The Supersizers Eat The 1980s

The Supersizers Eat The 1980s
Adam Ant and Madonna-style clothing, which Giles and Sue wear.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shoutouts to people on Twitter!

Do you remember in my last blog post I said that the person with the best 'What is Teddy thinking?' idea would get a shoutout on my blog? Well I'm giving 3 shoutouts altogether, because they all gave me great ideas, and I thought it was unfair to just single out one person.

Shoutout number 1 goes to... *drum roll* @ACSarahAC! She said 'Teddy was probably thinking "Where's MY bowl of Mock Peach Melba???" '.

Shoutout number 2 goes to... *drum roll* @Sarah_GW! She said 'Looks like Teddy is thinking, "ech... I can't... ec... I can't... breeathe".'.

Shoutout number 3 goes to... *drum roll* @tearose68! She said 'I think Teddy is thinking "Oh, heavens not 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' AGAIN!!!".'.

Those ideas weren't in order of best to worst or anything, they were all great! Just thought I should tell you that. Thanks for the ideas girls. It was great fun to see what you came up with.

Ss1. xxx

P.S. Teddy says "Thanks for reading Supersizer1's blog!".

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Supersizers Eat... The Twenties!

This episode has got to be one of my faves. I love it because a) the fashion was pretty cool back then b) Sue's hair cut really suited her and c) it's just a very funny episode. Oh and d) Teddy is just adorable. And if you've never seen the ep. before, you'll see what I mean in a moment.

I have taken many many pics of this one, but I will only use a select few. So... hope you enjoy them!

Here is Sue's reaction to when she's just had her hair cut. She said "I look like an evil doll." when actually it really suited her, and it made her look much younger than her normal hair cut makes her look.

Here is Giles and Sue at the British Museum. Dressed like that, Giles looks like he could play Oliver, in Oliver Twist. Obviously, only if Oliver was a man, and not a boy. And Sue is in a bright blue dress.

Again Sue is wearing blue, but this time in a Japanese-style dressing gown, with sleeves that dangle down. And Giles is in a red dressing gown.

Here is Giles lying on the sofa reading, while Sue is attempting a bit of yoga. Can you spot Teddy?

Yes! There he is, sitting beside Giles on the sofa. Do you think he likes what Giles is reading? That is if Giles has read any of it out loud to him. Ha ha!

Look! There's Teddy again, watching Giles making a cocktail. Any ideas what he could be thinking?

And here is Sue looking at Giles after trying his custard for the Mock Peach Melba. See what I mean about the hair cut suiting her? Oh, and the red lipstick's great too! It contrasts well with her dark hair and stripy top/jumper.

Here Giles is at a cocktail bar guzzling down a cocktail. I think he liked it.

Here is Sue trying out some 1920s dance moves.

Here are Sue's abstract and realistic sketches of Teddy. The realistic one is my fave. It's just simple. Using basic lines to draw him. It's a lovely little sketch.

And here is Giles reading a poem out loud, with Teddy under one arm. It's like Teddy is Giles' child, and he is reading Teddy a bedtime story. Too cute! If anyone can tell me what Teddy is thinking here, or in any of the other pics with him in, then you get a shoutout/mention on Twitter or on my blog! Or perhaps even on both!

Bus conductor Giles!

Sue trying to sell a raw sausage to a man. Couldn't help laughing at this!

And the final picture is of Sue and Giles in their finest Bright Young Things gear. That is a huge feather on Sue's head! But the black and red hat and the red dress do look great on her!

So instead of using just a select few pics, I ended up using most of them! 14 in total! There were more I'd have liked to have used, but I've already done enough (more than enough) already!

Thank you for reading this blog post and looking at my pics. Remember, the person who comes up with the best idea for what Teddy is thinking will win a special mention/shoutout on my blog/Twitter.

Ss1. xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Hellmann's mayo brownies, and what Sue Perkins will be on next.

Hello. For those of you who read my tweets, you'll know that I said you can make brownies using Hellmann's mayo, and here's the proof:

This is on the jar of Hellmann's that I have in the fridge.

I read it last night, and couldn't quite believe you could make brownies using mayonnaise, but apparently you can! I even asked Ruth Clemens (on Twitter) about it, and she said that apparently they're lovely too!

If you want to know how to make these 'Posh Brownies' then here's the recipe: 

I hope to try and make them at some point. And see if they actually taste nice, with mayonnaise in them.

