The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Choir, The Tudors, GBBO, etc.

I'm back, blog! I'm definitely back! How are you? You well? Miss me?! *smiles*

Anyway, this is serious. *does serious face* I'm here because I wanted to get back into using this blog, and because I like blogging! And also, I want to give my feedback on some amazing shows, that I've really enjoyed watching! The most recent being The Choir! Gareth Malone is an awesome choir master, and whenever he puts together a choir, he always, always, always makes them improve SO much from when they start out in the choir. He pushes them (in a good way) and makes them feel proud of themselves. He also holds auditions for solos. This bit is especially good to watch, because when I was in a choir years ago, I went and auditioned for a solo, I was doing it on a bit of a whim, I guess, I just thought I'd give it a go, and luckily, it paid off! I got the solo! I was SO happy at the time! It was a bit of a confidence boost for me, and I think I made my family proud. It was a rush, and really rather exciting, and I wish one day I could sort of repeat the process. Singing is still a big thing to me. And I do sing regularly. I just wish I could join another choir, or perhaps be in some musical one day. I really love singing!

In The Choir: Sing While You Work, the solo auditions were held in a nice room, and several people auditioned. The last two auditionees stood out the most to me. I think they both had good voices, and I clapped both of them, in my living room. The last one to audition was Siobhan Patton. She had a great voice, and really connected with the song. I was happy when Gareth said he'd picked her for the solo! And in the final performance, in front of the three judges, she really was marvellous! I felt she meant what she was singing, and that's a great skill to have, if you're in a choir or just singing in general.

Moving on... I also really like a programme called The Tudors. It was shown a few months ago, on the BBC, around summertime. It was all based on the Tudors time period. It had very good actors in it! And it was very moving, but also very funny at certain points in the show. My favourite queen out of Henry VIII's six wives was Anne Boleyn, because I liked her bold nature, and the way she loved to have fun, dance, and interact with people at court. She was the most interesting in my eyes. And the actress playing her was very, very good. And the scene where Anne is beheaded was particularly moving, and actually made me cry.

Also, on Twitter, there are several role play accounts, where people name themselves after the historical figures from The Tudors. Such as... Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Charles Brandon, Arthur Tudor, Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, as a child). One account I want to mention here, in particular, is Lady Grace (@TudorsDynasty). She is a very kind, friendly, and nice Tudor lady, who I often speak to. We have tea together, and converse. And she's just a very nice tweeter, who I'm glad to have following me! So, thank you very much, Lady Grace!

Finally, I'd like to mention one last show which I have very much enjoyed watching in recent times. And that is, unsurprisingly (to peeps who read my blog regularly), The Great British Bake Off! Yes, I'm afraid it has come to an end, for this year. But, I did not get 'round to blogging about it in the last few weeks it was on the tele. And so, I now want to give my opinion on the semi final and final of the show.

First off, the semi final had 4 great bakers in it. One of which was Beca, who is a particular favourite of mine from the show. She's not only a great baker, but also a lovely person as well! And her vegetable cake, shaped like cheese, with mice on it, was definitely a highlight of mine from the current series. It was SO, SO cute!!! I loved the way it looked, and I bet it was tasty too! *does a big smile*

Secondly, I thought both Frances and Ruby did really well in the final, and at the time, before the winner was announced, I would have been happy whichever out of either of them won. I liked Frances for her creative flair, and how she came up with great designs for her bakes, but also they always looked amazing! And she really thought about what she was doing. She prepared things well, and they were well executed. And Ruby was talented too! She came up with things that tasted good, and her presentation of her bakes improved a lot over the time she was on the 'Bake Off'. I liked her as a person, just as I did with Frances, and both were humble and nice, and I think Ruby would have reacted similarly to Frances if she'd won. Frances was shocked, but also very happy to win. And even on Twitter I remember her tweeting 'Still in shock' and posting a pic of her award, which was under her bed. I was very happy to see Frances win! And it even made me cry when I first watched it! I couldn't contain my emotions that night! But also, I had been going through some stuff at the time, and so was feeling pretty emotional that week anyway.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! It was a pleasure to write about my fave shows of recent times. And also to get back into using this blog again! Please comment below, or on Twitter (@Supersizer1) and let me know what you thought of this post. And also what you'd like me to write about next time!

Thank you for reading!
Bye for now!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Great British Bake Off. Review of series 4 (so far). And episode 6!

This series of The Great British Bake Off has got me well and truely hooked, and I am now so obsessed with it that it is pretty much the only thing I tweet about, talk about and think about! Ok, so I've been a fan of the show since it started in 2010. And every series there are bakers that catch my eye, and I think they're really great and skilled at baking! There is a disaster for someone at some point, i.e. the custard gate incident involving Deborah and Howard from this series. <--- A little link to Custard-gate for you here. It's sad, yet really funny. And even when things go wrong for the bakers, you've got to see the funny side, which Mel and Sue often do. And they help to lighten the mood too. Which I'm pretty sure is needed when you're under stress and a time limit in which to bake something.

