The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hair styles.

Hello peeps! I'm back! I've only been away for a few days (from my blog) but now I'm back! And I have a brand new topic to blog about all because I styled my hair last night. And I can tell you that my hair looks a bit like Sue's hair in the Restoration episode of 'The Supersizers Go...'.

And here's a clip of it which I just watched on YouTube:

Now for me, styling my hair is very rare. But when I do I feel almost like a different person. And it does make me look in the mirror more to admire my new look.

I just wanted to ask you guys if you have a favourite hair style. It could be from way way back, or it could be more modern. Or whether you've had any disasters with your hair.

Please leave a comment below, and tell me about your favourite hair style or worst hair disaster.

Ss1. x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pictures from my day out at a park.

As an additional blog post to the one I did on Friday, I'm now doing one showing you a few pics of my trip out, which happened on Thursday. Aren't I being generous here to you guys? You get to see things I saw. Anyway, I hope you like the shots I took.

Here's one of a rather beautiful flower that I saw in the park.

And here's one of that lovely omelette I told you about.
(It was a ham, cheese and tomato one.)

And here is my companion's pot of tea, and my cappuccino.

And here are some Innocent Smoothies with wooly hats on the tops of them. I suppose that very few people would take pictures of things in a supermarket, but come on, this is something you don't see everyday.

Well I bet you weren't expecting that last picture, were you?

Let me know what you think of my pics. Just comment below or tweet me. Thanks.

Ss1. x

Friday, 18 November 2011

What I did on my day out.

So, today (well Thursday now), I went out for the first time in a while. And I managed to cram a lot in.

I got up before 9am! This is not like me. But I did have to be somewhere. But as soon as I'd been to the place I had to go to, I went shopping, and went walking in a local park - where I saw ducks, dogs, people, you know, things you'd usually see in a park - I also went to a cafe, and had an omelette (like they do in Gavin and Stacey) but not on its own, it had coleslaw, tomatoes (which I actually didn't like, only because they tasted sharp, and I don't really like fresh tomatoes on their own) and lettuce and rocket. I also had a cappuccino. It was as Stacey would say "lush".

The park was very large. I walked a couple of miles in it. It was nice to be out in the daytime, and it was also quite warm, for this time of year. It was very sunny, and I felt so happy to be outside, and breathing in the fresh air. It's been a while since I last went walking in a park.

As I was walking, (with my companion, who I've only just mentioned) I started to think about directions, like north, east, south, west. This then made me think of All Roads Lead Home and how Sue, Alison and Stephen were taught about how nature can tell you which direction is north, etc. Unfortunately, I can't remember how to work out directions using nature. I know it has something to do with trees, and buildings, like churches, and poo, and other things. That reminds me. I do remember one thing. The more moist side of animal poo is the north side, and the drier side is the south side. That I remember for a fact. Hurrah!

It had to be the poo fact, didn't it? How embarrassing.

Anyway, back to what I did on my day out. Oh, and there is, as it happens, a great story about poo, to do with when I was in the park, but I'm unsure whether to put it in my blog or not. Maybe not, as I've used the word poo far too many times in this blog post already.

But I'll do it anyway. There was a dog who went poo by the side of a river, and it was amongst lots of leaves, and the dog's owner couldn't find where the poo was. It was so funny to watch. I'm afraid the humour may be lacking in my retelling of the story. I guess what made it so funny, was the fact that the owner took so long to find the poo.

So, to now safely steer away from the topic of poo, I will tell you what happened in the cafe.

There was a poshy mother of two young children, who sat three tables to the left of me and my companion. They didn't stay for long, but they did come back twice. Both times to use the toilets. I thought this was really odd when I saw them do this. So did my companion. Anyway, after I'd eaten I filled out a sevice-rating card, and I gave the service an 8/10. A bit like when Giles does his restaurant reviews.

Then me and my companion did a bit more shopping, and then I got home on a crowded bus. I could barely get out. It was so awkward.

But it was a good day all round. I guess the one thing that today (Thursday) has taught me is that I should probably try and get out more.

Ss1. x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The answers to my two quizzes.

Hello. As promised, in this blog post I shall be giving you the answers to my two quizzes which I put on my blog a few days ago. The first I got from an actual quiz which I did not make up, and the other which I did make up. And I shall also announce who won.

My first quiz - the answers:

1. a)
2. c)
3. a)
4. b)
5. a)
6. c)
7. a)
8. c)
9. b)
10. c)
11. c)
12. b)

And winner (out of the four people that took part) is... @EviesGran with a brilliant 9/12!

My second quiz - the answers:

1. a)
2. c)
3. c)
4. c)
5. b)
6. a)
7. b)
8. c)
9. c)
10. b)

Sadly, no-one properly took part in my second (made up) quiz, so no-one won.

If I ever do another made up or real quiz I hope more people will take part. I felt very optimistic at the start, when I first put the quizzes on my blog, but the fact that only a few people have done my quizzes has somewhat deflated me.

