The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Good days, good followers, good TV shows.

In recent times life has got a little better for me. Mainly because of good followers on Twitter, good TV shows and I've had good days in general. Can't say everything has been good though, because it hasn't. But you win some, you lose some, I suppose.

The good followers have included Pandora from Capital FM, who recently followed me, and who is such a lovely person, and an awesome radio presenter. Also, certain other followers of mine. Ones who like what I like, and even Giles Coren, who has always been nothing but kind to me, from day 1.

Good TV shows have included: The Great British Bake Off, Celebrity Big Brother, Spaced, Made In Chelsea, an event where the Mayor of London got asked questions on the 4th of July, which I really enjoyed watching. And I'm sure there are other shows, but my memory isn't brill right now.

The Great British Bake Off has been particularly good, as I'm finally getting to know everyone's names and following quite a few Bake Off peeps on Twitter. Good times are being had by all, by the sound of it. Cathryn is a particular favourite of mine, just because I can see a lot of myself in her, such as the way she can get very worried about things, and needs support and comfort from Mel.

Another few of my favourites are James, John, Victoria (who sadly is not in the show anymore), and Danny. They are all very skilled at what they do, and have made some awesome bakes. I seem to remember James made a very cool looking tart, and Paul was very impressed with it.

Cathryn's showstopper was just stunning. And was a rectangular shape. It had little swirls on the top of it, in a sort of golden colour, which I thought was very pretty. It towered above most of the contestants' showstoppers, and impressed the judges.

Mel and Sue were very funny as always. Sue opened a fortune cookie and made a joke, plus she ate some of the food made by one of the bakers. And Mel said to Cathryn "Imagine them all naked. Paul and Mary." or something like that. That was to try and calm Cathryn down and made her laugh. I thought that was really sweet.

Also, as I want to keep my taking pics thing going on my blog, I will include some pics now and again, to keep everyone inspired, and show you peeps how much I love taking photos.

Plus, the odd make-up tip will be included. Just to share my knowledge of make-up with you, and to help out any fellow young ladies out there.

Mel and Sue, you are fabulous! (Mel's on the right, Sue's on the left.)

Cathryn. One of my faves.

One of the bakes the contestants had to do. It was the technical bake. Treacle tart, I think.
Anyway, I shall leave it there for now. Until the next blog post, bye! Ss1. xxx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beautiful things, beautiful people, and beautiful animals.

Yes. Beautiful. That's the theme of this blog post. Just because I felt like it.

I see beautiful things every day. Birds, the sky, the lipstick I wear. Even the TV shows I watch. All are equal & beautiful in my eyes. Even music is beautiful. I think beautiful things should be treasured, loved, but above all, we should keep records of them. What if photography didn't exsist? Wouldn't that be tragic?

I take far too many photos. I am in love with photography, and everything it stands for. I will not go a day without taking a photo. I just couldn't. I've been like this for ages. And ages... AND ages..... What's wrong with that?! I think if you enjoy something, then just go for it! Do what you want. We're free to be creative, free to express ourselves, and free to love what we do.

What I'm trying to get at is that we should all be free, in whatever hobby it is we choose to do.

So... in an attempt to inspire you I will post a pic I have taken recently. A random, crazy pic. (Well, crazy's a strong word.) A wicked, totally out-there pic!

Is this wicked? Hmm..... The light is from a lava lamp.

Well, it's not wicked, but it is out-there. Spooky. Am I a witch? Will I cast a spell on you? It's likely, I suppose. (Lol!)

Thanks for reading. If you want to leave a comment, then please do.

Bye now. Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Make-up tips, GBBO, and general life update.

Life has been a slow-moving thing lately. Don't have much to say. Should just skip this bit. Ok. Maybe just a few things I could mention..... Pandora from Capital FM has replied to me lately, about my nails, and jeggings, and other such things. I got followed by Emily Segal (another Capital FM presenter), and got a tweet from a new contestant from the new series of The Great British Bake Off! And at long last I am blogging about the show...

At least I will be blogging about the Bake Off, once the make-up bit of my blog is done.

Yes. Make-up again. I just feel like it's worthwhile I blog about it because it's something I'm interested in, and know a fair bit about. I'm no expert. No great genius. No Time Lord, for make-up. (That made no sense, but I like Doctor Who, so...)

Make-up tip no. 1: Never make your face up like a clown. It's not pretty. It's just wrong. Only clowns should wear clown make-up. (This is a jokey tip. I don't expect anyone to wear clown make-up, on an everyday basis.)

Make-up tip no. 2: If you want to make your lipstick look more like a gloss, and just more glossy, use a lip balm underneath to add moisture to the lips. (This may sound nuts, but I swear it works. I have tried it. I saw a girl do it in a YouTube video, and thought, yeah, I can do that.)

Make-up tip no. 3: Applying 2 coats of nail polish won't always ensure that the polish lasts for longer than if you just put one coat on. I tried 2 coats with my latest polish. It's already chipping. And this is day 2. I'm sorry, the number of coats just doesn't change how easily the nail polish chips.

Ok. Enough make-up stuff now. I can't think anymore. I will do more another time, when I've thought of some more.

GBBO blogging starts here!

(From left to right) Sue, Mel.

I'm finally blogging about the Bake Off! It has taken me just over two weeks, I know! I feel awful. And not just about not blogging soon enough, but also about other things in my life. I won't go into details, but let's just say a few changes have occured recently which I'm not entirely happy with. Oh well, moving on....