The 13 bakers this year have faced 6 different types of baking so far. And every episode someone or more than one person has left. Cake, bread, desserts, pies and tarts, biscuits and traybakes, and sweet dough in week 6.

The bakers who have left this series so far are: Toby (a very likeable and cheery man), Lucy (who I thought deserved another week to prove herself), Mark (who in the Cake episode had trouble with his oven as it wasn't pre-heated to the correct temperature), Deborah (who I was sorry about having to leave when she did), Ali (who I really liked, but sadly he had a bad week and got sent home), Rob (he had precise technical skills, but didn't get further than week five), and finally Howard (who was creative, baked some outstanding things, and was very likeable and it was sad to see him go).

One of the joys of watching The Great British Bake Off each week is seeing Mel and Sue doing their intro. to each episode, and hearing their puns, and seeing them get on with the bakers and helping to keep them all as calm as possible. They are really great at making everyone feel more at ease, and they do make me laugh a lot.

In the Sweet Dough episode they have some really funny moments, that I have to share with you!

Mel and Sue's Best Bits in Episode 6 of GBBO

The announcement where Mel and Sue say they're not allowed to do any more puns about buns. They sound like The Queen. And that was very funny.
Sue says to Mary "They're like naughty cigarettes." (Howard's hemp).
 Mel says to Howard "You're a little schnecken, Howard.". To which Howard said "Thank you." and to Paul "Any compliment.". Aww... cute overload! (Which I liked very much.) I like cute moments like this.
 Sue hugging Glenn. The "over the bench loving" moment, for which everyone probably needs at some point in GBBO, and to which I bet some people definitely went "Aww..." at.
 Beca is spreading the prunes soaked in rum onto her dough. Sue comes over and says "Is there alcohol in that?" to which Beca nods her head, and Sue says "Goodbye!". This is funny, and just the type of thing Sue would do and has done on programmes before (such as The Supersizers). And because I like rum, I'd probably do the same, not gonna lie here. (Although maybe I'd say "Can I have a bit?", and then spoon some out and eat it.)
 Sue flung some of Frances' dough, and it caught her on the head a bit. It was funny, and Sue looks like she feels kind of bad about it here. But it was all a bit of fun.

 Mel says to Glenn "Is that gonna work?" Glenn says "Yeah." and Mel says "Prove it."! I LOVE this bit! My fave of the episode. It's just classically funny, you know what I mean?

I've loved this episode SO much! I loved what Beca did (her Bara Brith, rum-soaked prune buns and the lemon iced ones).

I loved what Frances did. Her Chai Tea Loaf, and Noughts and Crosses buns.

And Howard's Date and Hemp Yorkshire Loaf and his Peachy buns and German Baumschnecken were really interesting bakes that stood out to me. And the peach buns were particularly well presented.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the remaining bakers will make next, and who will make it through to the final (which is obviously a few weeks away).
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, which took me a few days to put together and write. As well as taking quite a few screenshots. I will hopefully do another post later on in the series. And I wish the GBBO peeps well.
Bye now everyone! xxx



Monday, 23 September 2013

The Great British Bake Off, series 4! I'm watching, for sure!

The Great British Bake Off is on tomorrow evening! It's all about the Sweet Dough this week! Will the bakers prove to be the best they can be? Or will it all prove to be too much for them? *sniggers and smiles* How I came up with two kind of funny sentences in a row there I'll never know!

I'm getting all fluttery and flour-y, and kinda cakey. I had a muffin earlier. I'm proving to be quite the sweet food fanatic! (God, what am I writing here? This is supposed to be serious, I swear.)

For a pre-show taster, well, check out the BBC website. I'll link it here:

But, if you're looking for stuff that's not baked or sweet, here are some things I've eaten recently...

The absolute tastiest toastie you can find on the high street. For just over £3 (so I'm told), it's a great filler, and keeps you warm.
Unless you have a frappe creme, which is cold, and not really for the autumn season. But I wanted to try it. It was a strawberry and vanilla one, and sounded lovely. So I just couldn't resist it, and didn't even think about the coldness not going with the cold weather outside. It was an impulsive buy. Sometimes I can be impulsive. I don't care.

Half a sandwich, toasted. Done by me. Yum-myyy. It's ham and cheese. So was the other one above, except that was bought in a cafe. This sandwich was bought in a supermarket. Still tasty though.
I really love my ham and cheese sandwiches, that's for sure. Any other flavour, or filling, doesn't even come close to the taste of ham and cheese sandwiches. I do like a good tuna and sweetcorn, or salmon and soft cheese. Salmon's very rich with soft cheese though. I only have it if I've been shopping and am really hungry. Otherwise I wouldn't.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this little post. My pre-GBBO rambley thing. I had to do it. It was either do this, or do a massive post about all this AND The Great British Bake Off. And I couldn't see that working. Also, I really wanted to share my pics with you.
Bye now everyone! Hope you can join me for the next post (tomorrow, I hope). Bakey byes! :) XxX

Friday, 20 September 2013

It's Autumn, it's Bake Off season and time to wear glittery stuff!

