The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

GBBO, Series 5: Week 1 - 4.

Series 5 is well underway. We have reached week 4, and our initial 12 bakers have been wittled down to 7. This year's Bake Off has not been short of stress or drama. Mel and Sue have been serving up some cracking puns. The judges have been tougher than ever. The weather's been quite up and down. And the show's new star is Lamby, the black Bake Off lamb. He should be considered to be the bakers' lucky charm.

"Baa! Bake Off's back! Baa!"
In episode 1 there were tears, tension and tiered minature cakes. As Paul and Mary walked around the tent and talked to each baker, you could already sense whose bakes they liked the sound of, and whose techniques would not bode well. For instance, when Iain began to score his swiss roll, Mary's face started to screw up and you knew at that point that Iain's wouldn't roll very well. However, when Martha rolled hers up, there were no cracks. It was a cracking first round, in more ways than one. Every baker should take note: Mary's eyes say more than you'll ever know.

The technical challenge was called a 'Classic Cherry Cake', but because of its appearance and a merge of two words, I call it the 'cronut'. Simply because it looked like a very large doughnut, which would feed at least 6 people. Some people's icing turned out to be quite runny and almost became colourless, whilst others were thick and opaque. I remember Claire saying she was thinking of a spider's web when she was decorating hers.

The final bake was the 36 perfect minature cakes. It was enough to make you pull your hair out or give you the shakes. Some came up with beautiful tiered designs, while others kept theirs more simple, but still looked pretty. For instance, my favourite design of the episode, which was Claire's Minature Chocolate and Cherry Cakes. Unfortunately, her cakes did not go to plan, and the end result was not shown as they are in the Big Book of Baking. I loved Claire and it's a shame she had to leave.

In episode 2 the bakers faced biscuits. There were savoury biscuits firstly. Secondly, the bakers made Mary's Florentines which are covered in tempered chocolate on the base of each one. Some bakers were unaware of this, as Mary's recipe was rather sparce. They chose instead to drizzle the chocolate on the top of each biscuit. Thirdly, the bakers did 3-D showstoppers, made-up into any scene they could think of, as long as they were entirely made of biscuits, and they needed to stay upright.

I remember that Kate created a Tea Party scene with characters that were already sitting up, as she'd cleverly bent the legs so they'd sit up. And Iain's was a Wild West scene, like it was straight out of a movie set. Also, Luis did a George vs. The Dragon scene. His was most spectacular and colourful and beautifully executed. No-one's biscuit scene could quite compare to that. Except maybe Jordan's Monster scene, which looked terrific, even if Paul didn't think so. It was also like a film set, and the monster being the film's star!

Luis' design for his showstopper.

Enwezor's spaceship. He promises to take Sue places. Lol!

Kate's pretty Tea Time design. Although I like to think of it as a party.

Jordan's Monster Attack!!! What a fun looking design!
Episode 3 was Bread week. For me, it could not compare to biscuit week. The bakers had to work pretty hard to deliver the standard that Paul was looking for. The 12 rye bread rolls was the first task. The technical was the Italian Ciabatta loaves. The best thing overall that week was this task and Mel's excellent knowledge of what Ciabatta meant in Italian (slipper) and how she could speak Italian. Some Ciabatta's were the wrong shape and didn't rise enough. But others were perfect. I remember that Kate did very well, if my memory serves me well enough. The last challenge was the filled centrepiece loaf. I remember Paul being very impressed with Luis' one, with the olives on it adorned with gold-something. I really find this episode particularly hard to remember. Also, Jordan did a sweet bake for his showstopper, but it was soggy and Paul criticised it, in some way.

Jordan had to leave at the end of Bread week. I hated seeing him go. He was a fun contestant and came up with some great things! His Swiss Roll in Week 1 was a really beautiful design. Kawai...

Episode 4 was all about Desserts! There were saucy puds, tiramisu, and Baked Alaskas that pushed the bakers to the brink of a meltdown. One baker became so hot and bothered that they threw in the towel, so to speak. Poor Iain. I do feel for the guy. He was so very talented, and his Bake Off hopes slid and fell like his ice-cream. Was anyone really to blame for the #bincident? Wasn't the heat that weekend just a little too much for the bakers to handle? Anyway, despite the drama and anger and spillages, the week's bakes were mostly of a high standard and it was enjoyable to watch (although I saw it a day late, on iPlayer). And Diana is sadly no longer in the series due to ill health.

Now 4 weeks are down, and many more weeks are yet to be enjoyed. There have been highs and lows, and whilst Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc have made us laugh, some contestants felt teary and one famously cried over cake. My very best Sue moment so far was not a humorous one, but a heart-warming one, when Martha had the shakes and Sue tried to calm her down.

When Mel and Sue were lying on the grass outside it made me laugh. It's a new presenting style, and one that more shows should adopt.

My favourite comment of the series so far: "Oh no, it's alright. Mine looks like King Luis'."

Claire Goodwin (Series 5, ep. 1.)
 Thank you for reading this blog post. It took me a long time and a lot of thought and patience. I am not really a patient person. But for the greatest show on the tele box right now, it was worth all that time and effort. I hope you will comment below or tweet me @Supersizer1.

Until the next blog or tweet, goodbye! xxx