you know about Giles' new show Our Food, then it may be worth me doing a blog or two about that. Just a few short posts reviewing it, with some pictures as well. If you would like me to do that, then don't hesitate to get in touch with me.



Or of course you can contact me on here if you'd like to. Just leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and bye for now.

Ss1. x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My trip to London (Hammersmith).

Last night was a big night for me. I travelled all the way to Hammersmith to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Lyric. It was a great play, with a surprising modern twist to it, for a Shakespeare play. It was kind of part musical, part pantomime, and part traditional play. They had songs, of all different types. Most memorable was the rock song sung by Bottom, played by a well known British actor. And they had plenty of jokes thrown in for good measure, such as the one where Puck was playing a video game, with Lysander and Demetrius as players in the game. They kept shooting things (invisible to the audience) and then the game eventually turned into a game of table tennis, the 80s version.

They also used paint and glitter and food, which created a sense of fun in the play. At one point, all the characters and musicians had a big food fight, which also got the audience involved, as they threw some of the food out to the audience. They also threw something up near where I was sitting, which was very exciting to witness.

The actors were also extremely energetic and mobile on the stage, using up every available space. They even had fake walls that the actors smashed their way through - and although it looked very painful, they were only made out of paper. They even had a fake floor at the front of the stage, which one actor fell through, making the audience think it was an accident, so we all leaned forward to see if he was hurt, but we soon found out it wasn't a mistake.

Then, after the show, I went looking for a place to eat. Sadly there were no decent restaurants open, so I thought maybe a pizza place or Starbucks could serve me something. But it turned out they were both not really open either. So I ended up going to a pub. Which I have a few pics of, which I took whilst I was there.

Here's the cappuccino and packet of Cheese and Onion crisps I had at the pub. I don't drink you see, so I wasn't going to get any alcohol. And they'd stopped serving proper meals by that stage.

This was the wine list. I only took a pic of this because it says Chardonnay on it, which is what Kim likes to drink in Kath & Kim. But she calls it Cardonnay.

And here is part of the pub, where there are stairs that go down to the toilets. And the toilets (the girls ones) are lovely. They've got great big mirrors, and lots of little spotlights in the ceiling.

Also, I'm sure you'd like to see the programme of the play I saw.

And here it is. Beautiful, isn't it?

Thank you for reading about my trip to London. Please let me know what you thought below, or on Twitter.

Lots of bloggin' love, and kisses, Ss1. xxx

Monday, 12 March 2012

Blueberry & lemon muffins (recipe from Botanical Baker's blog).

So, I have been up ALL night baking, and I've made these gorgeous, gooey, and genuinely lovely muffins.

This is the one I tried earlier this morning.

And this was the whole batch of 12 muffins just after they'd come out of the oven. See how all the goo is oozing out of the sides? And I think they rose a lot whilst baking.

Check out the muffins before they went in...

They look really flat in this pic, but I had literally filled the cases as much as I could. I honestly thought there was too much mixture at first. I thought there's no way all this mixture will fit into those cases, but miraculously, it did!

And here is a pic of them still in the oven.

Thank you for reading my blog about the muffins. I'd appreciate some comments on how you thought my muffins turned out. I can honestly say I felt more confident with these, than I did when I made Petticoat Tails all those months ago.

Ss1. xxx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Choir news.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of blogging recently, but I have been pretty busy setting up a Kath & Kim blog and finding/joining a choir. And that is my big news. I have joined a choir.

I have so far only been to two sessions of it, but I do hope to keep going to it, and also there's an event coming up at the end of this month which I hope to take part in. I want to keep it on the down-low (or DL if you prefer to shorten the term) at the moment. But once it's been done I don't mind telling you all about it.

Also, it's nice getting out and meeting people, even if they are like double my age. And that for me is the only down-side to this choir - most of the people there are older than me, so apart from two people I already know, I find I have no-one to talk to properly. The up-sides are singing (because obviously I love doing that, and if I didn't I wouldn't have wanted to join a choir so badly), dancing (even though it's not a full-on physically straining dance routine involved, it is fun to do little moves with the singing) and getting out, and travelling to a place I'd never been before, even though the area the choir is in is pretty local.

Anyway, that's all I can say about the choir for now.

Thank you for reading.

Ss1. xxx

P.S. Here's the link to my Kath & Kim blog: x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My drawing of Sue and Giles as Kate & William.

Here's my latest drawing of Sue and Giles. It's not the most flattering one I have ever done of them, neither is it identical to them, but it does look comical, and makes Giles look younger than he is.

I have obviously altered the original photo of it, and added a blue border and thought bubble above Sue's head to show her thinking about stuff to do with their Royal Wedding - the shoes and rings.

I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think below, or on Twitter.



Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sue Perkins and my drawings (video).

This is a video I have created which combines clips of Sue Perkins and drawings I have done. There's a funny ending too, so watch out for that. x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

First Love.

In the show First Love on Sky Arts 1, Sue Perkins learns how to play the piano all over again, after not playing it for about 25 years. She first learnt it when she was 8-14 years old. She got up to grade 8, but gave it up after a girl in her school assembly played the piano exceptionally well, and so Sue didn't feel she could play as well as her.

To get an idea of what exactly happened in the programme, I have taken a number of pics, and a few short videos, for you lot to see.

I too used to play the piano, and was fairly good at it, but I never did any of the grades. I didn't have lessons for long enough to get them. But I did perform though. I remember doing it one lunchtime. I was a bit nervous about it, but I got through it ok. And the other day I even got my old keyboard out and tried playing some of the old tunes I'd learned to play, all because this show inspired me to do it.

So anyway, here are the pics I took of the programme:

Sue at a recording of Just A Minute.

Sue outside the Royal College of Music, London.

Sue in a book shop holding a book of Beethoven's music.

Mel and Sue in the Light Lunch days.

Sue in South Croydon, where she grew up, and first learnt the piano.

Sue at her old school.

Sue playing on the very same piano that was there when she went to school years ago.

Sue and Paul. (Sue's practising her Beethoven piece.)

Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube, which shows Sue on the day of her performance at the Cheltenham Music Festival: I must warn you, the sound quality isn't the best. I'd say you should turn your volume up to about 40, because otherwise you won't hear what Sue is saying.

This show was very enjoyable to watch, and after her performance, she says that she was thinking of Mel, and her parents while she did it. I thought that was very sweet, and at one point in the show it made me think back to when I met her, and how she has a more serious side to her, because she wasn't all jokey with me.

You lucky lot are the first to see my YouTube video of the show. And as far as I know it's the first clip from that show to go onto YouTube.

Let me know what you think of my video and blog post. Thanks for reading.

Ss1. xxx