It's September, and I would say that it's now autumn. The season that no-one really likes, unless you're a fan of rain and cloudy, dark days. It's not all bad though. Because of course there is the exciting prospect of winter (and more importantly Christmas!). You can't deny that Christmas is a good time of the year! It's the time everyone puts on a smile (ok, not everyone) and they spread the cheer and mince pies are given out everywhere you look (in the shops). It's all presents, lights, glittery clothes and make-up. Everything's brighter, even though the weather says otherwise.

Autumn is the build-up to better times for me. So, you've got to start enjoying yourself now! At least I think you do. Get out your glitter nail polishes, and your top coats of glittery nail effects things, and your glittery socks, funky shoes (but warm shoes), your stylish, glittery dresses, and wintery make-up, well, autumny make-up, but you know, just don't forget to sneak a few glittery eyeshadows in now, and the cooler shades of them too! It's basically time to get used to the cold weather, and wrap up warm.

The food you eat this time of year is important too, of course. When out and about, try and opt for warm drinks, like tea or coffee. And also, go for hot foods. Like paninis, toasties, pasta and soups. Whatever keeps you warm. Like this toastie...

Toasties are delicious and filling, and really do help to keep you warm. And make you feel happy inside.

The best drink to go with a toastie? Well, any coffee that you like really! (Except if you don't like coffee.) My choice this time is...

The bestest latte EVER! (It's an ordinary latte, with a hazelnut flavouring in it.)

Flavoured lattes are one of my favourite drinks to order when I'm out. But iced ones are nice too. As are cappuccinos and other drinks.

If anyone has any other suggestions as to what to drink or eat when you're out, then just comment below or tweet me @Supersizer1!

Also, The Great British Bake Off has been absolutely FAB this series! I will be sure to do a whole blog post dedicated to it in the near future. And HI to all the bakers who've tweeted me back recently! :) (I had to add a smiley there!) You guys are brill, and the guys from this series are doing really well on the show. Beca, Frances, Howard, Ruby, etc. I'm a big fan of the show, as peeps who read my tweets will know.

Bye for now everyone! Xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fashion/make-up. It's all about what I'm wearing.

This is kind of old ground I'm covering here. I've done the odd one or two fashion and make-up posts in the past, and they've got the odd comment under them before. But this time I'm combining the two to make a massive jumbo post about the two seperate topics.


It's what I'm wearing when I go out. It can be casual wear (for shopping or eating out) or it can be smarter and more glitzy (for going to the theatre or meeting a celeb).
I like casual clothes most of the time. Because I don't like to be in a suit or tight clothes very much. But then I also hate clothes that are too casual, and make you feel like a slob. Like, I'd never wear a tracksuit ever, to anywhere. Or wear trainers with it. Ok, yes, I do wear comfy trousers, etc. But never go totally casual. And I'd never wear an entirely pink, or green, or orange outfit. That's a bit much.
I love skirts and dresses. But only wear them if I feel like it. It's a mood thing, for me. I will only wear it if I'm feeling happy and it's good weather for it. Except, if I want to look good for an event (book signing, theatre, etc.). When meeting celebs (which I've done a few times) I like to make an effort. It's also something that you'd like to remember, and say to yourself, "Oh, I remember that day/night, I was wearing a lovely glittery dress!". Or whatever it happened to be.

When buying new clothes, you should always try to find things that are suited to you, and what you like to wear. Also, picking clothes that go with your body shape is important too. If you're petite, you should go for things that make you look taller. If you're broad on your shoulders, then it's probably best you balance that part of your body out with wearing something around the hips that is in line with the shoulders. Like a skirt that flares out, or is a puffed-up style. If you have an hour glass figure, then basically you should show that off, preferably with a nice dress, that has a belt put around your waist, and enhances your features.

Sites that I love to buy clothes from are... Boohoo and ASOS. I have bought more from ASOS, but both sites are good. They are so up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, and even have discounted products available, and on ASOS there's a store where you can sell and buy old clothes that you/someone else doesn't want anymore. I haven't used the store bit where you sell/buy things, but I can see that for some people this could be beneficial.


I'm so much more into make-up than I am fashion. It's something you can experiment with, anywhere, anytime. It shows off your personality, and is something people will always notice about you, because people tend to look at your face more than any other part of your whole body.
I'm someone who will wear a full face sometimes, but more often than not I will wear just a few key bits of make-up, and that's enough for me. I like wearing mascara, I like wearing lipgloss, I like wearing lipstick, I like wearing blusher. I also like eye shadow, and eye liner. But basically I'll usually only wear lipgloss/lipstick and mascara. It's far less time consuming. And adds that little something to your overall look. It gives a splash of colour, when you wear lipstick. Especially if it's red, or a deep pink. Even plum lipsticks are good, but maybe better for the autumn/winter months. Although, wear them whenever you like (I do).

Recent purchases... I've bought several new nail polishes lately. They are by Collection, Barry M. and Rimmel London. I've bought a lip balm/tint. I think it's by MUA. I'm not 100% though. I've bought a red lipstick. It's by Rimmel London. And I've bought a super liner, and eye shadow trench, to do a smoky eye look. They are by Loreal Paris.