Also, tomorrow Sue Perkins is going to be in two programmes. The first is a repeat of The Supersizers Eat... The Twenties at 9:00pm on YeSTERDAY, and also before that at 8:00pm on Sky Arts 1 she is in a show called First Love, in which she goes back to her musical roots, and prepares to perform a piano piece to a crowd of 500 people. She is only in the one episode though, I think, because she wasn't the only celeb to appear in the trailer.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Ss1. xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

My latest drawing of Sue Perkins.

Today (or rather Thursday) I drew Sue Perkins again. It was partly drawn in the afternoon, and partly drawn in the late evening. I had drawn the same pic of Sue the day before, but as soon as I'd finished drawing it, I knew it didn't look much like her. And as everyone knows, practice makes perfect. So second time I tried, it turned out much better. And here's the result...

My drawing of Sue Perkins posing for Diva magazine.

Now to be honest it hasn't been completely shaded in yet, but I thought it had got to the stage where I just had to show you what I'd done. I hope you lot like it. Please let me know what you think.

Ss1. xxx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My review of the latest Bake Off and The Supersizers Eat... Medieval.

Well what an evening's television that was! I was thouroughly entertained, by both Mel in the Bake Off for Sport Relief, and by Sue and Giles in The Supersizers Eat... Medieval, which was a repeat shown on YeSTERDAY.

It was surprising how much I enjoyed the Bake Off without Sue. Although it wasn't an improvement without her, god no. But it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the programme. Mel was incredibly funny, and made a joke about scones, which made me chuckle, and the simplicity of it showed just how funny she can be even when she says very little. All the contestants tried their hardest to impress Paul and Mary, and Sarah in particular stood out for me as she had such a poor start, but shined in the technical baking challenge. Sadly she did not win the heat, but she was my favourite, and she showed that she can bake, as well as being a comedienne and actress.

The Supersizers was equally as amusing as the Bake Off, and although I had seen the episode more than once already, it still made me giggle, even though I knew what was coming. It is comedy gold as far as I'm concerned. There is nothing else like it, and I don't think anything could ever compare to it. Sue was a damsel in distress, while Giles was a Baron who'd taken over Sue's castle, and killed her relatives. Giles was supposed to be angry, while Sue was quite sad. I would use the proper words for sad and angry, but I don't know how to spell them. Giles and Sue ate many animals throughout the programme, and some that had been invented, like the Cockentrice (if that's the correct spelling). Which is a mix between a cockrel and a pig. Lovely. And at the end of the week, they had a big feast with more strange animals, and multi-coloured jelly, and even eggs with marzipan inside them. And a pie that had the letters S & G on it, to represent Sue and Giles. It was very funny, and very educational, and if you were doing a course studying Medieval food and culture, it would be the perfect thing to watch.

Pictures will be in my next blog post of the Bake Off, and maybe some of The Supersizers too.

Thanks for reading. Ss1. xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Supersizers and The Great Sport Relief Bake Off!

Here's a little reminder, for anyone who doesn't know, The Supersizers Eat... Medieval, and The Great Sport Relief Bake Off are both on tomorrow on the TV. The Supersizers is on at 9pm, on YeSTERDAY, and the Bake Off is on at 8pm, on BBC 2. After they have both been shown, I will try my hardest to do a blog post about them, quoting them, and including some pics, hopefully.

See you tomorrow! (Or as soon as poss.) Ss1. xxx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mrs Dickens' Family Christmas! (And some other things.)

Hello there! Welcome back to my Sue, Giles and Mel inspired blog. If you were lucky enough to see Mrs Dickens' Family Christmas, then you'll know how great Sue Perkins was at presenting and acting in it. She acted out quite a few of Dickens' stories, and in one of them she even played a boy and a girl - very impressive! She makes documentaries fun. And even baked a cake, which follows on nicely from when she was in The Great British Bake Off. She even wore several outfits in the programme, and she suited all of them, but I think she could make pretty much anything look good.

Here are a few pictures from the show, which I have got from Tumblr, and did not end up taking my own. It's not that I didn't want to, I just haven't got round to it, and thought these pictures would look better anyway.

Here's one where she is on stage, reading from a Dickens book. Plus, she's wearing a Dickens-style waistcoat. It rather suits her, don't you think?

