The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

New ASOS stuff!

My new ASOS goodies came yesterday! I was very happy, despite being put in a bad mood by someone in my house. I answered the door, took the package in and then calmed down a little, by being alone in a quiet room for a bit, then took my box of goodies upstairs. I began to open the goodies, one by one. First, the few rings I'd bought/got. Next, the belt I'd got. Then, my bag/satchel, in a lovely minty green/blue colour.

My bag was the one thing I was most looking forward to, and the one thing I was most pleased about when I'd got it in my house and tried it on! It fits really well and is a great colour - not too bold and not too big, just right!

Here's my new leaf ring in rose gold, my new belt in a mint colour, and finally, most importantly, my new bag which is mint coloured and in a satchel-style. (Below.)

I hope you like the pics. There were more items that I bought. But, me being me, I am not one to show much of what I have got or much of me, really. So, this is beyond any boundary I've crossed, so far.

Thank you for reading. There aren't many of you, but thank you to those of you who have stopped by my blog over the few years I've had it. It is muchly appreciated!

Bye for now! xxx

Love, Ss1. <3

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My latest news and a BIG thing that is happening!

This week is a big week for me! I have a very special event I am attending, on Saturday. (The location of which is ultra-top secret, of course.) I will be meeting some rather familiar faces and eating some new and exciting food (well, it's new and exciting to me, anyway). I have waited and waited for an event like this one to occur for so long, it just seems like I was meant to go to this one. Not just because I know I'll enjoy the company of who's going to be there, but also because I know I can make it to this place, without worrying too much about travelling to the place it's being held.

If there's one thing that really makes me nervous and anxious and on-edge, it's travelling. Especially if it's to somewhere a) I've never been before, and b) somewhere far away and the travelling time will be a long time. I am also, as you may have heard from people that know me (or you probably haven't) I am not the best person to rely on to be on-time for things. Ok, yes, for my exams at high school I could definitely make it there on time, but not for most things. I think the whole being anxious thing really is mostly to blame for this though. If I feel calm I think I'm more likely to be alright about doing things and can take my time, but not be too long about it. But when I'm anxious I worry about things that could go wrong.

Onto my next bit of news... I am wearing a glittery red nail polish and a purple one, which is also glittery. Both are by Rimmel London, and I really love their colour and the way they go on so easily onto the nails. I feel that these two nail polishes work really well together and I am so happy that I tried combining the two together the other day.

Embedded image permalinkHere is a recent pic of my nails. And it was taken in the daytime, which is why you can see a shadow being cast over the wallpaper here, in my house.

I think the fact they are glittery and reflect the light so well, means that they are polishes that can be worn day or night, pretty much anywhere (except school - no-one wants you to get into trouble with your teachers). I would have hoped that these beautiful nail polishes would have lasted a bit longer than they have, well, at least the red one. It is unfortunately not the most durable or long-wearing polish. I think it was 3 days ago since I painted my nails, and the red one is starting to chip quite badly already. One nail already has about 99% of the polish totally gone! It's a bit disastrous, as I am now going to need to paint the nails all over again (except maybe the purple ones).

To end my blog post, which has been, for the most part, quite easy to write, I will leave you with this pic by my #TBF and awesome 'Perkster' (fan of Sue Perkins) @perkins_love:

Embedded image permalink
Hope you had a good Valentines Day everyone! <3
I wish you all a good week, and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. I am going to do another one in a few days time, perhaps before Saturday, but most likely it'll be after the BIG EVENT. I will see you all then (after the event). For now though, goodbye! xxx
Love Ss1.