I love my smoky eye look. I have it on right now. It's so pretty and the colours really complement each other. They are a mix of grey, bronze, light pink and light yellow.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading about what fashion and make-up things are interesting to me. And the little tips about fashion and your figure types.

Leave a comment below or tweet me if you'd like to.

Bye for now!
Ss1. xxx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Things that have got me interested lately. (Update post.)

There is only so much NOT blogging I can do... until I just can't put it off any longer. And so, here I am. Back in the oldie blogging world. Trying to write a good piece about something interesting. Well, I have a few things to talk about here.

1. Giles Coren did an event yesterday, at Proms at St. Jude's, somewhere in North London, I think (well, am pretty sure). I wanted to go, but it was at a bad time of day, like really bad, for me. And I live in South London, which is like over an hour away from North London. So, it would have been a stretch for me to travel to North London, and get there for around midday. I'm a late night owl, as you may know, and this means I can't get up and get ANYWHERE for midday. Except, for exams, in the past. Like ones I took years ago.

2. I have a cat friend called Billie. She's cute, she's a tabby, she's very friendly (most of the time), and she loves me. She can't get enough of my house. She visits most days, and eats and drinks milk, cat food, fish, meat. She even ate a hula hoop once. Bizarre.

3. I have a Twitter best friend, well, I think she is. @perkins_love is her name, and she's crazy about Sue Perkins, and calls herself a Perkster (as do I). We're tweeting each other most days. And love nothing more than to talk about Sue, or about each others' interests. It's great to have someone who's willing to talk about pretty much anything with you. I hope we can keep the Perkster name going for as long as poss.

4. Ant Payne is the Capital presenter I have to listen to and tweet to. He's seriously good at presenting, which I know I've mentioned in the past. He has a great voice for the radio, and plays awesome tunes! 'Nuff said.

I am about done here. Don't want to stretch this blog post out too far. But I would like to do other posts in the near future. Let me know what you want me to write about more. I'd love to know what you want to read.

Bye for now.

Ss1. xxx

Monday, 29 April 2013

The P-p-p-perkster post!

Well, hello there! Welcome back. Glad you could join me again. It's been a while, hasn't it? I know, I really should be doing this thing more regularly. I can never do it like that though. I'm sure things will get better though, in terms of blogging. Yeah, it will...

Anyway, the big announcement... big for me, I guess, I am officially (hmm, well, officially because I say so) a..... PERKSTER! Yep, you heard (well, read) right! A P-p-perkster! The thing I call (and @perkins_love calls) all Sue Perkins fans. It's a co-founded name. A name so cool, so ground-breaking, it just MUST have a mention in this post. Because, well, really... I just want the word to spread, everywhere... yes, everywhere. I want everyone, everywhere to know this name. Even the ants. (No, not Ant Payne, although... :)) Every-one! Just spread the word, people! It's something very important to me (and @perkins_love on Twitter). We created this name because WE thought Sue should have a special name for all of her fans. Just like Lady Gaga, Jessie J., etc. All very influencial, important figures should have a name for their fans. Giles Coren, Ant Payne (he's influencial and important to me, and other Capital listeners, so, yeah).

If this Perkster name doesn't spread very far, at least I can say I tried. Well, we tried. Because, after all, this is a partnership, of sorts. @perkins_love and I did make up/choose the name together. It's a joint thing, and a joint responsibility to spread the word. If I thought it wasn't important, or whatever, I wouldn't be mentioning it in this post.

So, whatever you think about fan names, and however important you think they are, just please, PLEASE, just please... try and spread the word Perkster/Perksters. It's for every single Sue Perkins fan out there, but especially for the ultra-special, superfans! Like me and @perkins_love. We are loyal, dedicated, fun... to name just a few of our traits. And I'm not saying this to make us sound cool, or 'big us up' or anything. I'm saying it because it's letting people know just what it means to be a Perkster. If you're not any of these things that I mentioned, then really, there's no point being a Perkster. Although that sounds harsh, it's true. You need to be loyal, or what's the point even being a fan, of anyone, really. You can't just stop being a fan of someone. It doesn't work like that. Not really.

A picture of Sue that I edited. A Perkster pic.
So, I hope you're convinced about us Perksters, and what we're all about. It is just for fun, I guess. But also, we really do love Sue, and all the shows she's been in over the years. I've even met her, and she is truely lovely, and a real talent, and funny lady.

A moving image, or gif, from Tumblr. Love this. From Giles and Sue's Royal Wedding.
And another moving pic. Love this one too! :) Supersizers Eat... The Twenties!
...kay. Just one more pic. Ha ha!

A still shot of Sue on QI. The Shakespearian episode. This pic is great. Loving the costume there.
Anywho, I guess that's a wrap. Well, this aint a film. Well, isn't. I never say aint. RARELY. But anyway, bye now. Let me know what you thought of the post. And 'member, spread the Perkster word. And... CAKE IT OUT!