Here's another one.

And another one.

Sue is lying on a bed. She looks like she's lost the love of her life. Oddly, that's something that's happened in her real life.

Sue is going past some shops. Talking about Dickens and/or his wife. Not sure what the shops have to do with it, but wherever those shops are they look nice.

Sue Perkins, acting. She's playing a man here, a cruel man, who doesn't love his wife, kind of like Dickens, when his wife had several kids, and he saw her as a frump.

Here, Sue is reading from Dickens' love letters to his wife. She said something about when her relationships end she's just left with some emails. That's quite sad. Why do most people not write letters anymore? I hate emailing.

And to finish up the Mrs Dickens part of my blog post, here's a picture that includes lots of little pictures. The one in the middle, on the right is where she's playing that cruel man's wife. I love the one next to it. And the one in the middle, to the left.

Now, for some random Sue, Mel, and Giles pics.

Funny pic no. 1.

Funny pic no. 2.

Cheerful pic no. 1. (Don't they look lovely in this one? SO young!)

Love the colour combo here. Pink & purple = gorge!

A moving image of Sue and Giles. All I want to say is "Blergh!" because that's what they're saying, isn't it?

Another Dickens one. Nice dressing room!

Thanks for reading. Ss1. xxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quotes from The Supersizers Eat... The Eighties.

This next blog post was meant to be about Mrs Dickens' Family Christmas, but as I haven't got around to photographing that yet, and I watched a repeat of The Supersizers tonight on YeSTERDAY, I thought I'd blog about that instead.

As you may know already, I think the 80s episode is the best. It's totally funny, and I love the 80s, the fashion and the music, among other things. And what Sue and Giles come out with in the episode is very humorous to me. So here's a few quotes from the show, for you to enjoy.

Sue Perkins: "No more booze, no more booze."
                     "That's a tramp's drizzle."
                     "Who are you calling a pop tart? I dressed down this morning."
                     "Change is possible, change is good!"
                     "You dirty little Tory, you."
                     "I do it, but you like it, don't you?"
                     "I don't wear make-up... that's what my look stands for... you go natural."
                     "You've got sweaty nostrils."

Giles Coren: "Finally, you're my type."
                     "Maggie maggie maggie..."
                     "Pop tart?"
                     "I bet you one phone, it's minestrone."
                     "Have a wad."
                     "Take a bite now. No, don't."
                     "Am I 80s-proof?"
                     "She's wearing make-up!"

Thanks for reading. Goodnight everyone! xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm back!

After nearly a month being away from my blog, I'm back! And I have some new pics to show you peeps. Also, some great news, that I have new followers on Twitter who seem to love Sue and Giles just as much (if not more) than I do! And it's been nice having some new people to chat to. Infact, I'd like to give them a special mention. @ACSarahAC and @RhiannonMS you are lovely followers of mine, and you are great Sue and Giles fans, and I think people who read my blog should know that. x

Now, for the pics.

Sue Perkins on Have I Got News For You, smiling.

Another smiley face pic.

This pic I particularly like because this is just after she's made a joke and smiles at the camera. She sort of looks like she's saying "What was wrong with that joke?".

Sue in Heston Blumenthal's Perfect Christmas.

Here's a 'S' I made out of chocolate coins. I think it's stands for Supersizer1, but it could stand for Sue, or Supersizers too.

Here's one of Sue holding a teddy bear in Would I Lie To You? It's so cute! This programme was on quite a while ago, but I thought I'd include it in my blog post anyway.

Here's a pic of Paul Hollywood who judged the BBC Breakfast Bake Off on the 23rd of December.

Here's a pic from the film
Ratatouille, probably the best film shown on TV this Christmas.

Another brilliant programme shown this Christmas was The Borrowers, starring Christopher Eccleston and Victoria Wood, two people who I think are great actors, and Victoria is a great comedienne.

Also the Doctor Who Christmas special was fab this year, with people like Claire Skinner and Bill Bailey (above) starring in it. Those wooden people were scary, weren't they?

And Absolutely Fabulous this Christmas was beyond hilarious.

Finally, check out my Christmas turkey (which I didn't cook myself).

Well I hope you liked my Christmas pics. My next blog post will hopefully include pics from Mrs Dickens' Family Christmas, and possibly a short review of it.

Happy New Year bloggers and tweeters! xxx