The Great British Bake Off has reached series 3! I'm so happy it's back! It has been a long old wait for it, but it has now arrived onto our TV screens. (Luckily my new TV arrived in time to watch the first ep!)

Both episode 1 & 2 have been a delight to watch. I have started to see which contestants are looking hopeful to get to the end, and which ones aren't. A few in particular have caught my eye. Cathryn, Victoria, and two of the men. (Vague, I know.)

At this early stage I have found it hard to remember everyone's names, and unlike in series 1 & 2, I have not followed many of the contestants on Twitter yet. I do hope to follow some more, but haven't got a chance to look them up. If anyone wants to suggest anyone for me to follow, I'd be grateful if you left a comment below, or tweeted me @Supersizer1.

Also, besides the great baking taking place on the show, I have found it a joy to see Mel and Sue back to their old tricks, joking and smiling, and generally being a laugh to watch. And also comforting contestants who are struggling to keep their cool.

As someone who's met both Mel and Sue, on seperate occasions, I know how lovely they are, and how comforting they can be. Especially Mel, as I got upset at a show of hers (a play, actually) because I'd come a long way to see the play, but the ushers wouldn't let me in, because me and my companion were 5 minutes late. That totally broke my heart. Mel gave me a massive hug when she first saw me though. So it was all good in the end.

Also, the clothes Mel and Sue have worn this time around have been awesome. I especially love Mel's jumper/cardigan that she wears in episode 2.

Maybe it was a jacket? Anyway, I love it! (Mel's jacket.)

Sue's clothes are cool too. I do like the grey jacket she has on in the pic above. (I took both pics, by the way. From my TV.)

OK. Blogging is done, for now. I will definitely do more blog posts about the Bake Off, in the coming weeks. And I'll try & keep it more on a regualar basis. I do really enjoy blogging, but just don't get 'round to it enough. Sorry if anyone's been missing my posts.

Leave a comment below, letting me know what you thought of the blog post & the GBBO too, if you like. Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

Ss1. xxx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Great British Bake Off, series 3.

So... it's that time of the year again. The Great British Bake Off is finally returning for a third series. It starts on Tuesday the 14th of August, 8pm, BBC 2. Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, I will have my new TV by that time, so I can watch it. If not... I will be stuffed. And not the good kind of stuffed (with food).

Hope you lot are looking forward to it. (The Bake Off, that is, not my new TV coming.)

I hope I can blog a bit about the programme once it airs (and I've seen it). I did for series 2.

I shall leave you now with a link to my Tumblr: On my Tumblr you will find a post I did relating to The Great British Bake Off. Please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you'd like to see in future blog posts about the Bake Off.

Bye for now.

Ss1. x

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Good times, bad times, crazy times. Everyone has them, right?

Lately I've had all three of the above. Good times - going for walks, the Olympics Opening Ceremony, make-up experiments. Bad times - TV not working, someone I know being a pain sometimes, really crappy weather (you know: rain, sun, rain, sun...). Crazy times - getting tweets from Giles Coren, having a party with no-one else there, being an all-nighter, who won't go to bed until it's well into the morning. I honestly have had the worst sleeping pattern ever lately. I am such a late night owl. Wildly wide awake at strange times. I could have been an owl in my last life. Or a fox. Infact, I probably was.

My make-up experiments have ranged from the craziest eye liner look ever to a natural, fresh-faced, lightly made up look. I have many sides to me, and my make-up looks really seem to show off how I feel. I have felt like it's about time I shared my make-up stuff with you. I'm not saying copy what I do, but if you want to I won't mind. I mean, if you want to try my make-up looks out, you can.

Here's one for you, I'll call it Blue Eyes With Wings. Don't let this scare you off now. Just hear me out...

Ok, to start you can do what you want with your foundation, blusher, lipstick (or gloss). It's all about the eyes though. So try and avoid a dark lipstick (or gloss), and go for neutral shades. Light pink, beige, lilac.

Also, do it in any order you like. If you prefer doing your lips before your eyes, then do that. If not, then do your eyes first. It really doesn't matter.

So, for the eyes, start by putting a layer of mascara on your eyelashes. Do it on the top and bottom set of lashes. It's better if you have it on both sets, because it makes them look more even, and stand out more. Feel free to use any mascara you like. I use an 'Ultimate Length' one, which helps to 'create ultimate lash length'. And it really does make the lashes look pretty long.

Next, apply a thin(ish) layer of eyeliner to your lower and upper areas of your eye. Just under the lower lashes, and just above the upper lashes. I use a little black one, which is like a mini pencil. It's quite cute and came free in a mag, I think. It works surprising well for a free one. But you can use what you want.

Then, to add a dramatic 'wing' look to your eyes, draw a diagonal line with the same black eyeliner on the outer corners of your eyes. Do this repeatedly, and change the angle of the eyeliner, so it creates a wing effect. Basically like you've got fake eyelashes on.

Lastly, add a thick layer of blue eyeshadow to your eyes. And make it come out wider on the inner corners. This just helps to make your look even more dramatic.

Then, if you've still not done your blusher or lipstick, etc. then quickly apply both. (Obviously if you have the time, don't rush these things. But I tend to do my make-up quite quickly, most of the time.)

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Your Blue Eyes With Wings look is complete!

If you do try this look out, then I'd be happy if you sent me a pic of it. Tweet me @Supersizer1 and I'll take a look. Don't worry though if you don't want to. It's not absolutely vital.

Here's what mine looked like. Obviously this pic's been edited. Mainly because I like to keep my identity a secret.

Thanks for reading, you lovely people. Bye for now. Ss1. xxx