The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Great British Bake Off. Review of series 4 (so far). And episode 6!

This series of The Great British Bake Off has got me well and truely hooked, and I am now so obsessed with it that it is pretty much the only thing I tweet about, talk about and think about! Ok, so I've been a fan of the show since it started in 2010. And every series there are bakers that catch my eye, and I think they're really great and skilled at baking! There is a disaster for someone at some point, i.e. the custard gate incident involving Deborah and Howard from this series. <--- A little link to Custard-gate for you here. It's sad, yet really funny. And even when things go wrong for the bakers, you've got to see the funny side, which Mel and Sue often do. And they help to lighten the mood too. Which I'm pretty sure is needed when you're under stress and a time limit in which to bake something.

The 13 bakers this year have faced 6 different types of baking so far. And every episode someone or more than one person has left. Cake, bread, desserts, pies and tarts, biscuits and traybakes, and sweet dough in week 6.

The bakers who have left this series so far are: Toby (a very likeable and cheery man), Lucy (who I thought deserved another week to prove herself), Mark (who in the Cake episode had trouble with his oven as it wasn't pre-heated to the correct temperature), Deborah (who I was sorry about having to leave when she did), Ali (who I really liked, but sadly he had a bad week and got sent home), Rob (he had precise technical skills, but didn't get further than week five), and finally Howard (who was creative, baked some outstanding things, and was very likeable and it was sad to see him go).

One of the joys of watching The Great British Bake Off each week is seeing Mel and Sue doing their intro. to each episode, and hearing their puns, and seeing them get on with the bakers and helping to keep them all as calm as possible. They are really great at making everyone feel more at ease, and they do make me laugh a lot.

In the Sweet Dough episode they have some really funny moments, that I have to share with you!

Mel and Sue's Best Bits in Episode 6 of GBBO

The announcement where Mel and Sue say they're not allowed to do any more puns about buns. They sound like The Queen. And that was very funny.
Sue says to Mary "They're like naughty cigarettes." (Howard's hemp).
 Mel says to Howard "You're a little schnecken, Howard.". To which Howard said "Thank you." and to Paul "Any compliment.". Aww... cute overload! (Which I liked very much.) I like cute moments like this.
 Sue hugging Glenn. The "over the bench loving" moment, for which everyone probably needs at some point in GBBO, and to which I bet some people definitely went "Aww..." at.
 Beca is spreading the prunes soaked in rum onto her dough. Sue comes over and says "Is there alcohol in that?" to which Beca nods her head, and Sue says "Goodbye!". This is funny, and just the type of thing Sue would do and has done on programmes before (such as The Supersizers). And because I like rum, I'd probably do the same, not gonna lie here. (Although maybe I'd say "Can I have a bit?", and then spoon some out and eat it.)
 Sue flung some of Frances' dough, and it caught her on the head a bit. It was funny, and Sue looks like she feels kind of bad about it here. But it was all a bit of fun.

 Mel says to Glenn "Is that gonna work?" Glenn says "Yeah." and Mel says "Prove it."! I LOVE this bit! My fave of the episode. It's just classically funny, you know what I mean?

I've loved this episode SO much! I loved what Beca did (her Bara Brith, rum-soaked prune buns and the lemon iced ones).

I loved what Frances did. Her Chai Tea Loaf, and Noughts and Crosses buns.

And Howard's Date and Hemp Yorkshire Loaf and his Peachy buns and German Baumschnecken were really interesting bakes that stood out to me. And the peach buns were particularly well presented.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the remaining bakers will make next, and who will make it through to the final (which is obviously a few weeks away).
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, which took me a few days to put together and write. As well as taking quite a few screenshots. I will hopefully do another post later on in the series. And I wish the GBBO peeps well.
Bye now everyone! xxx



Monday, 23 September 2013

The Great British Bake Off, series 4! I'm watching, for sure!

