The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

La Sophia and the GBBO peeps!

On Saturday 22nd of Feb, I went travelling via a train and on foot, plus I got a bus at some point, to arrive at La Sophia, a little restaurant, down a road you would otherwise miss, if you didn't know which way you were going. I know that me (and my companion) did get a little bit lost at one point. It was fairly irritating for me, but also I did manage to keep my calm, as I knew we'd make it there eventually. My companion did not share my calmness. I just said to keep calm, really. It would have done us no good to panic and then we'd get even more lost!

We entered a supermarket, in which we asked a security guard if he knew the way to La Sophia. He did not. That was a shame and a let down. But... that was not all. We were then put in the capable hands of two women, who were in the cue to be served, and they directed us to where the road was where La Sophia is. Bingo! We'd got what we needed! We were pleased, quite obviously. And then departed out of the store (I also thanked one of the ladies). We headed down the right path and soon came to our destination. (Although it seemed to take an awfully long time to get there!)

Once we'd arrived I entered the restaurant, and so did my companion. We were only there about half a minute before we were seen to... I mean, you know, spoken to, by a waitor. He asked us what our 'name' was, and I shyly said "Supersizer1.", which I then was asked to repeat. Which I didn't really mind.

We were directed to a table, by a wall, which I was quite happy with. And we sat down. I felt quite calm, but also a little tired (from the long journey, etc.) and also a bit awkward, because... it's an unfamiliar place, so I was trying to know how to react to it. But I soon lost that slightly awkward feeling and became quite tranquil and was fine.

The menus were brought out to us. They were white, with black text on them. I looked down it and saw Ali's name (from GBBO) and read what his desserts were, which excited me a fair bit. I couldn't wait to try them!

We were asked what we'd like to drink. I said a cappucino, my companion wanted a black coffee. Fair enough. They were brought to us, also with some drinking water (which we also said we wanted). It had a slice of lime in it! Ooo... made it very tasty!

We also ordered our starter, mains, and desserts. We ordered both desserts, as I wanted to try both of them. The starter came and we got stuck in!

The starter went down a treat! It was a little peppery though. But I only found that to be right at the end, once I had finished the food. But it was well prepared and tasted gorgeous! Yum! :)
Now, it was time to tweet! Yes, you heard me. I tweeted Ali and La Sophia and then, after Ali had read my tweet, he came and walked over to us! I felt happy, but yet a little bit nervous. He said "Hello." we said "Hi!", he asked how our meals were, we said "Really good!" or something similar, and then he mentioned about the other Bake Off peeps, who were downstairs and leaving soon, to which I think I said "Oh.". He then asked if we'd like to meet them, and obviously I said "Yes!". I mean, it was my golden opportunity! I felt rather excited, but also quite calm. I followed Ali downstairs and then felt my heart pounding in my chest! I felt anxious, yet excited, and braced myself for what was ahead of me.

I arrived downstairs and saw them all lined up, waiting for me and my companion. They looked happy to see us and greeted us like I've never been greeted before! I felt pretty special. I found it hard to know what to say, however, but I still talked a bit, said what my real name was/is. And even got to shake Glenn's hand! Um... yeah. That was pretty cool! I then got asked by Glenn whether I wanted a picture, to which I replied "Yeah!". My companion tried to take it, but failed. So, Christine's husband took it instead. We had two pics taken in the end. Both came out quite nicely (well, I thought so). Unfortunately, because I'm not exactly willing to show myself, you will only see a cropped version of the pic.

Ok, so it's less cropped and more blocked out. You can just see my hands and my ASOS bag. Ha ha! :)
 It was an amazing experience! And I loved it! Totally worth all the travelling and tiredness! The mains/main course was delicious and beautiful, and filled me up SO much! The dessert, was just as it was described "The best bit!". So more-ish and sweet and tasty. And just LOVELY! Xxx

My main course! Beef wellington. With parsnips and mash, with a side of gravy (sort of). The gravy in its own pot/jug thing was so cool and kept the whole meal feeling rather... um, upmarket and classy.

My fave bit. So... good! Raspberries were nice and sharp and stained my nails - ha ha! Pink is trendy.

Where we went. Had to get a pic of the road's sign. May seem weird, may not. Just thought it was important to show it.

Fantastic evening, ok journey, brilliant company, and overwhelmingly awesome food! Overall: 9/10.

Feel like I'm some sort of restaurant critic. Not a bad feeling at all!

Please comment below, if you'd like to. About the restaurant or about The Great British Bake Off. Whatever you like! See you all very soon (I really, really hope)! Bye for now.

Love Ss1. xxx