Peace! Out! Love Ss1. XxX C-c-c-cake it out. C-c-c... cake... it... out... :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Finally, I get a chance to write my Q & A blog post. Unfortunately, I'm doing this from memory, rather than from reading people's tweets to me, then typing them out. Twitter has mucked up, yet again. It only went and deleted people's tweets to me! So, these are the questions I can remember. I will try and include them all. If I miss any, then remember them later, I'll probably do another blog post, as an extention (well, you know, a sort of part 2 of my Q & A post).

Question 1: If you could spend an entire day with Sue & Giles, what would you do with them?

Answer 1: Well, lovely tweeter person, I would have a day out in London, and eat breakfast in a posh hotel, then go on to a shop (such as Harrods or Selfridges, or Peter Jones in Sloane Square), and whether we had the money, I'd buy some really nice, expensive things (like a handbag, some shoes, a frock, some jewelley, etc.). Then, for lunch, we'd go and eat at a nice restaurant. Preferably one that Giles picked out for us. Then, we might go to a cinema or theatre later on. But possibly we'd have a nice stroll in a park first, then go to a cafe for tea and cakes. That would be my ideal day to spend with Sue & Giles. And, as a little extra special treat, I'd go on the London Eye with them too, probably to round off the whole day.

Question 2: Out of all of your hobbies, which one do you like to do the best?

Answer 2: I probably like singing the best. It's something that can be done pretty much anywhere, and makes you feel good. It's also something I've loved doing for years. Nothing else can beat it.

Question 3: What is your motivation in life?

Answer 3: My motivation in my life is basically to do what makes me happy, and what I enjoy doing. I just want to be successful and happy and with people that I like to spend time with.

Question 4: What is your favourite song of all time? How does it make you feel and think of?

Answer 4: My favourite song, which was quite tricky to choose, is Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor. This song reminds me of when I was younger and dancing around, being happy. It always puts a smile on my face.

Question 5: (By I Love Sue Perkins on Twitter, or @perkins_love) How did it feel meeting Sue for the first time?

Answer 5: It felt like a dream, as if it wasn't actually happening. But, it felt great! Sue was lovely to me, and also to my companion. We shook hands, hugged and she even blew me a kiss. It was amazing, and unforgettable!

Question 6: (By the very famous, very cool, very funny @gilescoren!) How old is Sue?

Answer 6: Very good question! (Ok, absolutely brilliant, not gonna lie. Ha ha!) Well, Mr Coren, she is... 43, but she does not act her age. Which, may I stress, is a good thing! I think she's always acted younger than her years, and have found that even though I am much younger than her, that she is on my wavelength, which is why I find her (and Mr Coren) so funny! They are young at heart.

Thank you to all of you who asked me questions. Especially Mr Giles Coren (above) and I Love Sue Perkins AND Ant Payne, who asked me the fave song question. But seriously, you were all great, and I loved each question, even the tricky ones. Thanks for taking part!

Let me know what you thought of the blog post, and if you'd like me to do one again sometime, in the same format. I'd like to do another Q & A one at some point.

Bye now everyone!

Ss1. Xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Food on a paper plate.

Here is a random pic of food on a plate. For no other reason than to feast your eyes on it, and wonder how I created that eye shape with the ketchup. God knows. I just did. I went in a circular motion with my hand and... ta da! It's an eye! Then there's cucumber and a scotch egg (shop bought).

This post is not my Q & A one, obvs. But never fear, I WILL do it! Just give me a day or so. There's still someone who has to ask me a question yet! They are a massive Sue Perkins fan. And one of the nicest Twitter followers I have ever had. EVER.

P.S. Check this cat out!

Cute cat alert!
It's my little cat friend Billie. I named it that, after Billie Piper. She's one of my favourite actresses. And plus, Billie can be either a boy or a girl's name. Can't it?

So, it's time for me to leave the blog writing again. But I hope you enjoyed this short post. Just giving you a snippet of my life here. Ooo, AND a pic of Giles Coren for you guys. 'Cause I am his superfan. (Well, hey, I don't call myself Supersizer1 for nothing, you know.)

Giles is smiling here. He's helping out in a Jewish woman's kitchen.
Bye for now!

Ss1. XxX

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Coming up next time...

Hello! This is a pre-post post. One of those posts where I talk about an upcoming post. Probably the first one I've written. Basically, there's a post coming up, and if you read my tweets, then you'll know about it. It's called #AskSupersizer1! And it's a Q and A post, where you peeps can ask me questions.

This new post (that's coming up) is probably going to be written by the end of this week, if not then the beginning of next week. You can still ask me questions, if you want to. Either tweet me @Supersizer1 or comment below this blog post.

Thank you to all of you who've asked me questions so far. Including Ant Payne - Capital FM presenter! It was a really good question that he asked. A music related one, of course. And I can't wait to answer his question, along with all the others.

