The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas time is here again...

Merry Christmas bloggers & tweeters! Hope the build up to Christmas has been fun and enjoyable for you lot. I know it's been a little bit stressful for me. And some days I've felt like not going anywhere or doing anything. But... because I know that Christmas was just around the corner and I wanted to help with the preparations, of course I went out and helped buy all the essentials and had quite a lot of fun doing it. Especially when I got to go and eat out. That's like my fave thing to do when I'm out at the mo.

I ate out at a pub recently, and that was pretty awesome. It was my first time going into that pub, so I was a bit anxious, but I soon got over that. The atmosphere wasn't 100% perfect, but the decor and food was lovely and I ended up having a really nice time. I really loved the food. The chips were especially nice, and not over cooked or soggy either. They were literally the best chips I've ever tasted.

Here's what me and my companion had to eat.
Also, I went to see a pantomime, in Hammersmith. It was Cinderella, and it had Mel Giedroyc in it. She was playing the baddie Ms Hardup. She has the most awesome costume, and wig that makes her look rather evil, but I still loved it and thought she was the best one in the whole show. Her acting is super great! And her character is so funny/sinister all at the same time.

The show was utterly magical and spellbinding, and it had all you could hope to see in a panto. There was (SPOILER ALERT!) a disco ball, foamy confetti, funny dancing, a pantomime horse (well, two infact, one was Cinderella's, the other was someone dressed up who wanted to marry the prince), and a dancing pumpkin! ("Go Wilson! Go Wilson!")

Also, the choice of songs was marvellous! They had classic tunes as well as some really modern, funky pop songs, such as Little Mix's Wings and Gangnam Style!

Here is Mel holding my drawing that I gave her after the show.
She was so lovely to me and I really enjoyed meeting her for a second time. She liked the way I made her look younger in that drawing, and she also said she liked the mince pie and the little finger (her pinky) which is sticking up in that pic. I drew it from a pic that was in the Radio Times. It was of her and Sue Perkins, and they were surrounded by tea and cakes.

Here's a Christmas tree that I walked past in Hammersmith.
Christmas time is great because of all the lovely food, the shops that are all Christmassy, the presents you buy and receive, the lights on people's houses, the snow (if we get any), and the general Christmas spirit, and people being nice to each other.

Also, not forgetting the Christmas specials on the TV, such as Doctor Who, Him & Her, The Snowman and The Snowdog, and all the others.

I hope to be doing a bit of baking and cooking over the Christmas period, and so hopefully I'll be doing a little bit more blogging (before the end of the year would be good).

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (if I don't get around to blogging before the new year). Hope Santa brings you what you asked for. Or, if not, then I hope you get a nice surprise present/s.

Lots of love and Christmas cheer, Ss1. xxx