The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Meeting Mel G. and OOTD!

Hi everyone! Boy am I glad to be writing on here again... I haven't done a proper post since February about my fashion picks. Since then I have been spending my spare time watching shows like Back in Time for the Weekend and Raised by Wolves and Thirteen! All are fab, by the way.

Last night was a pretty special night. I went uptown to the Southwark Playhouse to see Luce and Mel afterwards. I am pleased to say that I did in fact meet Mel and it was super lovely and I felt extra happy for seeing her! She said "Hi! How are you?" and her face said 'I recognise you.', which made me smile. I said "I'm alright." because I always play myself down like that. I wasn't going to say "I'm great!" or "I'm better seeing you!". But in my head that's what I'd think. I spoke to her about my companion who was with me and about how "It was my birthday yesterday." and she said "Happy Birthday!" twice!

I then asked for a picture, she said "Sure." and then shortly afterwards we had our photo taken. It's on my phone - but unfortunately that's out of action atm. As soon as it is back up and running I'll upload a pic for you. Mel looked cute in her white tee and blue dungarees. I wore my blue and gold shift dress with my coat over the top. We looked proper retro! :D

The theatre was packed with people, standing by the bar and sitting on couches. But when we first arrived it was quite empty. That was because another play finished at about 10 o'clock. So some audience members gathered around the bar.

I was quite thirsty after meeting Mel. I wanted a hot cappuccino at one of my fave restaurants, but what I actually had was a Skinny Caffe Latte from Tesco. I had it on me as I travelled home. The journey back was far better than the journey there. I even had the pleasure of seeing a small mouse on the Charing Cross platform. Delightful! (Joke.)

My OOTD! Featuring my blue & gold ASOS shift dress (traffic people is the brand) and my Boohoo necklace with blue beads.

Thank you for reading this post. Coming soon: a review of Back in Time for the Weekend. 

I'm off now! My Krispie Kreme is waiting for me... 
Bye for now! xxx

Monday, 22 February 2016

February Fashion Picks

While winter has seen our weather plummet to freezing temperatures and The Great Sport Relief Bake Off has graced our screens, I have been a little obsessed over the latest fashions and in particular what I have recently ordered online from ASOS, Joe Browns and such. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my 'February Fashion Picks' or FFPs. These are the pieces I have been loving and I would recommend to you all to give at least one of these pieces a go.

First up are the 'Distressed jeans' or Super Skinny Dip Dye Jeans by Noisy May from ASOS. They have a lot going for them! They are a good fit, make me feel confident when wearing them out, I have got good looks from people, they are edgy and fresh with the distressed patches and holes, and they are very fashionable because of their unique dip-dye look.

Next up is my Joe Browns Marvellous Metallic Skater Dress in blue and gold! It is a statement piece for parties or weddings. You can style it how you want, but I think a low heeled pair of black shoes works well with it, teamed with a cute clutch! Try Joe Browns Pretty Lace Clutch Bag (Black). It's a sophisticated look, as well as being fun.

I have also loved wearing my new Faux Fur Trim Biker Boots (also Joe Browns) because they are a change from the norm and rock any outfit, they are also great for staying warm in winter.

The picture above shows when I'd first worn them, they still had their red tag on. I have not worn them out without long trousers on or socks. The picture is deceptive.

My penultimate pick is my Deep Pink Blazer from F&F at Tesco! It's not your average blazer and really sets itself apart from day-to-day office wear or going out gear. I'd pick it over any pastel shade, just because I know what suits me in terms of colours, mostly. And I will always choose this shade of pink because it's eye-catching and totally my fave shade.

My last pick of the month is a classy, retro find, taking us back to 1960s Britain, because it is a jacquard shift dress in light blue & gold. (Traffic People, ASOS.) It has a faded look to it, with 3/4 length sleeves and a short skirt to it. It's one of those dresses that once you see it you know it's for you. I was obsessed the moment I saw it online and felt good in it too! Unfortunately there's no picture to show you of it, because I never took the time to take one. I enjoyed wearing it THAT much, that there was no time for photography. Maybe when I wear it next I'll take a few snaps for you.

Thank you for reading about my FFPs! (February Fashion Picks.)

Before I depart from blogging land I'll tell you about my new-found love in having a cool group of people to chat to on Twitter. They are known as 'The Sue Squad', because they are quite simply the coolest Sue fans I know. I am so glad I have found a connection with these peeps and we can share our love of Sue and pictures of Sue, and our ups, downs, everything and anything we like. Before I had The Sue Squad in my life, I felt as though I was missing something and now I've found it! The simplest things are often the best. Just saying good morning/afternoon/evening to these guys makes the world seem a better place.

May we all be S.S. peeps for a long time and share our fandom and the stuff we like.

Have a good day everyone!

Love, Ss1 (Miss Supersizer). xxx