For fans of Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, you'll probably have seen this week's episode of Heading Out! Wasn't it brilliant?!?! Mel was particularly good and funny in it! She put on a foreign accent, and wore an unbelieveable outfit. She lit up that vets waiting room, I can tell you. Her and Sue are just brill together on screen. It was a great moment when they first spoke to each other on the show.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you can return for my next one. And bye for now!

Ss1. xxx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Personal post, about getting put down but bouncing back!

Blogging is one of my favourite ways to express myself on the internet. The one rule I always go by when blogging is this: Only blog when you feel you have something to say. And I tend to stick to that rule.

This time around, I feel I want to talk about me. Not celebs or TV shows, or even music. Just a personal post, as a way of letting my feelings out.

The main thing that's bothering me right now is being put down, and how I deal with it. This is in real life, not on the internet. It's a problem I face quite regularly, from a particular person, who I shall not name on here. But anyway, they often say things to me that annoys me and gets me down. Which I'm sure happens to most of us, at some time or another. It's really unfair. I feel like I do nothing wrong, I'm just being myself, doing what I normally do, every day. But then... they must make some comment to make me feel like crap.

I don't like this one bit. I know deep down that I'm alright, I'm not naughty, or rude, or impolite. I'm not too loud, or talk too much, or watch awful TV shows. I'm not like that at all.

How would they like it if I started having a go about everything they do that I perhaps think is wrong or bad or whatever?

Also, when they say these things I usually react fairly badly to it. I talk back to them in the same tone of voice they do. And I do try and say that they are being annoying, but usually it doesn't stop it.

It's like at school when kids get bullied. Some kids do talk back to their bullies, rather than take all the rubbish from them. And that is good. As long as you don't talk back in such a way as to create an atmosphere where a fight could occur.

Anyway, generally I feel that any sort of bad, nasty or rude behaviour is not acceptable. Not when it can offend someone. If people say things for a joke, however, and like how comedians make light of things, or mock them, then that's different. If it's done in a jokey manner then that can be ok. Although not repeatedly. It would just get annoying then, wouldn't it?

So, that's all really. Not a lot more I can say. Just that people should treat others nicely, and how they would want to be treated.

Also, I never stay feeling down forever. You have to brush off bad vibes as much as possible. Bounce back and be yourself again. Others can and will judge you, but only you know what you're really like.

Bye for now peeps! Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Heading Out: my review.

So, on Tuesday, Sue Perkins' new sitcom Heading Out aired on BBC Two at 10pm. And, me being a big fan of Sue & all that, I watched it. And you know what? It was really, really good! Infact, it totally consumed me with excitement and happiness. I was excited before I saw it, and hoped I'd enjoy it, and then once I started watching it my brain tried to get my head around it. It started in mid-conversation between Sue's character Sara, and a woman with long blonde hair. She'd brought her sick cat to the vets. (And ironically there's a cat in my house right now. It's not dead, by the way.)

The show followed Sara, who is a vet, and is gay. She has several friends and is great at her job. Although, even though she has friends and a good job, she has one issue in her life. She is not openly gay. And what's more, her parents are coming to visit soon, and her friends have said to her that if she doesn't tell them that she's gay, then they will. And so they've also hired a not-so-qualified life coach (Toria) to help Sara to come out, and tell her parents that she's gay.

This is Toria, on the right.
She's a funny character. She does a sexy-styled dance in the netball scene in the programme. It reminds me of a scene from American Beauty. It's quite a bizarre moment.

Here's a screenshot I took from the show.
And another one. The wallpaper behind Sue is funky! Kind of 70s style.
The decor in Sara's home (or what I've seen of it so far) is very nice. Kind of old-fashioned, but in a good way. She has a lot of yogurts in her fridge. Not sure what that says about her character. But it is a funny moment when she offers this girl she's seeing a yogurt.

And another screenshot. Sara looks worried here. She's confessing to her friend that she's lied to her parents. And that she's said she's going out with a Frenchman.
And here's my final screenshot! A totally shocked look there on Sara's face.
Based on what's happened so far in Heading Out, I reckon there's plenty more awkward and funny situations to come for Sara. I really look forward to the next episode. And all other future ones too! Also, can't wait for Mel Giedroyc to make an appearance! Apparently she'll be in episode 4, so look out for that! (I found out on Twitter and on the BBC website.)

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please leave a comment below if you can. Or tweet me @Supersizer1, and let me know what you thought of the post. And what you think of Heading Out so far too!

Bye for now! Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Random things in a post.

I know it's the 21st of Feb, and we're all way past Valentine's Day now, but I still had to mention the pie I made on the 12th of Feb, especially for Valentine's Day. Originally it began as a regular pie to use up fruit that was very, very ripe - bananas, apple and blueberries. But then, it was time to decorate the pie, and the Valentine's theme popped into my head, so I just went with it.

Here's the finished pie. With I <3 U on it.
It took a good few hours to make, but then I don't bake all the time, so for me that was quick! Also, it was a kind of improvised pie. Ok, so I did a bit of research as to how to make the shortcrust pastry, and checked out a few different recipes, but most of the pie was improvised. Especially the decorations! I really like pastry. It's so easy to do. It doesn't take too long to make. Plus, it's fun. The rolling out of it is probably the best bit.