Ss1. x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Another quiz (which I have made up myself this time).

Hello again. Here's another quiz, but this time I have actually composed it all myself, without copying another quiz, and just telling you guys what the questions were, which I did in my last blog post, but may not have made it clear to you. I apologise for that. Sometimes I realise mistakes after I've completed a blog post, and then correct it. But this time I'm correcting it in the next post.

So... here's MY OWN quiz. And my topic this time is... Children's TV.

1. In the TV series The Worst Witch, who was Mildred Hubble's arch enemy?
a) Ethel Hallow b) Ethel Hogwort or c) Ethel Hellibore

2. In the Teletubbies what does Noo-Noo like to do?
a) Play ball b) Skip or c) Clean up

3. In the Tweenies which character has purple skin with black hair?
a) Fizz b) Bella or c) Milo

4. In Rosie and Jim what does Rosie always carry around with her?
a) A dog b) A handbag or c) A collecting bag

5. In Rugrats who is Tommy's cousin?
a) Angel b) Angelica or c) Angela

6. In Thomas the Tank Engine what number is on Thomas' body?
a) 1 b) 2 or c) 3

7. In Swap Shop the single I Wanna Be A Winner performed by the show's presenters peaked at which number in the UK Singles Chart?
a) 14 b) 15 or c) 16

8. What was the name of the magic roundabout in Playdays?
a) Rosalie b) Rose or c) Rosie

9. In the TV series The Magic Key where is the key most likely to be found?
a) In a box b) On a table or c) Around Floppy's neck

10. What is the opening theme song called in Little Howard's Big Question?
a) I Love Wolves b) I Love Monkeys or c) I Love Sheep

That's the end of the quiz. If you would like to take part, and win your name being featured in my next blog post all you have to do is comment below telling me what answers you got. E.g. 1. a) or 1. b) or 1. c) and do this for all the questions. The person with the most right answers wins.

In my next blog post, I will be telling you what the answers were to this quiz and my last one, only because my last one was only posted a day ago, and I want to give people a fair amount of time to have a go at it.

I hope to see your answers below soon. Thanks for reading.

Ss1. x

P.S. If you can't comment below then just tweet me @Supersizer1 and put your answers there. Thank you.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's Quiz Time!

Hello everyone. I've been feeling a lot better tonight. Mainly because of this quiz I've done tonight with two people I know, but also because my mind set has improved. I am actually feeling more positive. Hooray! And, seeing as I've done this quiz and it has been lingering in the back of my mind to do a quiz on my blog, and because @LucyMGreenfield said I should do it, I'm going to put the quiz on my blog, and see if you lot can answer the questions.

1. Julius Caesar was assassinated on the 'Ides' of which month?
a) March b) Arpil or c) May

2. Which cricketer scored 158 in the Oval Test in 2005 to help win the Ashes for England?
a) Andrew Flintoff b) Andrew Strauss or c) Kevin Peterson

3. Who plays the hopelessly inept TV presenter Alan Partridge on TV?
a) Steve Coogan b) Ardal O'Hanlon or c) Robert Lindsay

4. What sort of food is a bara brith?
a) Cheese b) Bread or c) Seaweed

5. Which baseball star married Marilyn Monroe in 1954?
a) Joe DiMaggio b) Micky Mantle or c) Babe Ruth

6. King Idris the First was the ruler of which country?
a) Saudi Arabia b) Ethiopia or c) Libya

7. Who became the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1974?
a) Denis Healey b) Michael Foot or c) Tony Benn

8. Angels and Demons is a best-selling book by which author?
a) Jeffrey Archer b) Robert Rankin or c) Dan Brown

9. The Balearic Islands belong to which country?
a) Italy b) Spain or c) Greece

10. In Greek mythology, what type of creature was Polyphemus?
a) Centaur b) Gorgon or c) Cyclops

11. Which comedienne coined the catchphrase "Am I bovvered?"?
a) Victoria Wood b) Gina Yashere or c) Catherine Tate

12. What was the last battle at which a British king led his troops?
a) Ramillies b) Dettingen or c) Amiens

I will say that I knew questions 3 and 11. Obviously because I watch a great deal of TV, and they both relate to comedians.

Please leave a comment below telling me the answers you got, and the person with the most correct answers wins this: I will mention their name in my next blog post. Well, this isn't a prize giveaway or anything. (Ha ha!)

Ss1. xxx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Staying positive, well, it's hard, but I'll try.

Lately I've been feeling out of sorts, not quite like myself. It's not easy to explain. But basically I've not been tweeting much, not been blogging once a week like I'd planned to, and it's got to change soon. I'm not my normal happy self. Maybe you guys have noticed this, seeing as this is the first blog post I've done in a while.

Anyway, this blog post is just to let you know how I'm feeling, and also to get it out of my system too. By the way, if you have any ideas of what I could blog about next, then I'd really like to know.

I really do want to keep positive and keep blogging.

Ss1. x