The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Baftas, TV, Mel and Sue and more...

Hello! Long time, no blog. My total lack of blogging is not good, I am sorry for that. Some bad news about a family member of mine hasn't really helped the situation. Also, I've been feeling unwell, down, unmotivated. Not the right kind of mood one should blog in. So, luckily, I've perked up lately and been feeling more myself. Hurray! Therefore, I am back to the blogging and back to writing about those I love!

Not a surprise, I'm sure you'll agree, that I'm going to put my focus this evening on the two women whom I admire and look up to on TV, and everywhere else.

Yes, it is Mel and Sue, and recent events to do with them. Firstly, the Bafta TV awards show. It happened last weekend, I was unaware of this until the very last minute. I'm not really into all the awards shows. I cannot keep up. Yep, the National Television Awards/NTAs, I do like them. Yes, I will watch the awards show, if I know it's on. But I don't follow every single awards show that's out there.

Anyway, when I realised that Mel and Sue were written about in a national newspaper, and they were totally put-down, critcised, and told they were the 'worst dressed' or one of those who wore bad outfits, I was not happy and chose to look this up myself. I saw their outfits in a pic on this newspaper's site, and I could not see the supposed fashion faux pas. I liked their outfits. They looked beautiful and classy and smart. Their matching colours and suits (which weren't identical or anything) were better than what some others had chosen to wear. I know clashing colours are meant to be on-trend, but black and white clothes are surely the one colour choice where you can't go wrong, right?

So, that's my opinion, anyway. The two papers who didn't agree with me: The Daily Mail and the Metro, well, they obvs. didn't get Mel and Sue's choice of outfits, but never mind. It's not going to change what I think. Or what others think, like my TBF @perkins_love, who also thought the same as me, that they (or Sue, because my friend loves Sue and is a fan of her) looked absolutely beautiful!

We love GBBO's Mel and Sue but not those suits (Picture: PA)
Mel and Sue - doing their own, stylish thing. Looking classy and beautiful!

Next up, is my brief opinion on the TV shows I have been watching lately.
I have obviously been loving the interactive game show 'Draw It!'. The host Mel Giedroyc has been a joy to watch and lit up my TV screen with her good humour and bright clothes - the yellow jacket, pink jacket, bright tops, and also her wonderful hair styles. The bun on Wednesday's show this week was my most recent fave. (Check @MelGthecat's Twitter page, for that and more pics of her.)
Go and check out @drawit for all the latest updates on the show and give them a follow, they are fun and do nice tweets and post cool pics!
Also, I have been tuning into BBC Three every week on a Wednesday night/early Thursday morning for Ophan Black - a sci-fi drama about an orphan who's called Sarah, who has her life change massively when she sees a young woman kill herself. It's not easy viewing if you're not into violence or scary stuff. But, beyond that it is also funny and has lighter, more family-friendly moments in it. Sarah has a daughter - Kira. She's not that old, and is a cute but also smart little girl. She is aware of what Sarah is going through, but also is vunerable and needs protecting. Sarah came back for Kira and took her off her foster mum's hands (Mrs S.). The slightly mysterious Mrs S. seems nice, but has things to hide and Sarah needs answers. Felix is Sarah's foster brother, and is there for her more than anyone in the whole show! He's a comical character and says funny things. He's a bit loose with men, but has a good heart and cares about Sarah and Kira.
There is more I could say, but that would totally spoil it for you all. I'm not really into spoiling things for people. Sometimes on Twitter or other sites, it is a bit unavoidable. But it is really your own choice whether to read these things before seeing the programme that is being written about.
Something else I want to mention is what's going on with me and things I'm aiming to do and also things I want to buy. I want to go out and visit some interesting places soon. I want to see if I can get a job in something like a magazine or a radio station. Just for experience, perhaps to get something permanent, but not entirely sure yet. Just want to get my confidence up a bit. Have felt it decrease a fair bit in the last two or three years. Since 2012, I guess.
I am also hoping to get a few new clothes for summer, like sandels and a new jacket, dress and perhaps some sunglasses and a skirt or scarf. Maybe some trainers: the flatform ones, which are raised off the ground and look modern and on-trend.
This blog post has been quite long, but I'm pleased I've done it now. There is more to come. I am going to try to do it a bit more. It's been an aim of mine for a while, to start doing this more regularly. Thank you for reading. Please comment below. Or alternatively send me a quick tweet: @Supersizer1.
Bye for now. xxx