The pastry in its earliest stage.
The pastry, a little later on. Please ignore the chipped nail polish. None went in the pie, I hope...
The pastry on the pie dish, before I cut the edges off the sides.
Messing around with flour, like you do.
A close-up of the pie's decorations.
On a seperate note, I watched Outnumbered on the 4th of Feb. Random thing to mention, maybe. But there's a point to my random-ness. Me and my companion (or my companion & I) were there the day they filmed this particular episode. Honestly. It was totally by chance that we were there. But it was cool to see them filming, and just happening to be there on the day the cast were there.

Here's a pic from Outnumbered. They filmed it in Trafalgar Square - that scene anyway.
I took photos at the time, when we were in Trafalgar Square. But at the moment I can't find the pics. Too many folders to look through. If I do find them at some point, then I'll definitely post them on here. It was a good day out. I got to go into the National Gallery, and had a meal out that day. Also, we went to look at the fourth plinth in the Square. It was all to do with Anthony Gormley's One and Other project. People would get up on the plinth and do something (or just sit there) and it was like a living statue-come-art thing. We went up to Trafalgar Square more than once to check out the fourth plinth.

Mel Giedroyc on Room 101!
And finally, one of the best things on TV lately - Room 101! And particularly the episode with Mel on it! She's so funny, and she's one of my fave people from the TV/radio world.

Hope you liked this random post. Please leave a comment below or tweet me @Supersizer1, if you wish to ask a question about the post, or say what you thought of it.

Bye for now lovely readers! Ss1. xxx

Friday, 25 January 2013

The National Television Awards and my life.

Hello everyone! I'm back doing a bit of blogging again. Although, to tell you the truth, I am quite unwell right now. The winter viruses are going around at the moment, and unfortunately I have picked one up. Or rather it has latched onto me. It's not like I went to a supermarket, and said to a shop assistant "Can I have a pack of those? And a cold to go with that please?". No. I didn't. It found me. And it has made me suffer for nearly a week. Roughly. Not that I want it to bring me down. I have tried to carry on as normal. Except for going out. I'm too ill for that. I didn't even get to play in the snow. Not that I'm a child. But I would have liked a little snowball fight or to build a snowman. No such luck there I'm afraid.

In other news, my blasted mobile phone has decided to play me up, and won't switch on properly. The screen comes up with my phone's brand name and then the network's name, but it doesn't get any further than that when I switch it on. So, I've had to revert to using my old phone instead. It has no proper apps, the internet won't let me onto Twitter, and it doesn't charge very well, because the connection is loose at the top of the phone. So, I can only tweet from my computer, which isn't convienient for me. It's not every day that I get to go on it.

On the plus side, I did tweet Giles Coren and Sue Perkins the other day, and Giles replied with 'xx'. And I was very pleased with that. Also, Ant Payne said 'hope you get well soon! x'. Again, that was cool and made me happy. It's nice that I can connect with such nice people.

In TV news, I got to watch The National Television Awards the other night. It was good. But not every show or person I like won. The Great British Bake Off was one of the programmes I was sad to find out didn't win best factual TV show. Instead, Paul O'Grady's latest show won it. It's not that I dislike him, because I don't. It's the fact that I love The GBBO, and thought it really deserved the award. It's just one of those series on television that shines bright amoung other such shows. And Mel and Sue are brilliant, funny presenters on it. Even Paul said on the night that he thought the 'cooking show' would win.

Also, another show which I thought should have been recognised on the NTAs a bit more was Mrs Biggs. Neither Sheridan Smith nor Daniel Mays won an award for best female/male actress/actor. I couldn't really understand why. Both were outstanding in that TV drama, and I loved it. It was totally moving and brilliant.

I watched every episode of it, and loved it from beginning to end. Sheridan is one of my all time fave actresses and has always caputured my attention in whatever show she's been in.

I also thought Merlin should have won best Drama, as I also love that show. And am sad it had to come to an end. You just can't beat a good drama that's set in the past. If the actors are good and the script's good it's bound to work well.

I really do. :)
The one thing I'm most glad about is that Joanna Lumley won a special recognition award, and gave a fab speech saying 'I love you!' to everyone who's supported her. She even cried. And I've met her once, so I was excited to see her on the TV, not only see her get an award. If I do get into acting later on in my life, I'd absolutely LOVE to work with her. It would be AMAZING! Also, I'd love to work with Jennifer Saunders one day too. Just sayin'. (Ha ha ha!)

Aww, she's so emotional here. She's crying tears of happiness.
I think she is an amazing actress and fab in Absolutely Fabulous, which I love. One of the greatest comedies of all time, in my opinion.

Also, I was glad to see Mrs Brown's Boys win an award, because I think the guy who plays Mrs Brown is very talented and plays a woman really well. It's hard to tell that he's a man when you see him in character.