The Great British Bake Off is on tomorrow evening! It's all about the Sweet Dough this week! Will the bakers prove to be the best they can be? Or will it all prove to be too much for them? *sniggers and smiles* How I came up with two kind of funny sentences in a row there I'll never know!

I'm getting all fluttery and flour-y, and kinda cakey. I had a muffin earlier. I'm proving to be quite the sweet food fanatic! (God, what am I writing here? This is supposed to be serious, I swear.)

For a pre-show taster, well, check out the BBC website. I'll link it here:

But, if you're looking for stuff that's not baked or sweet, here are some things I've eaten recently...

The absolute tastiest toastie you can find on the high street. For just over £3 (so I'm told), it's a great filler, and keeps you warm.
Unless you have a frappe creme, which is cold, and not really for the autumn season. But I wanted to try it. It was a strawberry and vanilla one, and sounded lovely. So I just couldn't resist it, and didn't even think about the coldness not going with the cold weather outside. It was an impulsive buy. Sometimes I can be impulsive. I don't care.

Half a sandwich, toasted. Done by me. Yum-myyy. It's ham and cheese. So was the other one above, except that was bought in a cafe. This sandwich was bought in a supermarket. Still tasty though.
I really love my ham and cheese sandwiches, that's for sure. Any other flavour, or filling, doesn't even come close to the taste of ham and cheese sandwiches. I do like a good tuna and sweetcorn, or salmon and soft cheese. Salmon's very rich with soft cheese though. I only have it if I've been shopping and am really hungry. Otherwise I wouldn't.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this little post. My pre-GBBO rambley thing. I had to do it. It was either do this, or do a massive post about all this AND The Great British Bake Off. And I couldn't see that working. Also, I really wanted to share my pics with you.
Bye now everyone! Hope you can join me for the next post (tomorrow, I hope). Bakey byes! :) XxX

Friday, 20 September 2013

It's Autumn, it's Bake Off season and time to wear glittery stuff!

It's September, and I would say that it's now autumn. The season that no-one really likes, unless you're a fan of rain and cloudy, dark days. It's not all bad though. Because of course there is the exciting prospect of winter (and more importantly Christmas!). You can't deny that Christmas is a good time of the year! It's the time everyone puts on a smile (ok, not everyone) and they spread the cheer and mince pies are given out everywhere you look (in the shops). It's all presents, lights, glittery clothes and make-up. Everything's brighter, even though the weather says otherwise.

Autumn is the build-up to better times for me. So, you've got to start enjoying yourself now! At least I think you do. Get out your glitter nail polishes, and your top coats of glittery nail effects things, and your glittery socks, funky shoes (but warm shoes), your stylish, glittery dresses, and wintery make-up, well, autumny make-up, but you know, just don't forget to sneak a few glittery eyeshadows in now, and the cooler shades of them too! It's basically time to get used to the cold weather, and wrap up warm.

The food you eat this time of year is important too, of course. When out and about, try and opt for warm drinks, like tea or coffee. And also, go for hot foods. Like paninis, toasties, pasta and soups. Whatever keeps you warm. Like this toastie...

Toasties are delicious and filling, and really do help to keep you warm. And make you feel happy inside.

The best drink to go with a toastie? Well, any coffee that you like really! (Except if you don't like coffee.) My choice this time is...

The bestest latte EVER! (It's an ordinary latte, with a hazelnut flavouring in it.)

Flavoured lattes are one of my favourite drinks to order when I'm out. But iced ones are nice too. As are cappuccinos and other drinks.

If anyone has any other suggestions as to what to drink or eat when you're out, then just comment below or tweet me @Supersizer1!

Also, The Great British Bake Off has been absolutely FAB this series! I will be sure to do a whole blog post dedicated to it in the near future. And HI to all the bakers who've tweeted me back recently! :) (I had to add a smiley there!) You guys are brill, and the guys from this series are doing really well on the show. Beca, Frances, Howard, Ruby, etc. I'm a big fan of the show, as peeps who read my tweets will know.

Bye for now everyone! Xxx