Here's the actor who plays Mrs Brown - Brendan O'Carroll.
Thank you for reading my latest blog post. I do hope to continue my fictional story sometime soon. Maybe when I've gotten over this cold. Because right now, my brain can only cope with writing true stuff, like about The NTAs, and my life.

Bye for now. Ss1. (Also known as the 'enigmatic' one. Ha ha ha!) xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Short story. Part 1.

It's not often I feel inspired to write a fictional story. But the other day the urge hit me. So guess what, I am. At least, I'll give it a go... I did write one a while back, about two young ladies, one wanting to be a successful writer, and the other wanting to be an actress. Basically reincarnations of myself, sort of. And although I'd written a fair few short stories about these characters, the ideas for the stories dried up, and I went back to writing blog posts about myself, and Giles Coren and Sue Perkins. That way it wasn't all made up stuff, and I didn't have to sit for ages thinking things and then describing them.

So for this blog post I will attempt to write a short story, and basing it on my own life, or my past rather.

The story starts here...

At school it's safe to say that there are those who get noticed and those who don't. People who are popular, and those who aren't.

For Sally Morland, a 12 year old girl who liked music but hated most sports, she was not the kind of girl who got noticed that easily. A lot of the time she would keep her head down, and sink into her school books, rather than making conversation with the other students.

One day Sally was in her History class, and it was nearly lunchtime. At this time of the day most of the students weren't very focussed on what they were being taught, but instead they chatted endlessly to each other about how hungry they were.

"Oh my god. I'm so hungry. I feel like I'm going to faint." said one girl to the person sitting next to her.

Sally looked at the clock. It was 10 minutes to 1pm.

"So, who can tell me when the First World War ended?" asked the teacher, Mr Pinker. The students often called him Mr Pinker The Blinker, because he blinked so much. It was like his eyes showed how fast he was thinking of things to say.

"1918!" shouted Peter. The class' loudest student.
"That is correct Peter." Mr Pinker said. "But next time could you raise your hand please."
"Ok sir." Peter said again, not as loudly as last time.

At lunch, Sally lined up in the lunch queue, and waited to get her food. Which she did everyday. Today was different though. She was standing next to a girl she had never stood next to before. Her name was Eliza Salbrook. She was the most sporty girl in her whole year group. She liked badminton the best. But also netball and rounders. She often talked to other sporty girls, but never found a real connection with any of them.

Most girls in both Eliza and Sally's year (they were in the same year) cared mostly about their looks. Eliza and Sally however didn't care much about their looks. Not to the same extent that the other girls did.

"Hi! This queue's taking forever, isn't it?" said Eliza to Sally.
"Yeah. I've been waiting here at least 10 minutes already." replied Sally.
"Lunch'll be over before we get any food." Eliza said, jokingly.
"Ha ha! Yeah." said Sally, smiling.
"We're in the same year, aren't we?" asked Eliza.
"Yes, I think so." said Sally.
"What's your name?" asked Eliza.
"Sally. Sally Morland."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Eliza Salbrook."
"Hi. Nice to meet you too." said Sally, with a little smile on her face.

When the girls had got to the front of the lunch queue, they both grabbed their food, and lined up together to pay for it. Then, after paying, they both walked together to an empty table and sat down next to each other.

"What class have you got next?" asked Eliza.
"P.E." said Sally.
"Oh. So have I!" exclaimed Eliza. "Who's your teacher?"
"Mr Harding." said Sally.
"Oh, I have Mrs Trinker." said Eliza. "Should we meet up at the end of school today?"
"If you like." said Sally.
"Do you live that far away from the school?" asked Eliza.
"No, it's about 15 minutes away." said Sally.
"Cool. I don't live that far away either." said Eliza.

Later that day, when the school bell had rung, Eliza and Sally both left their seperate form rooms, and met each other at the school gate.

"Hi Sally!" shouted Eliza, running to greet Sally.
"Hi! You walking home?" asked Sally.
"Yeah. Are you?" asked Eliza.
"Yep." said Sally.
"You going that way?" asked Eliza, pointing left.
"Yeah I am. Are you?" asked Sally.
"Mmm hmm." replied Eliza.

The girls walked out of school together, and then turned left. Both girls looked a little tired and worn out.

"How was P.E. then?" Eliza asked.
"Terrible." said Sally.
"How come?" asked Eliza.
"Well, we had to run around the track in the big field, about 3 times, and then do some sprinting. It was well tiring." said Sally.
"Don't you like running?" asked Eliza.
"Not much." said Sally.
"Oh. Well I quite like it. And badminton." said Eliza.
"Oh, I quite like that!" said Sally. "Much less tiring!" Sally said, laughing a little.
"Ha ha! Yes, it is!" said Eliza, also laughing a little.

The girls walked for about 10 minutes together, chatting away, like they'd known each other for years. Eventually they had to split up, and go their seperate ways, and go to their seperate houses. It seemed like the beginning of a long lasting friendship. But for how long?

End of part 1.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully I will carry this story on later. In a few days or so. Please leave a comment below or tweet me about what you thought of the story. I'd love to get some feedback.

Bye for now, Ss1. xxx